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Apple Shade [WIP]

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You really like applejack no?
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i love these color pics you make. im trying to understand it so i could try it as well. but it is far too advanced for me D:
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I collect your tutors
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it's so beautiful. Cand you tel me why did you start with greys and then add the colour? isn't it ok to start from the begining with the colour? 
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Very sorry for the late reply, I had missed your comment!

Starting with either colour or grey can be a personal choice. I've used both, and still do switch around when needed.
In general a greyscale gives a clearer idea of how light works on the shapes in it's most basic interaction. It's not influenced by colours or anything like that so it can be easier to work with as well.

It's something historical artists have also done in traditional form as under paintings. First laying down the shapes and values through the use of light and dark (amongst other things), then adding the colours later. But as mentioned, you can certainly work directly in colour, the approach (and result) can just be different.

Having a solid foundation to your piece can really help, and making a proper greyscale can do just that, even if it's not the only way. Colour relies a lot on it. (but grey scale not on colour)
So in the end it's more of what you prefer. In my case it also depends on what I'm making. Large environment I generally work a lot in colour, characters, objects and other smaller scale shapes I tend to prefer greyscale.

Hope that answers your question :)
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I understand now. thank you very much for your answer :D (Big Grin) 
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