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Angle of the Tatzlwurm


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Episode art here we go, another week, another piece. This time one with quite a bit of action I'd say. Oh, and big (bigger) beasts hehe.

The moment that scene happened, I knew I'd probably end up doing that. It having the bonus of a large scale creature, even though I sized it a bit, but also Cadance. First time making her in pony form!

She had good addition to the episode as well, she acted quite nice in the end. Nice to see they put the spotlight on her for a bit, she was falling a bit behind.

Anyhow, great fun making this one. I now realise I kinda missed doing a large scale piece. Dutch angle returned as well, action, spinning, ponies. fun

Hope y'all are enjoying the weekly episode art :)

Approx time: 7 hours

Angle of the Tatzlwurm [WIP] by AssasinMonkey
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I have to give it to ya, you did an excellent job with this. The way you captured the movement of the Tatzylwurm was expertly done, and the dutch angle really helped to convey the feeling of action. Twilight's and Cadence's expressions were done very well considering they're so small compared to the worm. The worm itself was very expertly done as well. You really took the illusion of perspective and distance with its body, like there's plenty of detail in the front part because it's closer, and less and less detail as it flows farther and farther away and gets blurry because of its twisting movement. And best of all, there isn't a center focused subject matter anywhere.