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Bovine of the North

Not Equine, or Gryphon, but still a new addition for my First Contact War universe.

Bovine show their faces, in the cold regions.
More realistic approach than I anticipated, hehe. Wasn't entirely sure what direction to go with. Did make some more "pony" like sketches (which you can see in the process down below)
Now I'm actually wondering how a realistic approach would work for the others... Darn it! I'm always changing thoughts as usual.

Was pondering about giving armour, but for an introduction, I thought this might work better. They've quite a bit to show without armour anyway.

Anyhow, a bit rougher piece. Ended up spending a lot of time sketching different things before I even started on this.

Approx Time: 4 hours
Bovine of the North [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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I picture the bovine of mlp to be pretty aggressive and intimidating to the ponies.
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Hey I just wanted to let you know your art is on Writeworld with your signature cropped out.… only reason i bring this up is because they have a bad habit of taking pictures without asking the artist and cropping it. 
Don't see much work involving bovine regarding MLP.  A beautiful piece even if the style doesn't really match your other MLP races.
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Bovine of the North (G)(G)
Creature- Ox Warrior
(1)(R): Bovine of the North gets +2/+2 until end of turn. You may activate this ability only once per turn.
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It's a decent rendering. 

However, conceptually, it doesn't look like the kind of cow that would live in the snow.
This Bull looks like he should be on a pasture or a rodeo, not in the mountains. Where's the thick coat to keep his muscles warm? 

Cold climate bovids make me think of highlander cows or bison or yaks... Long plush coats to ward off the frigid air. 
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Yea, as it looks now, naked basically, it doesn't fit entirely with it. The story in this piece isn't complete enough, I probably should've added some more elements to flesh things out.

The original plan was with armour (including warm padding), as I had a bit of a reason as to why this kind of bovine is in this environment, regarding my universe buildup.
To give a bit of an idea on the direction I intended to go, it was to eventually introduce multiple species of bovine. Kinda my fault for choosing the stereotype one in a snow environment :XD:

Used this anatomy slightly because in the show the cow counterpart is used, so that was on my mind the entire time. (leaving the fact I also made this more realistic than intended, disconnecting it from the show even more)
I was hoping to aim at a species like Ayrshire cow, as they fit this anatomy a bit and are at least fairly resilient towards cold. (Not the extreme cold, I imagine)

For the above storyline to be more visible I could've added a thick coated bovine in the back. I wanted to add more of them, but I cheaped out... Or I could've just stuck with my idea to add warm padded armour/clothing. Or at least a shawl because that seems to work for Rarity. :P

So basically, the story / lore for this suffered a bit as I hyper focused on exploring anatomy and snow just a tad too much.
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You've got a real knack for depicting the form of beasts and placing them believably amidst the elements.
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Are the bovines already under the ponies´ thrall?
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That is something I'll definitely want to cover in the next piece that includes the Bovine. Not sure when I'll get to that, though. But I've got some plans for them for sure.
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Looks like my kind of bovine.
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Really great work!
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Huh, I'm reminded of Exalted.
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Yeah, that came out really raelistic XD

Still, it is a fantastic piece of work nontheless.  ^^
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From the north? One would expect a bit more hair?

Joking, of course. Looks great!
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This comment is rather funny in hindsight.
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Lovely work, kind of reminds me of an aurochs.
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very well done. I'd proudly hang this in my living room.
Cool.                                                                                                        :snowflake: revamp 
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This beast clearly ain't concerned with blendin' in with the surroundings.  :P
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Haha yea.
Maybe it can try to be one of those rocks, just sprinkle some snow on his head and he's ready to go...
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