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Chapter 2: Raid
Cass family dined and chatter could be heard from the dining room and Sun fell and Moon rose. Night was silent and cold. Pretty cold for may that is. Guards on the walls didnt mind though, they prefered a cool night over scroching in the sun. Most of them were rank 3 to rank 5 novice fighters. Skills of combat in Azure continent were separated into novice, apprentice, adept, each state was separated into 7 levels. In whole Skyforge kingdom less then 10 000 people were adepts, not to mention adepts, its even hard to be a novice, fighing wasnt for everyone.

Most of these guards havent seen much action though. Quiet and spooky nights with very few cases of towns people getting drunk was main dish they get, that being said they handle situations pretty well and crime wasnt that common.

"I wish that Lord Governor would pay us a little more for rotting here" the guard said.
"Never mind that, as long as I can feed my family I will serve" said the other guard.
"Yeah, money is getting scarse these days and with those tensions with Organ lately...."
"I just hope we stay safe and let royal army deal with them"
"Dont worry, even if they come here I will...."  SIZZZZZ!!!
Mans skull was pierced by a crossbow bolt. The other guy looked in the distance and screamed "ORGAN!!!"

There vere around 500 organ and most of them were 1st level of apprentice state. It didnt bode well for Sunspire. Organ quicly worked to break trough the door.

"Those shitty humans deserve to die! with this the young master will be pleased!" said the Organ leader.
"Yes, his mother, master wife, was killed by these miserable humans, whome she loved. What a betreyal! Poor boy is only 8 years old!" said the other organ.
"Thats why we need to torch every human city in our path! None chall survive!!!"

Organ moved into the city and killed the guards, they moved towards the governors mansion.

"You exelency, please allow us to parle!" pleased the governor.
"Blood must be paid in blood, this is the price for attacking and betraying Organ!"
Shiff. The shill agonised face of the governor moved, infact it was not just a face, the entire head moved and fell to the floor!

"Governor is dead! retreat!!!" Yelled the guards. they were paid by the governor, they lost their employer so there was no reason to risk their heads for free. Chaos spread trough the ranks and soon the entire city was in turmoil.
"Wake up!!!" screamed Cass' mother.
"Why? WHat happened?" asked the boy.
"Its a raid!"
Chapter 1: Last day

Sun shone high that day. In the middle of the plains that expanded everywhere was a small town, Sunspire. Sunspire was a small town and was mostly known for its agroculture with merchants coming and going here and there to liven things up. Its grey stone walls surrounded the town and kept it safe from cuple of beasts and bandit groups hanging in the forests outside of the city. In centre of the town, near the town office buildings was a town school. An old, wrinkled man stood infront of the chalkboard teaching the students.

"We all know that our continent, Azure Continent, is consisted of three kingdoms, our Skyforge Kingdom of humans. Silver Forest of elves and Stonegod Moutain of Dwarves. Who can tell me names of most prominent powers outside of the kingdoms?"

Cayen, a bright,young man with short black hair stood up and answered:"They are respectfully:
Organ tribes in the north, Wolfman pact in the east and Arcane Shool in the south".

Skyforge and other three kingdoms were all similar in size, with Skyforge having most of the central plains, Stonegod Moutain actually possessed many moputain chains, rish with ore and gems while Silver Forest was nysterious, elves rarely contacted the other kingdoms. As for the remaining powers Organs were powerful human like creatures, green in skin color with large horns and fangs. Their bodies were always towering at 2.5 meters average as adults. They walued physical power and combat. Other races detested them for their apperance and fought them in the past many times. Wolfman, the kings of beats were fable feral warriors. Their population was qute low. They were known for being at odds with the elves. Arcane School was a holy place for the mages, every race was present there, only caring about magick cultivation.
No one dared to attack them nor did they wnat to since Arcane Shool was keeping friendly terms with every race, even fierce Organ were happy to send their bretheren to study there.Lessons continued on and Cayen returned home.

In the middle of territory of the Cass clan a middle aged man with black hair was painting. he was painting a dawn in the plains around Sunspire, he looked calm and tranquil. A young boy around the age of sixteen came from behind him: "Father, I am back!". ofcourse it was Cayen greeting his father, Cena. "Good", said Cena:"Come, lets eat dinner, your mother and brother are waiting".

Cass family was a noble family. Cena was an artist and his wife, Nina, was an advisor to the governor. Their younger son, Cayen was a top student in their towns school and would probably go to seek higer edjucation in the royal capital, older son, Conor, was a well gifted merchant and came home only once or twice a year. today it was the time Conor returned. Conor has told his family about the stories of Organ groups that were moving trought Azure Continent.
Royal city has sent some troops to deal with them though, so there seemed to be no reason to worry. family dined happily and celebrated Conors safe return, not knowing of the imeding crysis ahead.
Chapter 1: Last day
So, here is the first chapter. I am still green and this is my first time, constructive criticism is welcome!


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