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A Rare Fit

A kind of Rarity follow up the my previous Applejack piece in this style, Fit for Apples

Although different, the main difference being this is painted directly in colour, and not greyscaled first. I wanted to see the change it would make, although I did also end up making it a bit simpler than Applejack's... so can't exactly compared every aspect, but the final result I suppose can still be held side by side hehe.

Those darn shoulder rings with all the frilly frally razzle dazzle wavy patterns. I'm used to doing those horizontal, not vertical haha, so I had to wrap my head around that a bit, just a bit. I definitely got to use AJ's piece as a bit of reference for stuff, some of it may show here and there.

Designing these dresses/outfits is pretty interesting, although I had no previous dress for Rarity, or any other pony than Applejack, in this style... So that was the challenge as well. Also figuring out the colours used, and with mandatory giant hat.

Anyhow, this piece although a bit simpler, rougher around certain edges than Applejack's, hopefully still rings close enough to it. I probably could've spend more time, and I did spend less time on this one.

PS: I did record this one as well, but as of now I still need to get Applejack's timelapse going... I mainly gotta figure out the music at the moment, but most other editing is done for AJ. But yea... I won't be getting this timelapse up, until the other is.

PPS: Can't say yet whether I will or will not make other mane 6 (or other characters) in this way.

PPPS: I might be biased if I say I prefer Applejack's.

Approx Time: 18-19
Photoshop CC
A Rare Fit [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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How did I miss this image in 2017?
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Make another. I have an idea in heads.

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holy Celestia that is an awesomely well done Rarity!
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
Awesome and beautiful workon her
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so beautiful
AmandaFerguson070707's avatar
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her outfit design is great, you nailed the frills!
lceBlu's avatar
WTF this is so good
Like how even???
Moddragon22's avatar
I always think it's weird when people draw the ponies with horse heads but human bodies. It doesn't look right
DiamondDashy's avatar
I'll give you ten points and a parrot-mark!
Galordeus's avatar
I'm amazed by the realism that this picture show, it almost borders the real life.
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This is pretty rad, good job!!
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Amazing!!!!!! :heart:
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I thought it was a doll, at first. Really nice !
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This looks amazing.
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A very regal and interesting dress in design. I like how she has a couple places where her skin is revealed. The mix of gold, light blue and purple is also very unique.
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