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Applejack's red apples

More Applejack you say?
Never enough Applejack.
Well, apparently also never enough styles  for Applejack, seeing as this is quite different compared to my previous Applejack piece 'Apple little run run':

Wasn't sure if I'd finish this, so well, how finished does finished have to be?
Also, I love AJs Equestria Girls colour scheme, or her colours in general... maybe I'm biased, but it works so well together.

Approx Time: 2-3 hours?
Applejack's red apples [WIP] by AssasinMonkey Applejack's Pose by AssasinMonkey

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Her smile is just beautiful!
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the face does seem a little flat though IMO
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Yea, the face isn't the most defined in shape for this one. The lighting could've probably been made a bit better on her face.
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I'm probably with most of the guys here, you made AJ look like a hottie dat booty and hips man.  And this style you did is a bit different than the normal completed stuff.  It actually looks cool.
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Hehe :XD: I just have to make Applejack as perfect as I can, even in different styles. I'm probably biased towards her in that sense.
As for the style specifically, it was a nice exploration/experiment. I'll probably continue on this path some more.
Also gives me an excuse to practice some more human anatomy.
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i like this style a lot, its very natural looking, also dat apple booty... sorry had to

but yeah i really, really, REALLY like this style
as in you should do more ._. 
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Had to make the Apple's curves. I had no choice!!!

This style was quite fun, the cimbination of the non-human face, with hands, and human body works quite well. Legs aren't exactly visible here, so that could go either way :XD:
Kinda like my Applejack Exalted piece.
It basically sneaks in some amount of human anatomy practice hehe.
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Applejack griffon next?
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Hmmm, I actually haven't done that indeed.
I do remember seeing some others making the mane 6 into Gryphons, maybe I should too.
This one goes on my note list.
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Me gusta. A lot :) Never enough of bestest pony
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just awesome as always. even if she isnt my pony number one. you make her look pretty everytime XD
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Glad you're liking my Applejacks, the first steps to converting to Applejack! Yay!
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Very well done o:
I love how her face looks like.
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This does look different. Her mouth looks like a wire cutter, though.
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