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What art from my gallery first drew you in, made you watch, follow, or notice me otherwise? 

442 deviants said Random MLP art
358 deviants said MLP:FIM Episode Art
261 deviants said Applejack
155 deviants said First Contact War Universe
140 deviants said Nothing specific
101 deviants said Other
73 deviants said Rarijack



Sep 18, 2018
2:41 pm
Sep 18, 2018
2:23 pm
Sep 18, 2018
2:11 pm
Sep 18, 2018
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Sep 18, 2018
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Myron C. P.
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Sneakiest part? Yes my name is missing the last "s".

You can support me here:

My live stream channel:

Check my Twitter feed for updates.

I read all comments, but won't be able to reply to everyone. I try to at least answer any questions when I can.

Tools: Adobe Photoshop CS6, Wacom Intuos 4 Large

You can contact me for more or anything else through note, comment or the following e-mail




[LIVE] Oh darn, it's that time again, showing art by failing it.
Or I could say, attempt on improving. Either way, yea, time to build up some knowledge
Guiding Tales
New Episode [A Rockhoof and a Hard Place], New FanArt!

You will not go to Valhalla just yet, big horse.

Darn, was it a sad moment when he was ready to just be turned into stone. To be remembered as a Hero and not a failure. It was also a great way to get the students involved in it, especially Yona. Seemed very fitting.

To me it did feel like there was this sad past tied into everything, albeit he was very positive about it and probably because he had living folks to share his live with. Unlike Somnambula, who still has her home civilization to go back to, he was one of the pillars who didn't. His history was fully part of pony history now, a heritage of all. But he's the one to share it in living tales now.

He does tell stories quite great, although a bit destructive at times haha.
That kinda PTSD moment, tho.... Volcano in his eyes. It wasn't as drastic, but it did snap him into a protector mode, shovelling the students (lol) out of harms way.

They covered a lot of different characters this episode, all the Pillars and Stygian even. Showing where they ended up, trying to fit into the new world, forgetting the past. I did not expect Mistmane to end up in a crystal garden! That was pretty awesome.

Overal, lots of stuff in this episode, and good feel to it.

I had to try and capture some of his epic tales in a painting, tho I really wasn't sure about what to do for the background, still not, but I hope the tone fits his tale.
Put a bit different shading mentality into this as well, a pony where some extra imperfections and wrinkles won't hurt, and maybe even add to it. It ain't Rarity, so less smoothing needed hah

Approx Time: 5 hour
Photoshop CC

Support me on my Patreon to help keep all my work possible. Every little bit is much appreciated and helps keep my art alive.
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Guiding Tales [WIP]
These WIPs are kept free for everyone by supporting me on my Patreon
Thanks to all for keeping this possible.

Saturday Stream + Weekly Roundup

Sat Sep 15, 2018, 1:02 PM


  • Ponyville Ciderfest Community Guest!
    Yes, you better be there now eh?! I'll be one of the Community Guests, hopefully bringing some of the art out there, and drinking all that cider... maybe.
    I'll be vending as well, getting some fan arts in touchable forms.

    Be sure to check out the Guest page to see who else will be there!

  • Got me a whole new microphone audio setup. Bit of a price tag, but it's a big step up from the ol cheap usb mic. I can now run almost all my audio perfectly through a mixer, combine it, quality mic, control the volumes, etc. Feels good to not have to deal with stupid volume bugs and quirks as much, to just have a mostly functional setup.

    Also opens up possibilities for more voice oriented production, perhaps podcasts, or voice over on time-lapse videos, who knows. It's now more of an option than before.

Saturday Livestream @ ETA 2000 UTC

On my Picarto

Last Saturday's Finished art:

Oh darn, living on those edges, or trying to avoid sharp edges, such edgy lightning horses.
Had me derp on art, tho

Washout Lightning by AssasinMonkey

Week's Recap

I've been figuring out visual styles, foundational practice, and more important below the surface stuff I'm either rusty on or havn't focused on enough.
Ended up with some practice exploration lines stuff and designing.
Mare in Arms by AssasinMonkey

Next week's Plan:

Gotta improve those art levels, gotta get closer to the pro status.

My 2 funbits

That old poll that I still find interesting to look at at times, although it's getting quite dated I guess.

Mare in Arms
Little pretend concept art
I'm way more of an illustrator these days, but the notion of concept art is what got me into art in the first place.

Being able to have a non-painted, or at least basic, quick, design focused artpiece has been on my mind again lately. It's the creation of concepts, testing, trying and figuring out ideas. Solving problems for different reasons, making something functional, all that stuff has a fun element to it. It's satisfying when you can say the visor should actually be able to open and isn't there just for show hah

I also know presentation is important in concept art, it's not about just the sketch, it's about the entire page, and different elements to it have different reasons. Especially if you look at it in terms of being used in a large project with a large team. You can't slack on certain information. Titles, dates, names, etc. become a lot more important to help with the overall workflow.

Even just the workflow aspect is interesting to think about for me, something I havn't deliberately done in a while. Fan art sometimes just calls for having a pretty single image in the end, lots of corners that can be cut. Not so much as you move more and more towards thinking like a professional.

Anyhow, I also just wanted to tackle outfit designing again. Although this is a very minimal, not proper, concept sheet. A real one might have more variations, and also include different angles for specific parts, more refined design lines, and perhaps design taken into fully painted to show how it'd look like in the end stage of production.

Many little reasons I could find in making this. Just practice is a simpler answer.

Approx Time: 4-5 hours
Photoshop CC

Support me on my Patreon to help keep all my work possible. Every little bit is much appreciated and helps keep my art alive.
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