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Apply Rain

Little speed paint.
Of course Applejack, when in doubt, Applejack.

Also, wetness, water, tears, the usual as well.

Trying a more cinematic light scheme and stuff, while using one of my previous facial anatomies from: Face

Approx Time: 2 hours
Photoshop CC
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"apply rain to the wound" (also, I really like the drawing! :) i think the graphics are lovely!)

This is the first time I've read some of the comments on this post, and I just realized the title could be taken as a play on Prince's "Purple Rain." Clever!

While I was looking at this sad and beautiful picture of AJ recently, I got the line "I'm cryin' in the rain" stuck in my head, but I couldn't for the life of me remember what song it was from. It didn't take me long to remember: Dionne Warwick's tearjerker, "Heartbreaker" (which was written by The Bee Gees). From there, it wasn't a stretch before I envisioned a music video of AJ singing the song, while walking around in the rain, following a (self-induced) misunderstanding (and breakup) with Rarity (or Silverlay, or any Filly anyone chooses to ship AJ with). I think it could give context to the picture. (Understand that I'm not trying to undermine the artist's intent, or impose my ideas on anyone: just offering an idea.)

To the artist: Thank you again, for sharing this sweet picture of one of DA's favorite Ponies. Stay safe, everyone.

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the water in this graphic is suberb

Holy wow this is incredible

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thats so good... like omg
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oh dont cry sweetie I´m here to help this cute little pony
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How long have you been drawing? This is as breathtaking as a super realistic artwork.
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amazing work as usual tho
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Wow. That is a wonderful picture of Apple Jack. I like how you can make her look so wet.
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Green eyes so beatiful(i have green eyes).
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Holy crud the EYESSSS
Your work is amazing
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wow, this is simply amazing. 
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Soooo cute!...and I love how you've done the water.
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it looks so realWow! 
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It looks so 3d nice job
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This looks so real!! If the ponies from MLP were real, this is totally how they would look.
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This is... freakishly realistic owo ...Good job ^^
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By far the most emotionally challenging submission I've come across... I'm trying so hard not to cry, and I never cry...
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