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A Bat Bat Pony

I guess it had to happen after the new episode? hehe

Probably the "easier" scene to think of. I need more Applejack again to balance this increase in Fluttershy in my gallery again!
Anywho... tried to approach this similar to the previous character pieces, though with a slight twist to it. More stuff going on, just slightly. Different take on the action because Wings can do that so lets do that.

Edit: Checked recordings, approx time is between 3,5 and 4 hours instead of 4, heh.

Approx Time: 3,5 hours
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A Bat Bat Pony [WIP] by AssasinMonkey
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Amazing work this deserves a dd
Inqie's avatar
Definitely earned a watch
Jusey1's avatar
Cool picture but I see no bat ponies in it at all... Just Flutterbat.
amaya951's avatar
Flutterbat looks even better!
Derpywhooves109w's avatar
flutter shy looks like a boss
Slvrr's avatar
I think that I really like your art and now want to watch you...
Silver-Shimmer's avatar
Season 4! Season 4 everywhere!
DarthWill3's avatar
Phenometron's avatar
Flutterbat came out awesomely!
PenBrush12's avatar
Its so fluffy and cute! ^-^
Skyloxgaming's avatar
This is so beautiful! 
Bubblegumdove's avatar

The hair work is awesome anf the feel of motion is great, top job!
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most of the pics I see of her in bat form she's either being cute or bad ass but this makes her legitimately scary which is simply fantastic amazing work :iconclapplz:
SakuraDrawingPencil's avatar
That is the best flutterbat art ever!
gaararoxa's avatar
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Wow!On this pic,Fluttershy really look like scary and evil! :omg:
StandardBronyBrowser's avatar
"Say it once, say it twice, take a chance and roll the dice, ride with the moon in the dead of night!"
Lithionn's avatar
OK I have not watch my little pony in some time is there a reason I keep seeing Flutershy as a bat
Alptraum-Gheist's avatar
watch the latest episode. only then you will understand, young padawan.
Yes there a reason why she a bat just look up mlp bats
she cun suck my apples anytime.
screwtapethedemon's avatar
I am going to wallpaper my whole house with this picture. Every square inch of every surface of my home MUST be covered in the awesomeness that is this picture!

All hail AssassinMonkey and his amazing level of talent!!!!!!
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