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Another fast little Applejack. Just under 2 hours, from first line to last, looking at my recording.

Applied sunshine, turned into human, still Applejack so it's fine.
Hope the painted turned out fine, tho! Making humans has been a bit rusty for me, but also I've been trying to figure out some facial anatomies to paint, that are not full on realistic, and not based on mainstream style too much. Kinda wanting to get my own styles in.

I tried that before in the last months, tho, but I kept derping. Then today I just looked at some older pieces of mine and combined some (mainly Ages of Honesty and Another Applejack)

Tried to get a cinematic visual tone to it again, like the previous piece, but no rain. I'm more at home with the rain maybe, but I think this worked too. in its own way.

Anyhow, hope y'all enjoy!
PS: I'll try to upload a time-lapse for this one as well, just gotta find music I can use that fits.

Approx Time: 2 hours
Photoshop CC

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You draw humans so wonderfully :heart:Personally I'd tone down on the huge pony-eye size for humans in the future as it looks a little unnatural, but that's just my opinion and anyway I really admire you as an artist ^^ Keep up the lovely work. ~
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The details are insane. Amazing job!
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Not quite sure why, but your human art style kind of reminds me of the video game The Last of Us. (Anyone?)
Voice-of-Kujira's avatar
Haha yes, a cuter version though, but still~ :lmao:
Nomcarver's avatar
Very cool overall, but something about her hugee eyes really unsettles me...
Voice-of-Kujira's avatar
It's the fact that he still draws giant pony eyes on people.
LisPustyni's avatar
With that huge eyes looks unnatural.
cullyferg2010's avatar
A beautiful rendition of a human version of her!
Something about her eyes disturb me. Kind of looks like a doll's glass eyes? 
TheMaskyGuy's avatar
this is so uncanny valley.
Nicst's avatar
Not a good comment  : /
TheMaskyGuy's avatar
it really is creepy.
Dvorgaz's avatar
Nicst's avatar
No constructive criticism, eh. : p
TheMaskyGuy's avatar
kek im not even making a critique. i just think it looks very creepy.
randomrabbitart's avatar
i love this 
we can tell how much time and effort you put into this!
scarypanda101's avatar
love the attention to detail ~

yes nice 
Alicethedeadkitty's avatar
wow thats so well done and great but it's so life like it's kinda creepy but it's cool!!
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It feels like you're emulating Margaret D.H. Keane's technique of giving children (or teens in this case) abnormally large eyes. I assume you're just sticking to the show's anime styling but it does cross into the uncanny valley.
TTCCD's avatar
Seeing your work for the first time ever, made me fall in love with it. Spectacular and miraculas work. It’s so alive! You did that in about 2 hours? That is unreal. Now you are my fave artist.
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