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A fire fades

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Published: October 1, 2012
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Sometimes... just... nevermind

I hope the picture tells most of the story

Was a rather quick one, but sometimes an idea is just as fast so you just need to try and capture it. And I hope I managed to do so and carry it over to you. :(

It was nice making snow for once, but I guess that's just part of exploring new things

Approx time: 1,7 hour

Edit: Wow, all the beautiful comments, it's heart warming :) You all make the best stories, All the feels, Thank you!
I'm sorry for my lack of replies, I'm at a loss of words for the beauty of all the comments.
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987tailsHobbyist Artist
sound the bugle
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TravoloreHobbyist Writer
Beautiful but you'll forgive me if I'm getting some serious Empire flashbacks here. In a good way.
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InDeepSchit Photographer

Seeing how much snow has already covered her, she's obviously been in that position for a good while. And if she isn't dead from severe hypothermia already, she soon will be. Even if the figure in the background (presumably RD) reached Gilda while she was still alive, she'd still have to drag her out of the blizzard. She never had a chance, the poor girl.

This is a sad scenario indeed, and masterfully executed I might add. I love the way Gilda's talons are protruding from the snow, and her frozen tears make it that much more of an emotional piece. Well done! :clap:

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kayanne21Hobbyist General Artist
There's something universally sad about a dead bird.
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vren55Hobbyist Writer
Oh damn.... this is good nice story behind the painting as well... even though Gilda isn't my favorite character... dose feels ;(
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Ooh! A crash, or a collapse from exhaustion, or grief if we want to go with 'Gilda feels guilty/betrayed/sad'

But what really interests me is the figure in the distance. If I were allowed to speculate I'd say it was Dash. But you can't tell if she's walking away, or running over to help, or even just standing and watching.

I do like the idea of this being a bit more metaphorical than that, 'left out in the cold' and all that.
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There are some that deserve such fate...but not her.
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May I use this for a video I am making?
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AssasinMonkeyProfessional Digital Artist
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madrigles's avatar
Wow. This is really sad. You make me shed man tears.
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Wow, the contrast of Gilda's dispair with the faint hope of a pony (RD?) coming to the rescue, leaves me with conflicting feels. Just beautiful.
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BadgerQWERTHobbyist Digital Artist
FINNALY! she has paid for what she has D O N E .
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BjarruStudent Traditional Artist
Made your waifu cry?.. Ooookay. Now that's just childish
BadgerQWERT's avatar
BadgerQWERTHobbyist Digital Artist
DAFUQ IS WRONG WITH YOU?! I hate "WAUFU". they make me sick. =_= I meant because Gilda is a bully. >_>
Bjarru's avatar
BjarruStudent Traditional Artist
So is Trixie, Discord, Nightmare Moon, Queen Chrysalis... The only difference they didn't make Fluttershy cry. Brh, I guess it is all that matters XD
BadgerQWERT's avatar
BadgerQWERTHobbyist Digital Artist
So true. CX :D :dummy:
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AssasinMonkeyProfessional Digital Artist
:XD: I guess that's also a way to look at it
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Such a sad pic :c
But it implies a happy, touching ending!!! :love:
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legirianHobbyist General Artist
I believe this picture is metaphorical.
Gilda mourns Dash's "betrayal", and feels like she's alone out in the cold, with no friends left to help/comfort her. And in the background, one can see Dash, who has abandoned Gilda and is simply watching her suffer.

That's how I interpreted it, anyways. Correct me if I'm wrong.
Really cool picture.
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AssasinMonkeyProfessional Digital Artist
I don't think there's any right or wrong way. Thanks for sharing your view, I can definitely see how you got that angle.
Given what happened or maybe even didn't happen in her episode.

I liked to let the viewer interpret this picture on their own :)
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