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[CLOSED] My October Fundraiser Sketch Commissions

Day 1 list is complete, check it out here: October Sketch Commissions - Additional Info list
Day 2 on  Friday 24th October is still pending, I have to go through the current notes. You can send them in, but I think I've got enough to fill the slots already. I'll have enough time to check them Tuesday!

Update: Forgot to mention. To help me organize notes, you can put "OCT Commission"

It'll be easier for me to separate them from the others :)

Well, I guess it counts as a fundraiser? I gotta get through October, but I need a bit extra to do so. Hope the first day below is not too short notice. I hope I typed all the information correctly!
My normal commissions are usually in higher price ranges, so this could offer an alternative for those with less to spend but still want a form of commission! Little sketch commissions :D
The risk is that the entire piece is up to my discretion, based on the described idea I get.
The above sketches are just guidelines, each result may vary.

Anyhow, into the additional info:

Day 1: Friday 17th October @ 2000 UTC time
Day 2: Friday 24th October @ 2000 UTC time

Slots: 20 open, 20 reserves.
Reserves will be pushed up depending on the finished amount on day 1.  I'm estimating 10 a day depending on complexity.
If I even get to that many to do! If we actually do, it'll mean a longer stream.
Check this extra journal for the current available slots: October Sketch Commissions - Additional Info

  • - Payment only through paypal.
  • - Preferred up front payment.
  • - To be guaranteed a sketch on those days, pay (about 24 hours) before both day's starting time. (2359 UTC on Thursday 16th & 23th)
  • - Those paying upfront get priority. First paying, first serve. Those with later payments will be ordered the same, based on first note.
  • - A collection page will be uploaded once all have been finished.
  • - Commissioners will receive a large version.
  • - A (Real-time?) recording will be available on youtube.
  • - This is an experimental project. Lower cost but with higher risk due to artist's freedom. Results may vary.

How to sign up?
Follow the steps shown in the image, and send all your applications to me through Deviantart Notes / PMs (… )
Once I receive the note and it has the information needed, I'll go through it, reply to you with the price and payment info and put you on the unpaid priority list.

- Choosing a complexity in the shown tables.
Prices start at $15 for a rough character sketch. Each step shown increases the price in the shown amount.
Note: You can skip 'Column B (Rough)' and 'Row 2 (Simple Shading)'
Skipping B means your sketch will be rough, same for Skipping Row 2, your sketch won't include any shading. You can mention this in your details, whether you want rough or cleaner lines, shading or no shading.
You want a rough complex outfit without shading? You can put it in the note as "D3, rough, no shading"

Getting D1 (Clean) will cost 15+3+3+5 = $26
Getting D1- (Rough) will cost 15+3+5= $23
Adding to shading and colour will add another +3 and +5, total +8
If you want a Gryphon, it'll be an additional +5

Simple outfit includes basic clothing and accessories
Complex outfit includes... complex outfits, such as armour, high amount of accessories, etc.
If you don't know what category your idea falls in, choose the the one you think is closest and try to describe your idea.
e.g. If you don't know whether it's simple or complex outfit. Name the one closest in your note and I'll correct you if it's different.

Any body type other than the generic pony will cost an additional $5. This counts for characters with a similar physique (quadruped, such as the examples shown, Bovinae, Gryphons, Princesses )

- Describing your idea
You can keep your idea simple and let me choose what happens, or give some guidelines. You can also use reference images, but I won't necessarily follow them to the detail.
Things to think about:
  • Who? (OC, existing character, or from scratch)
  • What? (Type of pony, gryphon, buffalo, male, female)
  • Clothing, armour, hats or Accessories
  • Hairstyle (Wild, puffy, long, short, etc.)
  • Pose or activity. (Dancing, flying, drunk, silly, etc.)
  • Colours & body details (Mane colours, scars, spots)
  • Whatever else you can think of that fits within limits! (Don't be afraid to challenge me with new things!)

- Additional FAQ
- "How about multiple characters?"
    This will depend on the amount of people who want something made.
    To try and give everyone an equal chance to get something something I mainly try to keep it to 1 character each. (I'll consider each slot as 1 character)
    Given the chance of multiple characters I will put a hard limit on 2 characters (these can be interacting with each other)
    Each slot will only hold 1 character but I'll prioritize everyone's 1st character over any 2nd character.
    2nd characters and more will primarily be put at the back of the reserves list.

- "I send my payment too late for the 24 hour mark, but still before the stream started, what happens?"
The 24 hour is more a guarantee that I'll be able to get back to it before I start the stream, so I can arrange the list.
    In general, if you're some hours off, or before the stream there's still a good chance you'll get in that day's stream. (Unless it's already full)
    So it's more a soft deadline (quite a large one hehe), so don't worry to much about it. If you get accepted in a reply from me, then I'll make your sketch in the end somehow! Either, the first day or second day. It'll happen.

If anything is missing, or something is unclear, let me know in the comments and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

If this is something you'd like to see more often, or slightly adjusted, let me know. This is a first time for me, setting something like this up, so I'm always open for feedback on any of the above. If everything goes well I'd definitely be up for repeating it. (with maybe more options)

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cZair's avatar
Would 2 commissions be fine?
AssasinMonkey's avatar
Depending on the amount of others joining in, I'd be open for 2 yes :)
cZair's avatar
ok, Also how long will you be doing this?
AssasinMonkey's avatar
I've got at least one more day planned, Friday 24th Oct. After that I'll have to look into a possible repeat of sketch commissions.
I'm not sure yet how and when. But Day 1 has gone pretty good, though.
cZair's avatar
 is it ok if I get into your next slot of commissions for next week?
AssasinMonkey's avatar
I've only got this Friday planned and I still have to see what I can do. I saw your note but I haven't had the chance to go through all notes yet.
I should have enough time to go through the notes tomorrow/Tuesday to start filling in the slots.
TheGreatSammyJack's avatar
Just a curious question:
I'm up for asking of Ponies to be drawn, but would you be willing to draw an non-MLP human instead?
AssasinMonkey's avatar
In this run I'll be sticking to ponies and similar quadruped equivalents as shown in the image (Buffalo, Bovines, etc.)

I'll have to look into having human or anthro options in the future, if I end up repeating sketch days :)
Infrasonicman's avatar
So if I wanted an Alicorn in a complex outfit it would be:

15+3+3+5= 26, and another 3+5=8 for colouring, and +5 for being an alicorn?
so $39 in total right?

Did I get that right? :o (Eek) 

Also why are you asking for payment to be sent as a gift, that means that we have no protection in the event we are not satisfied or something else happens, doesn't it? (compared to 'paying for services')
AssasinMonkey's avatar
You got the calculation right, that would indeed end up with $39 total. This includes the optional Clean lines and Simple shading. Which account for $3 each. So a rough and non-shaded version would be $33 (Darn I should've called it optional instead of skippable, maybe that sounds better. Still thinking if there's an easier way to put those optionals in)
I made a derp in my description example, though. I had old numbers from an earlier version and completely forgot to check it again :XD: . Fixed now with the right amounts. (Monkey brain, math, do how.)

I guess the paypal gift part has kinda burned into my brain over the years, I believe paypal did change the options now, narrowing it down to 2 different options if I recall.
In this case here I suppose it's more because of the additional transaction costs paypal takes from it. Legal wise here in the Netherlands I can actually file this under a gift at the moment, as I don't pay taxes for these (yet). Low enough price & income, private transactions, not a company.

There's also separate risk part with these sketch commissions being experimental in their result, so I could make it at a lower fixed price.
These are 'no revision' type commissions, so there's just one session where I take the idea and will try to make the best out of it. I'll be streaming it, so you can check on me hehe :P (if you can make the stream that is...)
But I hope my gallery, and the examples shown will also give an idea or proof of the general direction and my credibility.

Hope that all explains it. The paypal part, might have to be looked in more. It might've been stuck in my head for years because I've seen a lot of other artists go along the same lines. (whenever I think to mention it)
K4nK4n's avatar
Yay, Derpy! Cool armor and nice drawings. Very helpful tips, too.
AenbrDraws's avatar
I like this layout for commissions.
MarkWhitee's avatar
I've always loved your work, XD 34$ for a decent pony, so would it cost 34$ to draw an OC for me r would it cot a little extra to make it that much more...Augmented, I have a fascination with tearing out emotion and replacing it with cold calculations, weak limbs replaced by tech, you know...your standard cyborg pony
AssasinMonkey's avatar
It would indeed be $34 for D3, (including clean lines and simple shading. which are optional +$3 choices)

If your pony is a regular pony but just with cyborg parts, the cyborg parts could qualify as a complex outfit (thus D3 would work)
So unless it changes your pony drastically in body size, type and how it works, if it still bends, walks and does everything else the same as a regular pony, it'll probably be considered a regular pony. :)
MarkWhitee's avatar
well I can clearly see you are a good artist, a couple questions to know more about your form, are you good at shine? I don't remember what it is called, the things with runes were they emit an aura, that would also require a lot of blending...and many different layers, also how good are you at making the line between flesh and metal look "natural" not were it look like two pictures but one perfect picture, and so you know I'm 15 but unlike most Infants I was forced into maturity by my surroundings so at times I may seem...skittish but most of the time I am a rational thinker, also I judge...pretty much everything, if it isn't perfect in my vision then I won't say anything because of my shyness but I will feel very disappointed, I like high definition pictures, if your willing to draw/paint me an OC then I will tell you the details precisely and since I am such a handle I will pay you a little more to make it worth your time, and even if I seem inpatient know that I'd rather wriggle while waiting then sigh in disappointment from a rushed pic
AssasinMonkey's avatar
When it comes to shine, or emitted light, I've done quite a few pieces with something similarly glowing before, so that should go all right.
For the flesh, transitioning, I've done things like that before, though not specifically into metal.

It sounds like you'd be more interested in a regular full commission. Things like the radiating light and flesh to metal transition would probably fit better into a fully shaded piece. But those full pieces are drastically higher in price. On my main DA paged I've listed $200 USD being the reference point for single character with background.

The prices in the image above however are specifically for my sketch commissions fund raising event, so they don't really go beyond far beyond being sketches. Which from how I read, might not align with your expectations and I wouldn't want to disappoint you!
MarkWhitee's avatar may take a little time but I believe I could pay you $200 for a proper background, although I would like to have a few scientists in the background checking the readouts on their monitors and a few security droids roaming around the a college like military RND facility, I've been roleplaying as this OC for awhile and I would like to see them come to fruition, and the background ponies have to have enough detail to see their minor implants, do you think you can picture my description?
Piercingsight's avatar
lol, Day 1 is my birthday.
AssasinMonkey's avatar
I guess that's a *hint*hint* for anyone looking at the price list now :P
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