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Blazing Apple [WIP]

Blazing Apple by AssasinMonkey
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I am reminded of a painstaking mural depicting a heroic legend. My mind is in awe.
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These are always a joy to see. :iconrarityishappyplz:

I know I've asked something like this before, but gauging the screenshots alone, is this how your workflow went?

1) Exploratory thumbnails
2) Rough sketch layout (up-scaled thumbnail)
3) Block in value
4) Tighten value/black-and-white under-painting (value map)
5) Color version
6) Additional details and color adjustments
7) Lighting and final effects/polish

...and the result is another amazing piece of art!
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That seems to be about right.

1) Indeed sketching some ideas out, decide what general approach, composition, poses, etc.
2) Fine tune it to a canvas, the composition, alignments, not too different from 1#
3)The rough blocking out eyup, where is the light, shadows, different layers from fore- to background.
4) Fine tuning the values, repositioning some things (like the snake) working away most of the lines.
5) Doing the initial colour tone, adding the individual colours. 4-6# can vary per piece in when I switch to colours and how much I directly shade with colours. But the same idea is there, shading everything, defining the shapes etc.
(Keeper of the Wail being one where I switched right after 3# : )
6) All the smaller details that might be hard to colour like the hairs sticking out, the more subtle colour variations and edges. Rim lighting the tiger stripes, highlight, and just general cleaning up.
7) Indeed usually the other step where I do a lot of colour adjustments, add in visual effects which are some of the hardest to do switch from grey to colour. Adding subtle glows and softness to the piece and fine tunings.

So yea, basically said in a longer way hehe :P
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"So yea, basically said in a longer way hehe." Oh you. :icontwilighteyerollplz:

It's definitely a great way to work, as you've proven time and time again with your outstanding results.
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Absolutely fantastic.
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