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Apples Closed

Some little practice. On humans, and of course had to turn into Applejack...
Didn't spend too long on this one, kept a lot rough. Just wanted to play around a bit, get some different nuanced face shapes. And just generally trying some stuff again.

I've also just felt the need to paint more in my midweek doodle sessions, instead of just... sketchlines. It's interesting how often I now lean towards working directly in colour. I suppose the step for colouring greyscales can be quite daunting at times. Also required before doing certain things, like thin strands of hair (depending on your approach)

Approx Time: 2,5 hours
Photoshop CC
Apples Closed [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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Woah. Impressive. 
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
Aw beatiful work  on her
MochaStarOC's avatar
Best I've ever seen!
Startoucher's avatar
I think this is your best human AppleJack so far. It's certainly my favorite. I like how you're starting to go less 3-d and more just... soft and simple. Painterly? 
But yeah, I actually do like the "roughness" of this piece. She looks gorgeous.
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Morcoroni's avatar
I love how you've taken so many different style approaches to the lovely applejack! You're a huge inspiration, keep it up!
SherryCherry99's avatar
Gorgeous artwork, and only in 2,5 hours! *^* You are an amazing artist :3
Horseez's avatar
2,5 hours?! Are you insane? Yes you are xD
Commissioner-Y's avatar
Even when she's sad, she's still beautiful.
Minckies's avatar
Woah~ It's amazing!!! 
LexCrunch's avatar
I'd love to see more humans because this is badass
WidowPeak's avatar
Beautiful Jaqueline ^^
RukarioTrainer's avatar
b25Roman's avatar
Nice, very nice. I like her composure on this. Very well done. :)
LurkerCat's avatar
I love this. She's beautiful :3
Jose-Ramiro's avatar
Hey, super cool.
jesusmayloveyou's avatar
awesome aj dude, really love what you did here
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