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Beak Kind

Basic Gryphon addition to my First Contact War universe. Because they're also still a part of it, although I had focused on mares more :XD:
While they don't have as close of an affinity to magic as Equine Unicorns, they can definitely balance that out in other (more physical) methods, being a resourceful kind. Most of them anyway...

A fairly straightforward design, different configuration of amount of protection. No full body plate? Time for a shield then! Their claws do allow for a bit more... dexterity than those hoofed.

Slightly different approach, as I usually try although not always planned, in my shading. The contrast a bit more limited, along with the colourscheme. I approached it with a bit faster method, keeping brushstrokes simpler here and there, and just going straight into painting.

Anywho, beaks!

Approx Time: 8-9 hours
Photoshop CC
Beak Kind [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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It's probably not supposed to be, but it's just so cute! I love it!
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wow, this fella Looks really serious and cool :)
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What a lovely griffin! I really like the sense of lighting on the face.
descaiger's avatar
how much time you need for finish it? .__.
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I really love the gryphon design. The textures, the details and the way the gryphons are presented. In fact, I really enjoy how well they are done. Good job on you! :)

Also, just out of curiosity, what kind of system do you have for the gryphons? (Or griffons, in this case.) Are they represent in different tribes or are they all one giant population? Are they represented in different castes or do you have a different set of how their kingdom or empire works?
AssasinMonkey's avatar
I have a bit of a mixed system for them in mind, although there are some key notes. I definitely plan on having some divide between certain groups within Gryphon kind, but also a natural ancestry.
Some of that ancestry is portrayed in some the more mysterious "Conduits" I've made. Living "pure" ancient "deity", powers that in the end all Gryphons are capable of respecting, although some may do it more than others or for different reasons.
Conduits don't mingle that much, though, being above most, but even they are different amongst each other. Some hidden, remaining silent, others bathing in might and awe received from their lesser kind. Highlighting traits from each that reflect into the regular species.
It's also slightly an answer to the reign and admiration of Celestia and Luna from the Equines. Showing a different type of admiration, but also a more indirect higher power. One that doesn't rule over Gryphons, but still stands above them all when they choose to do so. (Because they can... being more powerful than almost any Gryphon haha)

In general, I the entire universe I approach with a very broad mindset, covering a large area of ideas and how even the smallest things can influence something else, perhaps far bigger. But also how they can relate to each other, etc.
All the different species that can be involved in Gryphons, also changing their attitude, not just culture wise, but also their combat and life styles. Owls, Ravens, Eagles, Vultures, etc. But also considering things like paradise type birds, parrots, pigeons, storks, or even Ostrich and Emu! A lot of choices, and each with their own possibilities! Some may incline to smaller nomadic tribes, others aspire to massive cities and structures, while some may remain hidden, silent, and solitary.

Not to mention the presence of magic in the world, and their attitudes towards it.
b25Roman's avatar
Huh interesting. I actually have a story being written and I have a more different approach on the gryphon tribes. The first are nomads, who craft and sell goods and make the up the breadbasket of the empire. The next tribe is the Royal Gryphons, defined by their white heads and different markings, and are the warrior tribe that respect honor and tradition. The final tribe, albeit smaller then the other two, is the Arch gryphons, who are the user of magic users, very religious, and hold vast knowledge over their empire. When it comes to magic, as they see it, they would only use it for certain means or wielding it for a specific purpose. When they see Equestria and it's almost daily use of magic, they and the rest of the gryphon empire consider it an abomination against nature, particularly against the Pegasus when they control the weather for their purpose, when the gryphons have no such ability. They also have powerful Arch gryphons know as Oracles, that can foresee the future, or receive visions for things to come. There is also a smaller tribe that does not get recognition due to their disabilities, and they are known as the demi-gryphons. They are wingless and it's difficult for them to produce heirs with wings due to genetics, but despite this, they are fearless when it comes to battle and will do anything to protect their fellow gryphons from any harm.

Another thing about the gryphons that I have respect others when they share their cultures between one another and they have many varied points of view that they can discuss. They also highly respect family lines of certain groups, particularly among the Royal gryphons, where they unsure they have a good bloodline that would produce the best heirs. Another factor that plays in is the politics between the parties and their pride for their nation. However, their pride can sometimes consume them and will build a mind set in achieving that goal until it is complete or if they are killed in the process. Some gryphons can get out of it, either through sheer will or being aided by friends, but it is a difficult road for those who take it alone.

Actually, when I think about all of this, my story that I'm working on is actually inspired by your First Contact war universe, but near the end of the whole war itself. ( To which I hope you don't me using that is.)
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Griffon Infantry (2)(W)
Creature- Griffon Soldier
Flying, Vigilance
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She is beautiful!  Love the lighting! :)
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Love his determined expression; guy looks fearless.
ZekromLullaby's avatar
Impressive in all sense!
I really love the composition here! ^^
Valkonov0's avatar
What were all the brush settings you used for this?
AssasinMonkey's avatar
Mostly just my default round brush with pen pressure on opacity. Sometimes a bit on size as well, but not fully. Also adding in the occasional change in hardness. Here and there I did use a random square textured brush I made before, but not often. So basically almost everything is round brush. Most of my paintings tend to be just the round brush.
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Nice armour, very practical. Light, yet thick enough plates to stop a lance to the chest [as well most kind of stabs] and expanding into the abdomen, protecting from the sides as well. If a pony would charge him from the side with a blade, he could gut him but now not. The armour would also protect from bucking - if an Earth Pony is strong enough, he can with a proper buck create so much pressure in the tummy for it to explode and the guts would fall to the floor. #InsantDeath

And the sheld - a nice buckler - is very helping with that survability for the gryphon. You also didn't forget to add cloth here and there - soldiers in the night always could use some more warmth.

In the grand picture we see a gryphon member of the military. I would say he's eather a good Scout, a grunt newbee or a noble flying warrior. Judging on the fact the armour is complete you can assume he's eather of noble descent or a veteran at something that doesn't require much time to advance in ranks and get the gear we see here. Unless this is standard issue, what I dupt - if this would be standard issue, the Gryphons would enslaved ponies by now. So he's noble or part of scouts. Or a flier with awarded armour, if Gryphons consider airborn warfare to be risky, what is hard to say: on one claw we got the height problem, on the other the Gryphons like to ignore danger and are pretty evolved to crash landings.
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Here is are real a lot of details!
VengefulStrudel's avatar
Damn, nice! Love the amount of detail you put in. Great work!
NavyBr0wnie's avatar
Hmm, using this for 3D reference, for sure.
sacredbat07's avatar
Finally an MLP Griffin with some good ol' practical metal plate armor. Now if only someone takes inspiration from this and build some good armor for the ponies instead of that atrocious pony armor we get on the show, that would be awesome.
NavyBr0wnie's avatar
I've always seen that as ornamental/decoration more then anything XD.
sacredbat07's avatar
Holy shit, it just hit me! Remember the Castle-mania episode? the Decorative suits of armor in the castle halls are all full on sets of metal plated armor, they cover an pony's body from hoof to head, But apparently pony guards prefer an piece of equipment that don't even cover their full torso.
NavyBr0wnie's avatar
Times of peace, change military standards, disregarding obvious kids show comment.

ally fully Armour knights(anything other than white), is considered bad guys to most kids.

So just things to remember.
sacredbat07's avatar
Yeah, your probably right. Man i wish it was with older cartoons, where you could get alway with a lot more.
NavyBr0wnie's avatar
We're getting there though.

The show has been pushing the bar the last few seasons
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