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Undertale: Undyne

So this is my first painting in Fire Alpaca. Previously I was using Photoshop CS6, but I recent lost it due to having to give it back to my school that was supplying it, as I'm graduating soon! I've only I have some exams left and then I'm free! ... until I go to Uni / face the rest of the modern world.
Fire Alpaca is pretty good. It's much can easily handle higher resolutions and file sizes, and barely ever lags. It's a bit lacking in it's brush settings, and I kinda miss being able to change brush size just by right clicking and adgusting the slider nearby rather than go to the brushes tab to the side, but it's got fairly good shortcuts and works fine with my tablet. Definitely not bad for a free program!

I've actually played Undertale now btw; 10/10, I refuse to do a genocide route tho. My friends are happy and they staying that way.
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My god, Undyne...


No, seriously. This is beautiful... Much <3