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4 the Final

My final Season 4 Finale piece, or at least specifically made for it.
That makes 8 pieces total for the finale and this one actually the longest of all my Season 4 pieces in time spend.
1 Saturday/Sunday, 1 Session, 1 Art piece. 15 hours.

This episode ended the season so good. Awesome meaningful song at the end, nostalgic photo. I just had to make my final S4 specific art piece this scene. It's the last thing we saw and I'm so looking forward to what's next.

Did simplify in terms of details, because well... 7 characters lol. I'm kinda happy Discord didn't join in the picture. So my refining isn't that top here, instead I tried to do the details all in 1 go up to good enough level (rather than multiple passes)

Also used the face style I started with my Applejack Exalted piece. Refining it a bit and also seeing them in slightly different styles per mane 6. Oh and Spike.

Worth the time, even though I could've spend twice as long cleaning everything up.
This concludes my dedicated season 4 episode arts, for which I had a minumum of 1 art every episode, every Saturday in 1 session. Extended here and there.
You can see all my S4 results here:…

Approx Time: 15 hours
Time Lapse:

4 the Final [wipswf] by AssasinMonkey  4 the Final [WIP] by AssasinMonkey
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Really good use of shading. Has a look of symmetry on the face. Rather having the appearance of edges on the face and ears. The detail is rather impressive. Nice shine on the eyes. A little glossy, but nice. Hair looks more realistic, yet anime in details. Consider having less of a solid edge on the face with the lower half of the head in comparison to the upper half. A more smooth transition in color should help.
I'm very impressed with the overall drawing. And Deviantart won't let me put less than 100 words. Frustrating. Hope this critique helped.
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Where is Spikes Fangs!!! O.O
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This is incredible! :wow: Applejack and Twilight's faces are the cutest ones. :love:
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Do you work in Photoshop?
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Yes, almost all my work is completely in Photoshop (currently CC 2015)
Only a couple of my animations were also in After Effects.
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Ponies Model are same like G3.5
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Here's to another season of these awesome ponies.
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I never thought of discord until I read the Art Description haha XD
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Great work with these guys. :3
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I love the style of this picture, I think you'd be really good at drawing characters from Psychonauts. ;v; <3
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Yes it's for myself. Thank you....
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Beautiful piece of work. I would like to know, if I have your permission have to work piece made into a T-shirt

Thank you
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If it's just for personal use, then sure sounds fine :)
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I love AJ's face most of all. :heart:
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Aww! Its so cute!
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SQUEE! This is so cute!

You have such a unique style. I love it!
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They look so cute!
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This art is so beautiful! I really adore your style! Brings recent memories of season ending and reminds me of how old MLP and bronydom is getting, and we are STILL strong and awesome.
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I don't think he was going for irony.  :-/
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