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Apple Stroll


Very unnecessarily confusing style exploration. Started out just wanted to get the same face type I used for my Applejack Exalted ( ) except then on a full pony body.
Ended up doing a bunch of sudden changes in focus, trying different approached after each other, switching half way through one and things like that.
Also just rushing it in the end a bit because I went way overtime :XD:

The WIP might show more on that hehe.

Anywho, so there's a lot of flaws or mistakes here and there, especially with colouring, layering, etc.. I'll have to redo this experiment again and the correctly and focused on the end goal.

Approx Time: 5 hours?
Apple Stroll [WIP] by AssasinMonkey
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I must say, the shape of the head was the most interesting part of Applejack Exalted to me. I am not certain what it is about it, but I find it very interesting. It has very defined curving planes in it, yet somehow retains the almost spherical smooth look that is seen in most renditions. You've also done an excellent job with the form. It is very easy to see exactly what this would be in three dimensions. Hmm.. Looking again, to me the tail does not have a very clear form. That is quite a challenge though, you do not want to so saturate the tail with detail that it detracts from the overall picture by making the style inconsistent, nor should the tail become the focal point. I am not sure what I would do to better convey the form of the tail.. Perhaps a drop shadow would help? Looking at the picture with this in mind it seems almost like the tail is a two dimensional object behind her rather than a part of her. Maybe more contrast in the shadows on the hair? I do not know. Regardless, it is an excellent picture and I very much like it.
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Your exploration was very worthwhile - this new style is intriguing. The agile positioning of Applejack's eyes, complimented by the sharp shape of her face is very captivating. Along with the broadness of her ears, this piece makes for a very adorable and pixie-like appearance. I've really enjoyed the way the artist has drawn the muzzle, the slope down her face is well shaded and defined as smooth and gentle. For a five hours stream, this is a fantastic piece of art to have produced.

The shading for the the slight covered half of her face, really allows for a feeling of perspective and movement. As it helps makes the viewer feel like Applejack is moving forward, as a 3D figure. Her eyes, although very large, I feel have been drawn in equal proportion to each other, not an easy thing to do, and considering one has been drawn on a sharp angle away from the other - it is impressive they appear so even. Although the body is perhaps small in comparison to her head, I believe this is the distinction of the style, and in fact adds to the enjoyment of her cute and filly-like nature.

The wave of her tail behind her has she runs appears think and soft. Along with the expression the artist has been able to capture, that is innocent and playful, this style has really stood out. The reflection of light upon her eyes are what defines the sense of realism in this drawing for me and captures the viewer's immediate attention. And really shows off the artist's skill.
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I love applejack. :3
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nigga fried chicken
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oh the detail of the eyes:heart:
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I would write a complicated critique or something on how amazing this is, but I'll settle for an exaggerated SQUEE!
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I always like angles. 
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Elf pony AJ for the win.
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What an adorable little applebucker
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I think this is your best applejack style yet! great work!
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I love this! The moment I saw it, I said: "That is so adorable! I'm keeping it!" Then added it to my favorites. :D
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Her face is beautiful!
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Now that, my friends, is the definition of talent! :)
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Really cute and i gotta agree with WaWor, her face and ears really look like elf's, but in a good way ^_^
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She looks like an elf.
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Oh, I love your style soooo much ♥
Those eyes ♥
This shading ♥
These hair  ♥

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I think her body doesn`t match the head quite well
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She's adorable!! 
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Someone just said what i was thinking but I'm gonna say it anyway...

Wow, someone would think AJ is your favorite by all the AJ art you've done.

Oh, and this is great as usual, by the way.
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