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Breezie Spires

MLP Episode art again woohoo. Quite awesome things that could be made, but I think I chose the right, especially since there was probably not a lot of bad ones :P

Initially started out having most of the environments seen in the Breezie's home world but decided it started to look too much like that scene so I emphasized just part of it. The shrooms! because one of them also had it as a hat hehe (or hair?!)
Also just oh my gosh Applebreezie HAD to make her but then I felt slightly bad for the other many 6 so I made them too.

Awesome transformation they had, awesome episode in general, again.
In the end the piece ended up nice and glowy, couldn't pass that opportunity either.
Took me slightly longer because of sudden pains but that passed away after 4 hours hah. Had to finish this!

Anyhow, enough gibberish from me, hope y'all enjoyed the episode, oh and enjoy this little piece :)

Approx Time: 9,5 hours
Breezie Spires [WIP] by AssasinMonkey
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it is AMAZING! the art is beautiful, you added the perfect amount of blue, and the perfect texture colors, you made the plants look like they are glowing, and that is very amazing! the ponies look very nice too, they don't look too exited or pondered, which is the amazing piece of your art! to think of this, it is beyond compare!! this art, is amazingly beautiful!! I don't know why I love this as much as I do, but it is, a wholly original art photo, I don't know in words how to say how amazing this art is... it is whimsical, and magical, which gives it more of FANTASTIC angle, im starting to think that you should REALLY be an artist!!!!!

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This is really good! but I have just a few things to say <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="391" title=":) (Smile)"/>

1. In the episode itself it is mainly about Fluttershy and the breezies so in my opinion Fluttershy shouldn't be behind because the other ponies don't know that much about the breezie world. So Fluttershy should be the leader

2. I can see that there is mostly blue in the picture and if you're try to catch the real episode it has green violet and pink so I think the pic should have more colors.

3. The thing that confused me the most is the background. Are they in a mushroom forest........ Are they in the neighbor hood....... you can't really tell where they are (still based on episode) that place hasn't showed up yet I was wondering they're probably exploring but other than that you can't really tell what a person is s trying to do

Amazing picture!!!!!
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This is a really great piece, and I must say that I am quite suprised at how fast you churned it out considering the new episode was just released yesterday! I commend your efforrt! First of all, I love your style and the way that you crafted the character design to resemble the show's design while making them even more whymsical and graceful as well! The scale is simply magnificent and you truly immerse viewers like myself in a smaller world! I also love the immense environmental design effort that you pured into this as well! There is just a massive amount of detial and every part of it does nothing to detract from the artistic value as a whole! The lighting and shading is very much showcased here in a lovely way! The blue light sources give a sense of glorious life and highlights the fine details and foliage! The color work is also very brilliant in the way that the colors are subtle, but add just the right accented amount of flowing vibrance! This is just a fantastic piece through and through, and I would love to see much more of your exquisite art in the near future! Great work! Kind regards, Princess Luna
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Once again Monkey, another Masterpiece. A superb picture overall. I commend you for not doing a stereotypical cheery and sunny scene, but doing a night picture instead and thus showing that there can be a certain beauty in the Nighttime as well. I had to take half a star off on originality as it is Episode art and not a new spin on the universe altogether like First Contact War. Even though it is a night picture, I still wish the shading on the ponies was a bit stronger and more pronounced. I will not hold this against you however as you felt a bit under the weather while doing this. Superb pic overall.
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Nice picture. Breezies are so cute.
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This is so awesome and beautiful! :omg: :wow: :silentkitty: Absb:star:r
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It's a magical wonderland! :D
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:iconsoakingtwilightplz: Fascinating, a whole village of breezies can get high with only one mushroom
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Beautiful. When I see this, it reminds me of Avatar. So mystical looking. :)
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So magical! Loved that episode! In fact I wish they'd make a whole tv series about the Breezies!
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Reminds me of the Flutterponies in the original MLP :D They were my favourite. So delicate and slender.
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Looks like something from Avatar. :) Beautiful. ^.^
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I would just love to sit here in real life! The colors are so vivid and magical. It's like a dream! This, my friend, is a masterpiece! Clap 
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This is a very vivid picture =)
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This environment is so magical! It seems like a place we could find in Wonderland, haha. Good job ^^
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You have some real talent, friend
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Приключение  бризи в  Атрее :3
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Yeah, I didn't volunteer to become a bug. Reminds me of those stupid changelings, anyway. Ugh...
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Better than Fern Gully imho :)
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