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Another Applejack

Not really finished, but this was another Applejack I made during today's Saturday Stream. I couldn't manage to really focus on a single piece and get it finished like a usual Saturday piece. It was one of those days...

I thought I'd still upload it. I probably won't finish this particular piece, and would instead more likely start over from scrap. But, I still made some parts here, still fun seeing the things I did do, even if the complete package didn't get fulfilled.

Approx Time: ???
Photoshop CC
Another Applejack [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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Very good! Moving from well studied area to something new is always hard, but it worth learn new. ( It's funny, that in academic studies starts with human body, but we move from ponies to horses, from horses to human )

I think, one tiny fix can improve this face - just fix area under her right eyebrow (right eyelid and node bridge). Its lightning looks like vertical crack in face. Also check symmetry of face (nose is little moved to side) and eyes looks little derped.
she is very pretty though...
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for some reason I thhought this was Fred from Scooby Doo when I looked at the thumbnail Over the Head 
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Awwwww super cool! I love her eyes and the detail! Fantastic!
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The hat?! Where's the hat?!

In all seriousness, while it does look good, there is...something I can't put my finger on, that throws me off...
same, perhaps the eyes? Her pupils are kinds dilated
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It's not that...although now that you mention it, the shine is strange. It's coming from the oppsite side of each eye, and they're clearly not mirrored.
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лучше рисуй дальше коней 
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