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By aspius
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Third edition, tools as always: photoshop and poser.
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This is amazing! Really creepy.
nebu's avatar
Wish you sold prints!
TemporaNigra's avatar
I don't have the exact words to describe it, but this work is the first beautiful and the most interesting one that i see in months. It don't reminds me a dimention of sorrow. Seems an ancient ritual performed by the inhabitants of a strange land from the Unconscious.
Ia magical. Compliments!
Tineswari's avatar
Very powerful image. :heart:
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DRBIZARRE's avatar
perturbante , exelente trabajo.
dickie0's avatar
This is great.
alahay's avatar
wicked, I love it!
Silkeyn's avatar
I love it XD. :heart:
Lunore's avatar
I was listening to Swallow the Sun's "Plague of Butterflies" when I saw this. Now I'm going to associate the two.
dragon-rydr's avatar
Dont feel bad lunore, Im listening to Dimmu's Tormentor of Christian Souls, think of the association on that one lol

Funny thing is this piece goes eerily perfect with that song.

great work aspius was wondering when youd be puting up some new work, but now I see the wait was more than worth it.

:worship: N :horns:
ARTRIAD's avatar
Horrific. Reminds me of warnings in the media of a new African famine that might be about to sweep that continent.Horrible but brilliant.
yourbonesmymirror's avatar
Crazy as all Hell... well done.
hellwisher's avatar
MozolewskiMichal's avatar
rammsteinchen's avatar
This is a great piece of art! I love it :D
Trafial's avatar
no Bracie! coś się ostatnio ukrywasz...
wuwejo's avatar
pierwsza plaga, która da się lubić ;)Znakomite to jest.
aspius's avatar
dziękować pięknie
noc-D's avatar
absolutely wicked.

i really love to thing about the story.
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