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Blazing Apple

Almost didn't make today's stream due to network issues but they got resolved last minute! So here we are, absolutely happy with the episode. another mythical creature! With Applejack action!!!

Could not do anything else. Applejack, Chimera, that's just a perfect choice. Though to be fair there were quite a few interesting things to make. From the final destination to the Bow tie CMCs.

Anyhow, instead, have a heated fight. Applejack was great this episode hehe.
Nice new locations, new beast, fireproof hoof boots. Fun!

Approx time: 8,5 hours
Blazing Apple [WIP] by AssasinMonkey
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This is a very intense picture. All of the colors that your use blend perfectly with eachother, and the angle and positioning are wonderful. I enjoy how you had used the fire detail to make your picture the best it could be. The tigers expression is also very detailed, as I could never do such a thing.

The background was probably not your priority, yet still looks amazing. All of the reds and oranges and browns flow greatly together, and illustrate a beautiful picture. I especially like all the fire specks being flung up as the creature (Forgot what it was called XD) jmps on the plants.

I also like to look at the positioning. You were able to capture the single frame of action, and put it all together. The creatures position looks a bit like how a cat may be positioned, but is probably placed like the to show the emphasis of motion. Appplejack does look more pony-like, though her legs could be bent more. but that sort of thing is only noticeable when looking closely, and this looks just perfect from a bit of a 'distance.'

Overall, great picture! I think that you did well at illustrating such a powerful scene, and I applaud you! Good job! <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":D" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="366" title=":D (Big Grin)"/>
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Chimera lurk in the Forest!
Applejack work on the Acres!
They will have a giant rumble!

AJ hate Three-headed things!
Chimera hate the Pony!
They will fight eternally!

Chimera Mate in the Forest!
Applejack buck on the Acres!
They both love their mother,
Why must they hate each other?

Why can't we all get along?
Would that be oh so wrong?
Why can't we all love each mister?
AJ and Chimera sister!



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I love everything here!
The details, the effects, the fluent anatomy and.....the epicness!
The Chimera in your style is really badass, and I love the realism you put in it!

Love this! You're very talented!
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blazing plot
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looks very similar to the dragons dogma: dark arisen theme, nice
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they were look so cool...until they start talk
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the hidra did laugh at its other head in that episode, how would you feel towards this?
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Ohhh, you were the one who did this pic! The fire effects are superb, great work! ^^
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Sweet work here!
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Fantastic. I thought the chimera was pretty cool!
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It's a great picture, nice composition, palette, use of chiaroscuro...

...the focus on the Applebutt is unfortunate.  Unless that's what you meant to do.  In which case...uh, it's unfortunate.

But very nice otherwise! :-)
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Woah woah WOAH! beautiful and awesome! This goes way beyond what I would have expected from MLP as a whole!
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Shoutout to the socks :D
me encanta CUANDO un dibujo es tan genial, al punto de quitarle la inocencia al producto original.
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me gusta!
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This rocks in so many different ways! I have no words. Just know that as a cat lover, I can't fave every cat-related picture online, but yours is one of the tip-top-awesome-sauce ones that made it into my fave bucket. :)
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I do like how Applejack took out the chimera but I thin kratos did it better in god of war 3
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I'm suddenly reminded of Dragon's Dogma.
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This looks so awesome!!! And this scene was amazing!!! :squee: :squee: :squee:
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That Chimera looks awesome!
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 Nikes Dat Ass Emote XD Sorry, amazing xd
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She'll need a hell of a lot more backup to win that fight-- the chimera, I mean. 
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Welp, saw this on FOBEquestria when I was lookin' up brony stuff. Had to swing by and favorite it. Damn nice.
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