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Army Mares

Mixing childhood memories with ponies?! Here we go. I so want to see actual Army Mares, bags full of em. Just like I had Army Men back in the ol days.

Sadly this is just a painting haha. Someone make this happen, though! :P
Especially after the last finale, oh gosh.

Anyhow, this was an idea that popped up earlier this week and I just had to use my painting style for this. It was a perfect match I think, to visualize what they could look like.

Approx Time: 3,5 hours
Photoshop CC 2015
Army Mares [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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Plastic Soldiers never get old.
Stuntpony's avatar
Ah, nostalgia. Kinga still rmember when I had those.
Violencemaker's avatar
Haha! It is really very interesting!
DBrentOGara's avatar
This is so pretty, a clever concept executed with grace and style. You really give it a sense of mass and reality, like it was a real thing I could touch... and melt with a magnifying glass, like I did with all my other army men when I was small.
TorturedArtist745's avatar
Toy Story has just been ponified. LOL!
TooCliched's avatar
Ten hut, assume the positions and attack!
Darkagumon2000's avatar
Pinkie Pie #3 I can just picture a Pinkie type soldier pony getting ready to throw a pie like a grenade.

Or getting ready to fire a party cannonPinkie Pie Party Canon icon 
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Is she meant to only have three legs? Did you amputate one on purpose to make her a proper army mare? :P
FluttershyPhoenix's avatar
She has 4 dude, look closer.
mystic2u's avatar
Ah, okay, think I see it now. Felt like an illusionary trick, I really couldn't see the front leg for a while, hehe.
Solarpony21's avatar
I look at this and think "Oh, that's really cool, I had hundreds of those guys as a kid" Then I remember that the little shits would never stand up properly and fall over no matter how carefully you placed them, it drove me absolutely insane.

Still though, awesome Artwork!   
Dgs-Krieger's avatar
I kinda wish you had made the legendary 'Idiot with binoculars' that we all had in hundreds XD
shieldgenerator7's avatar
that would be so cool! I'd totally buy a bag of 'em!
Mokey1980s's avatar

If we move this batallion of Army Mares over on the left flank, we are in perfect position to use our Mr. Potato Dragons to assault the refrigerator and liberate those cookies for our princess...PRINCESS WOONA!!
0Alfa's avatar
I would love to see a full set! :lol:
Nivlac55's avatar
With the growing availability of 3d printers, I'm honestly surprised noone has done this yet. Such a simple, yet enjoyable toy those green army men. Me and my brother would conduct massive battles in our back yard, using rubberband gun cannons. First to lose all their men looses! 
Gyroc's avatar
- eyes become slits -
Not sure if drawing or 3d printed
ominominominous's avatar
i can imagine an episode where cmc roleplay as army mares XD epic!!!
Sverre93's avatar
Man your stuff is always soo cool <w< *drools all over it*
KatarinaDreams's avatar
Captain America Thumbs Up  I understood that reference
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