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Apple on the Beach

Approx time: 5 hours

Made during the livestream of 16 FEB which result's are here: [link]

Was quite fun doing this, already for the fact I got to apply my current style to an outdoor piece with at least some sort of environment! (Instead of a very dark simple background.)
And of course... I had to make her into Applejack during the process :P

Now as for the scene, I hope there are enough hints in it to give away what's going on :D
Kept it fairly basic overal, since the initial sketch was more about the pose and face (I need to work on expressions more)

PS: I really need to get recording again, or use my livestream recordings for a time lapse. I feel like they're being left behind :(
I might just have to put together one for this!
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I wonder If she's scared of just weary of been running along the beach...

By her nostrils and pose I would say the former. Always a restless athletic pony, Great Job! 

There's just so much awesome art everywhere D: I can barely handle... heheh
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Apple bucking an invisible tree, AJ, you so silly.
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Catch that pie, AJ! Only you can save it from a tragic, sandy end! :)
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Ermagerd, serndy berch
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It was great watching you stream this piece, as well as me narrating the comments to keep track of the stream questions.
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It sure was good fun, your narration gave a nice little twist to the stream :D
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My pleasure, maybe I'll stop by next week.
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nice, but she lost her hat! D:
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Eeek, indeed. and her hair bands as well D:

I kinda turned lazy at those points :P
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Were you planning on this turning into Applejack? Wasn't there for the whole stream...
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Only half way through the shading process I think I decided to go with Applejack, rather than a random pony
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Sad that I had to drop out due to a connection derp. I see it got even better.
Y'know, you should really try doing more outdoors or otherwise well-lit pieces. It could help you expand and improve your style further.

The shadow sure is deep here. There should be a bit more reflected light off the sand. But otherwise, the picture is pretty darn good. I love how you reflected the sand "splash" she makes in a painterly way, and the edges of her mouth are visible very well as she shouts. Not a bad take on the muzzle/snout. And great hair she has here. AJ has very good hair in general, it just looks so good. I love the individual ones splitting from the main bunch and making it look realisticalyl fuzzy. Well done!

Only those who were in the livestream know exactly why AJ has such a nervous face, and exactly why she skids like that. It's not because of the volleyball.
The Rariloon.
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Thanks, I think I really should try more outdoor environments indeed. Simply expanding my arsenal :D
I can always keep the dark Tenebrism style alive as well.

Given how bright the sand is and how much light it would reflect, the shadows could stand to back up a bit. It seems I tend to gravitate to dark shadows :P

The muzzle is great to experiment with, glad to hear this approach worked
And I really love doing hair, Thanks :D

*giggles* Oh my, yes. Rariloon popping in to have a look mid stream :XD:
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I thought she was underwater, heh.
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Hah, I hadn't even looked at it like that up till now!
Instead of diving into the sand, diving under water.
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*epic faceplant....*

"HA! Still saved it! TAKE IT HOME RARITY!"

"Home? Well, I most certainly will not..." the ball hovers just barely over the net... but won't make it, "oh, but I *will*... BURY THEM ALIVE!", Rarity ends it with an epic spiral upwards, hoof spikes ball THROUGH THE SAND!

"Great JOB Rarity... that's like the THIRD ONE TODAY! GEEZ and I thought *I* was supposed to be the overly competitive one... I wanna be on Rarity's team! All Fluttershy's been doing is building sand castles on the court!"

"But... But you said you liked my sand castles..." Fluttershy pumps on a whimper.

"Yeah, Rainbow~ I thought you *liked* her sand castles." AJ says with a sly mocking grin on her face, taking in the scene of a flustered and embarrassed RD uncertain of how to react in the awkward situation.

"Oh, relax, if it makes you feel better I'll switch with teams with Rainbow Dash and you and miss 'sandy cheeks' here can partner up for a bit." Rarity gave a loving smile at the sand covered farm girl before continuing, "besides, it wouldn't be lady-like of me if I accidentally... *ahem* damage another one of Flutterdear's wonderful recreations of Mooman Empire's.... Colosseum???" Rarity sometimes wonders where Fluttershy picks up these strange quirks and gift for attention to detail...

One game earlier...

"I'm FINALLY.. DONE! oh my~ I'm so HAPPY hey girls, look! I finally finished Rainbow's Clo-" a volleyball speeds by the shy pegasus' face, hairs breath from making contact. A loud *POOMF* is heard and the terried looks on the ponies faces in front of her have already made their guilt ever more clear to their crime.

Present time...

"Yah, I reckon we don't need another 'incident' occurring if'in anything happens to 'nother sand sculpt o' hers... Glad Twi's an alicorn and all now, don't think any o' us been able to trot away from *that* delivery..." Applejack grimaced at the thought, shivers of the events that lead to their sudden recruitment of Fluttershy flashed before the front edges of her mind. "Ugh. You reckon Twilight's gonna be in there long?"

"Who Twilight?! OH OH~ What happened with Twilight!?" And a wild Pinkie Pie appears from a sand dune wearing a Crackle floaty, a sharks fin on her back, with flops on all fours and snorkles.

As AJ recovers from a small stroke at the sand beast before her, "WHOA Pinkie! I don' told ya'll not to sneak up on me likes that!"


"Together, we shall rebuild her. Make her stronger... double the horn power... more wings!" A made light brown coated unicorn in a white suit with a thesescope around his neck mumbled to himself as he read his patients chart. "Fractured wings, 'bent horn'? What is it made out of tinfoil?" The stallion pulls out some x-rays, "I don't think that's supposed to bend that way... not that direction. Hello, Princess Twilight Sparkle. I'm your doctor today, I'll be treating you for the duration of your stay." Said the self proclaimed quack.

The question he's been dieing to ask could not be ignored, now that the formalities are through, well no time like the present! "So, how exactly does one like you end up as the face of a mountain?" Nope, he really did ask how she became a mountain.


"Oh, I feel so bad... I can't believe I blacked out during such an important battle!"

The fashionista raised a brow to this, "Um, Rainbow dear... what pry tell did you *tell* Fluttershy about Twilight's little 'mishap'?"

"Err, I may have taken some creative liberties and *may* have slightly thrown in a few scenes of an upcoming fanfiction I'm working on called "Prism Turbo vs Tigor!" the vicious alicorn with scary red and black dragon wings! breaths fire from nostrils, and he's got red mane-"

Rarity cut in with a heavy sigh, "Yes, well, let's not reveal TOO much shall me? Wouldn't want to 'spoil the surprise' now..." she seemed to take notice of the time. "It seems we've run out of fun time. I'll go help Fluttershy pack up whilst you and AJ take down the nets."

"'kay. No problem!" RD stood in a small hover, staring as Rarity strode off. "Hey Rarity..."

"Hm. Yes Rainbow Dash?"

"I-I really do like Fluttershy's sand castles..." Dash said in a softer, apologetic tone not quite making eye contact with Rarity. "Thanks for the save back there and all, but I just didn't know what to say... Rarity I really do-" RD found her lips forced closed by a light blue tint of magic.

"It is quite alright dear, but, I'm not the one you should be apologizing to. Nor am I the one deserving to hear those words first, I think we all know who'd best to save that for."

"mm Yeah. Thanks Rare... whelp! that nets not gonna pack itself!"

"Don't mention it dear. Just... whatever you decide to do, promise me you'll not break her heart."

"No wor-"


"oka~y... no pressure, huh?"

"Tehehe, well, I must go, can't let poor Fluttershy do all the packing now, can I? And don't worry, I'm sure you'll do the right thing. It sure wasn't easy, breaking the news is the hardest part. But, Fluttershy is more understanding than most. A far cry from the things AJ and I went through during our first year alone. Well, *cough* chop chop! Suns almost set, we best be off!"

And thus ended their last summer's day at the beach. And all took with them a little bit of something, some more or less than others....



At the Doctors.

"Worst. Day. Ever."

"OH! Good! You got your voice back!

"DOCTOR! Take a letter!"

"Um, okay..."

"Dear Celestia,
Today I learned, that insane inpony strength is not exclusively mutual to Alicorns.
Fluttershy demonstrated Princess worthy feats that one could not have guessed
a pony's anatomy would allow, especially that mantis style hybrid of the snake
stance... I shall call it, Mankey. This brutal, mixture of techniques that struck so
fast, so fierce, so-

"Oh, can you repeat that?"

"Which part?"

"The one after 'Luna'"

Twilight's eyes could not be seen through the wraps of bandages, but if the self proclaimed Doctor could gaze upon them now he would age a hundred years within a blink of her fury drenched stare, "GRAAAAA~H!"


Cute pick. Simple, but oddly it says so much. I can't believe I just wrote that above stuff either. Love the picture even more now! lol
wow it's been over 30 minutes! I need sleep...
AssasinMonkey's avatar
*claps* Nice! just read it all
Didn't expect that :D
Always great to hear the stories a picture can start.
Especially since I tried to keep things somewhat open here :)
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Her nose, it's a bit too detailed :P
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oddly enough, I found that to be the most charming part of this picture lol
Pixelkh1's avatar
Meh, I found the detailed nostrils a bit too distracting.

I should read the story..
Pixelkh1's avatar
oops, not meant to write that in a reply to you.
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by the looks of it applejack's playing volleyball. that must be pretty hard for ponies to play.
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Yes! She's indeed playing volleyball :D
I can imagine it might be quite an experience for ponies to play
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