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Aerius Sol

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For my First Contact War universe.

Celestia's armour is based on my piece from earlier this year:
I did simplify it a bit, kinda also because less work :P and I was doing it in 1 long session

At first I was sketching very static poses and perspectives, then I thought... lets turn things up. This happened. So tricky, but kinda rewarding, and I gotta practice it somehow...

Yay, Celestia. The only actual show character, besides Luna, that I've included in my universe. Probably also because there are not a lot that live that long...

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Aerius Sol [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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Yay more FCW stuff!

First of all, huuuge kudos for pulling off the perspective on Celestia. I also love the way you did the clouds, both as a framing device, along with Celestia's tale, and the technique.
I really can't make out any real anatomical errors; the foreshortening on the right foreleg on the upper right griffon looks a bit akward, but that's rather minuscule.

My main problem is, that I don't realy get what exactly is going on. Is Celestia rising up to the griffons challenge? Is she ataccking them? Is she being ambushed?

Some details (more aggresive body language in the griffons, Celestia using magic) could clear that up.

All that being said, satill loving it, looking forward to more <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="391" title=":) (Smile)"/>

PS: Are there pony faces hidden in the clouds or am I just seeing things?
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AssasinMonkeyProfessional Digital Artist
Hehe, I had no intentional faces in the clouds. But I guess it's a good thing when it comes to clouds :XD:

I did do a relatively simple pose for the Gryphons, I was quite hyperfocused on Celestia in that sense, so I kinda looked over most other things.
As far as the scene goes, I imagined it being roughly an encounter, an aerial one that is, slightly in the stage of them measuring the situation, so that might've given Celestia that slight unclear intention.
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Thanks for clearing that up :)
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Soulymans-real-selfHobbyist Digital Artist
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Celestia: "The sun is the judge, I'm just its bailiff."
Griffon: "We were born for the sky, you belong in the dirt."

Magnificent perspective, utterly astounding! A visual aspect from underneath, THAT is rarely taken. Without the ground is sight, it attempts to give us the feeling of the battle at extreme altitude, where rest is unwarranted. This perspective is extremely rare to see due to the difficulty to picture and make work the new and precise angles of characters. However, you've done a brilliant job, working with all the lighting and poses to create a fantastic view of an instance.

Each griffon look fearsome and has character and movement to them(especially the griffons further back), making an image that doesn't stand still at all, but rather creates the illusion of wind and speed. The largest one does however seem a bit stiff in the neck. Whether it is due to angle, griffon anatomy or technique, I think he could do with a touch up. Also, I understand that Celestia is the main focus, however a little more detail to the griffon's armour and feathers would have been more pleasing.

About Celestia, her everything is amazing. From the polished golden garments that contain intricate details of the sun, as well as presenting much knowledge of medieval armour, all the way to her finely detailed mane and tail with luscious colours of the matured mare, she is glorious. The extreme detail and precision of her hair is wonderful, presenting a lot of 'flow' to the scene as did the griffons.
I would think that the wings could have been cleaned up a little more and details added to the few feathers that stick right in the face of the observer, rather than a plain flat look, would have been great to see. However it is gorgeous non-the-less.

Sincerely, an incredible piece containing very difficult aspects(Literally).
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xDonnervogelxStudent Interface Designer
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star: Impact

Wow, I really like this one.
Alone the pose looks very difficult, much more the perspective.
The lighting fits fine to the background, the shading is beautiful, too. The armor shines, the details look fine.
Just some tiny points, where I think you could have put more details in:
The feathers have a shaft which is missing at the nearest feathers of celestia's wings. They could look a bit smoother where they're near to the viewer, too.
Then my second point; the clouds could look a bit smoother. I know your style and I know that you shade like this, but I think they need to be shaded a bit softer.
The rest is really good made and I think those parts aren't that important but need to be payed attention to. Keep on with this (=
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ilvbrowniesHobbyist Traditional Artist
I really like this image, say, over the past year (give or take) I have been working on an audio dub project about the Great Pony/Griffon War and I saw your image and I wondered if it would be okay if I used it for part of my project, I would make sure to give due credit. you can give me your answer either here or via my email Hope to hear from you soon.
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PioneeringAuthorHobbyist Digital Artist
I have no words to describe how fantastic this piece is. None at all. The details are awe-inspiring. The movement is perfect. I... don't know what to say.
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Yes, please!
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TheChaiHippieHobbyist General Artist
whoa im dizzy
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I definitely love this one, and think you captured Celestia excellently. The extreme depth of field here works wonderfully, and the wingtip practically brushing the camera just sells it. The griffon however, just... well, it just looks off to me. To be blunt, it looks like a dwarf. I know there's foreshortening, but the claws/forelegs and massive head just look like the Tyrion of mythological creatures. The claw extended also looks like it could be facing either way, even beckoning toward himself. I kind of see a cliche New Jersey Italian guy going "come on, watcha gonna do 'bout it!" and motioning to bring the fight to him. Oddly enough, that kinda/sorta works though.

Still thought, nitpicks aside, wonderful piece, and the color just pops too.
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ZimmyRoseHobbyist General Artist
Oh my gawd, that's amazing.....
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tophxomiHobbyist General Artist
Best Princess!
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That is amazing!
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ShadowwolfHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh wow...
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Jose-RamiroHobbyist Traditional Artist
Pure coolness.
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I'd have expected a flying creature to have belly armour
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So Epic! :)
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This is a really unique perspective here; I don't think I've ever seen a MLP pic like this one before.  As usual, the detail here is great, especially seeing the horseshoes and armor from beneath.  I also really like how the sky and clouds turned out, giving the impression that this is pretty early in the morning.  Splendid work!
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>incredible powerful Sun alicorn

Gotta say, I think this may end up being a *slight* curbstomp battle XD
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temporosHobbyist Writer
Nice detail. :+fav:
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would love to know this story
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I do love me some ponies in armor.

Just a question about the First Contact War. Do you consider it your head canon of Equestria's past or simply an alternate universe of how events could have transpired in the nation's millennium-long history?
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AssasinMonkeyProfessional Digital Artist
I primarily approach it in the sense of an alternate equestrian history. With some influence from my own headcanon coming second.

Like I might imagine the Gryphons have a vast kingdom in the show, which I'm hoping they'll one day show! At the same time I have things like the massive Gryphon Conduits or Element Keepers, which I probably won't expect in the show itself, but for this alt. world I find interesting to make :)
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Nice action pose, love the skyward angle on it too.
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