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Angel Dust (Hazbin Hotel)
I just love this guy... his attitude, everything! I really have to hand it to Vivziepop for making such interesting characters.

Why don't you go check them out?…

Also, here is a scene with Angel Dust:…
A VERY Late Halloween Photo...
Yes... I was Freddy this Halloween, and though this was taken, like, 11 days ago, I kept forgetting to post it.

That FREDDY'S DEAD poster is something one of my friends bought me last Christmas... I just decided to take a photo next to it.
I did black out my face because I'm not ready to do a face-reveal on here yet... 

I am very predictable, aren't I?

Freddy Krueger dance again!? 

One thing, what my sister did for my makeup is she slicked my hair back.. Or, as she called it, "Malfoy-ed it", put it back in a ponytail and hid the rest under my hat... Obviously, this was taken before that...
The Advanced Generation
I decided to make a poster with the advanced animatronics. I still just adore these models! I can't find anything quite like them out there!

models by: ShinyRuban/ShadowToyChica

Poster: :iconasrieldreemurrrrrr: (me)
Funtime Fred
yep. he actually has a bit of a slim body shape, but his vest kind of hides that...

He has no scars because, obviously, the Funtime animatronics are meant to look clean, smooth, friendly, and all that... so, he just... yea.

He has a few differences in colors and looks, which are apparent. I might attempt to redraw this motherfucker, but, maybe not.

He has a few ways of being used for murder, but I'll post that soon.
[FNaF 3] Cam 08 Recreation
a recreation of Cam 08 in FNaF 3. I mostly did this to test my lighting abilities. How'd I do?
       Last night, I had the weirdest dream, it was so vivid it was horrifying.. It all started in my house, where my family was playing Cards Against Humanity at the dinner table. My oldest brother was about to win, when a forest fire had started in the mountains near my house. An alert had been broadcasted on T.V., and I ran to grab my stuff... I don't know how, but I knew it would reach us eventually. I packed up my favorite clothes, and stuffed animals, then made my way out to the living room. By now, the fire was in sight, and my family stared at it in horror. I told them to rush outside, and we all did, me being the only one that packed. 
       We ran outside, the fire was close enough to feel its heat. A helicopter flew over us, and dropped a ladder, I instantly latched on, and started climbing. My sister followed, then my two brothers followed as well. My parents were the last ones to get on. The hat I was wearing flew off my head, and my sister caught it. She handed it to me, and we kept climbing. I got to the top, and there were a few others up there. My sister came up behind me, and we settled ourselves somewhere in the helicopter. My oldest brother... didn't make it through... He fell off the ladder, and into the fire below...

      Me, my parents, sister, and brother, sat in the helicopter in absolute shock. I observed the fire, and going where we would've been if we hadn't gotten in the helicopter, were four slash-looking lines of fire. 

      Remember how I have dogs? We couldn't save them either...

      After a while of being in the helicopter, I finally woke up, honestly disturbed by the dream.

What about you guys? Have you had any strange, vivid dreams? Feel free to tell me! - ASRIELDREEMURRRRRR
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One terrible Horror Fan
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United States
Knife Dog (F2U Lineart) by cutgut

Hello, people of the internet!

Here's some info on me:

1. I am a horror nerd, and I am specifically a Fredhead… (I know almost everything about the Elm Street series... Or, well, I think I do.)
2. I am a cosplayer, though not in public. The most you'll see of my cosplays are simple photos which come out VERY rarely.
3. I roleplay a lot. I dedicate most of my time to this hobby...
4. Along with roleplaying, I draw. A lot. Most of it is FNaF or Horror related... sometimes a mixture of both.
5. I love Halloween. The movie, and the Holiday.



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