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A Gryphus Conduit

"Gryphons continued to encounter an unknown intelligent civilization, bearing banners marked with sun and moon. As their awareness of the power these creatures posses, with situations ending in grave disaster, the Gryphon high command sees no other option then to approach the conduits of all Gryphon kind.

Entities of the old worlds, wielding great knowledge and mind, standing above all. They however do not take on a leader position, acting more as guides, prophets, gurus. Many of them are spread across the lands, living in desolation for they are not fit to walk amongst those lesser.

It has only been in the most dire times and desperate needs that the Gryphon leaders ruling the banners and lands have chosen to approach the Conduits for a greater cause. One that extents across all Gryphon lands. The threat of assimilation or even extinction by the Equine Empire is not one they take lightly. Threatening all that their kind has build, the pride and honour in the blood of all. Thus they seek guidance with the only creatures that might wield words to unite them under one wing, to fight for survival not as one, but as Gryphons."

The legends of the Gryphon lands. Ancient creatures, preserving all that which is Gryphon kind.
Finally this piece finished hah! Fun, although I wouldn't have mind if it did take even longer.

Wanted to do a high detailed piece again for a while. I guess I succeeded, although still a lot of it is just on the Condor. Exploring my alternative MLP world "First Contact War"
Depicting a desperate move, deemed necessary to preserve Gryphon kind in their encounter with the Equine Empire. They carry marks of the Equines (which are easily gather-able ones) as proof for the conduits about their existence, and threat.
I imagine the Gryphon species being divided into individual lands. Proud to be a Gryphon, but not willing to succumb to the word of others. That is, with the exception of the Conduits. The only ones who's words hold more power for them than anything else.

Eventually I do want something equivalent in the Equestria Equine Empire in terms of major characters. They already have Celestia and Luna to fill the same role the Conduits have.

I've been thinking about all the different bird species there are and combining them into the traditional Gryphon/Griffon formula. From Old world birds, to Owls, to maybe even smaller species. Imagine a tiny Sparrow Gryphon.
On the other side there's plenty of Felines to go with as well from all sizes.
Went with a mountain lion/Cougar/Puma/Panther/Catamount idea for this one. Although slightly white, perhaps they're just old hehe.

Approx Time: 30 hours

A Gryphus Conduit [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

Into silence by AssasinMonkey
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The gryphon's got a look on her face that says "I'm so sorry I had to bother you with this; please don't hit me!"

For it's part, the gryphus seems somberly intrigued by the banner she's brought.

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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
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This piece reminds me of the best qualities of old school fantasy art (ie old forgotten realms novel covers and so forth). The concept behind it is highly intriguing as well, I get the narrative you've explained in the description from the piece. Your buzzard/griffon is original, dynamic and impressive. If i was in front of him I'd likely lower my head to the ground too <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="391" title=":) (Smile)"/>

You've stated in previous pieces your struggle with environments and architecture. You don't seem to have any such short falling here. the foreground is beautifully detailed, right down the the cracks in the dry dirt under the prostrating griffon. the background is likewise handled beautifully, it conveys distance and depth. I feel like I am truly in a far away land. Perhaps your problem isn't with environments and architecture so much as how to convey them in some of the looser, less detailed pieces you've done previously.

any real criticism I can levy amount to trivial nit-picks. Some of your cast shadows could stand to be smoother and crisper, and there are spots where a little more definition would perhaps improve the piece (ie the top right portion of the bowing griffon's wing). again, these are nitpicks, based mostly on personal aesthetics.

overall, a fantastic work of art. keep up the good work!
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This is frickin amazing
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Wow, this is badass. I don't think I've seen a gryphon with a vulture's head before, they usually look like eagles.
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That is just so cool! Also I somehow ran into these griffon pictures while looking for pictures of the tatzlewurm... o-o Oh well, there are amazing. (I'm wondering though if you did one of him/it. I'll check when I have time!)
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Is that an andean condor? Because condors are the largest flying birds in world, and if that's the king of gryphons, it would made sense to choose the biggest bird to represent the leader of the gryphons; in addition, the scientific name of the condor is Vultur Gryphus.

Yeah, I'm really fascinated with that giant buzzards, that are also common in my country.

PS: Is this related with MLP? Because you mentioned Equestria. In that case, is Gilda the gryphon that is kneeled? Interesting, you put ears to her; in MLP style, the gryphons  don't have ears, unlike the traditional representations.
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Sorry for the late reply! I've been losing track on comments getting berried under all the others.

This was indeed inspired from the Andean Condor, Gryphus from the scientific name indeed also used in the title here :)
It also just seemed cool to make them for once

I've been putting together an alternate universe (fan universe), my "First Contact War" which I'm building up through art like this. Describing big characters, groups, locations or other.…
It's set in the far past (Pre Nightmare Moon and perhaps even Discord, though basically, far back initially)

So that means that's not exactly Gilda (Perhaps bloodline?!) I've indeed been playing with the ears a bit for them. Not sure what I prefer and perhaps I'll differentiate with them, different Gryphons, different genes.
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Man, that griffon is so awesome looking ! Also about the story behind this, I don't really think they should concern that much, because if they wait a bit longer, they will see that just like any empire, an history has provided us with MANY examples, the Equin Empire will eventually fall and then they will be able to keep there lands, but I also think that it won't be such a good idea to declare war, sinceit always brought only destruction and death to many and without solving much.
But this is your storyline and you decide what's gonna happen. Still, very cool pic
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The crows on his wings are so epic.
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Dude! I love that giant vulture gryphon!
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Damn. I mean just . . . . damn!
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Great pic, but that is the fugliest griffon I have ever seen..... no offense.
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Hehe yea, the real life condors aren't exactly the prettiest to look at either :P So I just did the same with mine, seemed to hard to make something ugly pretty XD
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To which you did a good job, but there's a problem. A griffin is defined as specifically, the head and wings of an eagle, and the hindquarters and tail of a lion. So whatever this part condor, part whatever, is, it isn't a griffin. At best it's just a random chimera, though you might be able to get away with calling it a garuda since it doesn't seem to have a tail and appears to at least stand like a man.
I always liked the idea that the other intelligent races had their own brand of immortals, but these weren`t arrogant enough to think they should rule over the people. Great image.
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I often thought of such beings as ones who just left in annoyance. The lesser beasts abdicated all big responsibility to them too often, instead of learning how to handle anything. Kind of like the phenomenon Jor-El warned his son would happen in the original Superman movie:

"Your services would be called on constantly, even for those problems they could solve themselves. It is their nature to abuse their resources thus."

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Fuck, this is awesome.
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