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An Applejack?!

I may not stream today (focusing on some con prep, prints, etc.), so I thought I'd upload an unfinished Applejack I made a while ago, which hasn't been seen outside of my streams.
Was trying a different style, Less dark, or barely any darks, and a different play of colours. Was kinda fun, and I still want to try it again some time.

Anyhow, I may need to try and upload "unfinished" or sketched stuff more often. This was single layer I believe, and I don't really have a WIP. It was made inside one of my sketchpages.

Hope y'all enjoy!

Approx Time: ???
Photoshop CC

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That look makes me go "AWWWWWWW"!
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           Chibi AppleJack Icon 
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I like this less-dark stuff!! :D
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ahhh so cute! I love the fluffy proportions of this aj! And her "Wut" expression. She has such pretty eyes. I ADORE the color and shading you've created here. It looks like you had Applejack modeling right in front of you during life drawing class, which would explain her confusion. :) Beautiful work!
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Eee, that's adorable! :la:
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This IS different!
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It's good to see you draw applejack for once.
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She is surprised that someone wants to rub her belly. <3
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It looks like she has a question.

What does she see?  Another Applejack?
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I actually kinda like this unfinished...
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Yes, your an apple-based alcoholic beverage ;).
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Always great to see more Applejack :D
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Oh my God she's naked! XD
Pastel-Asgore's avatar
No she actually isn't. :P

Ponies don't wear clothes.
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