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Episode art as promised! Bulk Biceps was such an awesome addition to the episode haha. Heck, a lot of things were.

Rainbows, rainbows everywhere! I wanted to do this environment when I saw it, the location is pretty awesome, located on those plateau, buildings scattered across the mountains.

Nice and all, but oh my did it give me problems getting this started as you can see in the WIP. Environments and architecture and this in general needs some practice. Still not entirely happy with it, but a lot more happy than when I started.

So many colours though...
Eventually included Bulk, wanted to put a bit of pony in it as well, directly hinting to the episode, since the buildings might not have been enough.

Approx time: 6-8 hours

Bulk of Colour [WIP] by AssasinMonkey
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I'd like to critique it, but well, you are one of my fav artists in the fandom, so it's kinda hard for me to do so-due to aforementioned reasons. :-/ I took half a star off originality since it was done right after the Episode aired. Still, I'd probably be doing the same if I wasn't doing other projects. XS I do wished you had used Photoshop's ability to zoom in on parts of the picture more to give Bulk and Company more detail, but that's more a personal taste/aesthetics things. I realize you're going for a painters look and thus are purposely restraining yourself, since traditional painters would be restricted to how much detail they can put on smaller objects in a painting. Overall, enjoying this and looking forward to your future pics.