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Next addition for my Season 5 Episode Art!
Season 5, Episode 17 - Brotherhood Social
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This episode oh gosh, such a great one with an awesome mix of humour and serious stuff. The feels, and the laughs lol. So many Big Mac lines! All the background ponies and other stuff was quite interesting to go through as well, the different hairstyles showing up, old ponies, sisters, etc. Good stuff.

Then I had to make something. Why not silly right?! Oh gosh... indoor, with this style. I sure know how to choose the difficult approaches for a single Saturday session piece. But it was interesting, figuring out stallion head... with carrots stuffed in his mouth haha. Not something you get to do every day.

I need to rethink my colouring steps a bit more careful with this style, though. I've been messing around so much at the end, a bit unguided. Trying to salvage stuff instead of getting it right the first time.

Although I almost went for a more painterly environmental sunset piece... I may do a more rough painted style next time anyway, a bit less "sculpting", more painting.

Anyhow, was fun as always! Next episode, new art again!

Approx Time: 10,5 hours
Big Carrot Mac [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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This is my first Critique ever, so don't judge ; < ;

The vision is amazing, very realistic, I got to say when I saw the thumbnail I though it was a sculpture. You could have fixed on a few lines, not important but just some lines. I love how it looks like its a camera taking the photo!

This isn't you're creation as it is from MLP and the episode, but the way you made it all look it's pretty neat.

Omg, you have a pretty and unique style, I envy it so much, the way you make it look realistic and such is just, amazing.

Everything is a master piece, the way it all makes the picture fully amazing!!
This is something I bet everyone would love to see in the future! ^^,