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A Change of Heroes



New addition for my Season 6 Episode Art!
Season 6, Episode 25&26: To Where and Back Again
For more info on my episode art: MLP:FIM Season 5 Episode Art Streams

Finale, with a week delay due to Nightmare Nights, here's my "finale" Season 6 episode fan art. (I might make more episode related pieces, though, just not with this type of routine/schedule, more casual)

Welp... this finale issued quite a bit of change. Not sure if I can handle all that!
Although we've had some drastic moments in the past... that's what finales tend to do. Twilight Princess, Golden Oak, just to name some. This isn't really that different from that, in regards to being a pretty significant change to what we've come to accept and taken for granted.

At least not everything changed! Oh, the revenge, when and how shall it happen, will it ever happen?

Very enjoyable episodes, quite a bit of stuff. Fun cast of heroes! They all had their little contributions to the squad, with overall made them a fun little team. Going on an adventure! One suited for princesses... Aw, now they get to feel a bit like a princess too.
Trixie was fabulous, though. Also because the VA delivers her so well. All the sounds she made hahaha, so good. Would almost make them my ringtone or something. Then there was also the clarification of how much Discord cares about Fluttershy. He got real serious real fast. And eventually put in quite the painful situation... so much Fluttershy!!!

For the art, I wanted to of course have a bit more of an eventful, meaningful scene to represent the episode. And I ended up finding this to be the most suited. So I rolled with it! Most other stuff felt a bit more focused on a smaller part of the entire finale. Does mean, once again I had multiple characters to make, as is common with finale stuff... So I did go with a bit simpler, more direct process. Jumping straight into painting directly on top of the sketches. So that's why the WIP may be a bit... abrupt at moment, jumping around. It also helped a bit with getting time for the environment... being a decent focus as well, and I'm not that used to having non-character focus in a piece. I did try to balance it out, making the characters still very prominent. I've at least done that before.

Anyhow, hope y'all enjoyed the episodes, the season, and all my little fan arts I've made throughout it! I may make more of the finale, but in general, I'll just make more art of anything that comes to mind. There's still so much stuff to explore.

I may change things up regarding Episode Art. Not be as strict with the next, just make something when I feel like next time. Partially so it doesn't get interrupted as bad by conventions... which causes me stress. But, either way, I don't know yet what I'll do in the future, it's still open for change, and basically... I'll see just have to wait and see what I'll end up making!

Approx Time: 12 hours
Photoshop CC
A Change of Heroes [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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