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Short Stories
Tales from a Failed State, Report #1Monday 26th de Pfeffel, Year 10 AB (After Brexit - that's 2030 to you), People's Great and Bountiful Sovereign Kingdom of England.Last night the BBC announced that National Insurance was going up to three turnips and a parsnip. After nine years on the run, officers from the Committee for Sovereign Security announced that they've finally captured Ian Hislop, charged him with treason for making fun of both Great Leader Boris and Brexit (all hail Brexit). CSS also announced that BBC Director-General Rishi Sunak was showing insufficient fealty to The Great Leader and that he's now disappeared, too. Thinking is that he'll be replaced with someone more politically reliable, like Dominic Raab.Amazon sent a flock of drones around just after midnight, broadcasting a message that it will no longer take root vegetables as payment. The Great Leader Lord Boris of The Johnson issued a response that was roughly 30% legible, stating that even though all logistics and delivery of food, medicines and anything else was outsourced to Amazon, this is actually A Good Thing For England. Apparently there are literally some companies queueing up to step into the breech, even after Sterling's collapse last year and our reinstatement of the barter system.No word on what happened to Andy Burnham after the end of the Siege of Manchester last week, but the odds are that he'll be worked to death in the pea fields of Lincolnshire. So perish all enemies of The Great Leader.More broadcasts from the Principality and from Alba, managed to pick them up before the jammers kicked in. Apparently another fifty people died trying to get over the Wall to Gretna Green so far this month, with roughly thirty more shot trying to reach Wrexham. Poor bastards, especially since their families will probably see out their days picking sprouts now. Just so long as the CSS don't get wind of the two bottles of Irn Bru I had smuggled over The Wall last week...
McMermaidNadia had been making her rounds in the recent sunken ship for loot when she decided to take a break and eat a snack at her secret snacking hideout on the shore. She tied her curly, bright purple hair into a bun with her dark purple seashell hair tie. It was safe there because it was nighttime, and no humans or seagulls were around. It was rocky and cleverly hidden away from where anyone could see it. Sometime after her arrival, she spotted a strange box with an M shape on it floating on the sea’s surface. She swam over to it and brought it to her secret lair. As she resurfaced, the water tumbled down her glistening brown skin. When she opened it, she found a strange, half-eaten strip of cooked brown food, along with a whole other food that had what looked like a brown sea urchin placed in between what looked like seaweed and some sort of soft breading. Nadia pulled it out of the box and took a whiff of it. It smelled good, like food. So she took a bite of it. And fell in love… This delicacy from... What was it called? It was a fantastic thing that Nadia thought should be shared with the rest of her mermaid colony. She returned with haste to her mermaid colony, burger and chicken nuggets in hand, and spoke of the delicious “Big Wac”, as she later realized was the name of it. She sang its praises and at first was met with confused stares and skeptical snide comments. “Where did this come from?” “How do we know this is safe to eat?” “What about the humans?” asked the skeptics. However, once Chieftain Julius took a bite, he was just as enamored as she was. Soon, hordes of other merfolk gathered by the shores and told of sightings of delicious half-eaten meat sandwiches floating around in waste sites. Months went by and there were tons of sightings of mermaids on seashores and shocking the townsfolk, who obviously had never seen mermaids before this. Soon enough, “Sudden Sights of Strange Sea Folk Have Citizens in Shock!”, “Mermaids Making Their Way Down Main Street!” and other news headlines were coming up. It took some time before people caught on that they were seeking out McDoodles restaurants in search of the legendary “Big Wac”.Eventually, word spread to George McDoodles, the founder of McDoodles. Initially, he was skeptical of their arrival at his establishments. He huffed at a board meeting one day that they would start stinking up the areas with their fish smell. But then, months went by, and tourism increased because the humans were starting to get curious and wanting to eat with and take pictures with the merfolk. After seeing how great it would be for business, he began a GoFundMe to “feed the mermaids”. As the years went by, McDoodles collaborated with Nadia, who grew up to become the new chieftain and ambassador of her mermaid colony, opened its first ocean-based chain for merfolk and McDoodles’ profits skyrocketed and soon the chain restaurant became a billion-dollar industry. News reporters started interviewing Mr. McDoodles on the potential health concerns of feeding fast food to mermaids. Apparently, scientists had begun doing research and finding a correlation between the consumption of fast food in mermaids and faster development of obesity and other health conditions than in human fast-food consumers. McDoodles denied these statements, dismissing them as “fake news”, and stated that though their burgers were full of chemicals and preservatives which made the food tastier, they were perfectly safe for customers of all kinds to eat. When the by now decrepit old man McDoodles arrived at the next board meeting, he vehemently proposed adding a crabmeat option to the “Big Wac”, which shut down the health complaints of the researchers. Then, when McDoodles passed away and the company was taken over by his sons, they made some bizarre changes to the menu, one in particular being the “McMermaid”. Late one night, Nadia sat on her bar stool in her underwater apartment complex, drowning her sorrows in the knowledge that she and her love for fast food was what started all this horror....
Tilapia“Bye, sweetie! I’m off to practice!” said Jay.“Enjoy” said Pam, blowing her partner a kiss as they left for tennis practice.With that, Pam went back to work at the wonderfully dreadful hellscape that is telemarketing. When Pam was done – 2 hours later – she stepped out of her home office and hopped and skipped over to the kitchen to make dinner. When she got to the kitchen, she scoured the perimeter for ingredients of which she could sustain herself. She found hotdogs, chicken nuggies, a banana, some nutrition shake ingredients (nah, too much work!), and some rice. “Meh,” she groaned as she popped her head out of the fridge, “There’s nothing to cook with…”But then, before she shut the freezer door, she spotted something out of the corner of her eye. A surge of inspiration overtook her as she marveled at the beauty of the delicacy of her childhood home. Tilapia.“Tilapia,” she said to herself, overtaken with joy and nostalgia (and probably indigestion from that iced coffee she drank earlier). Pam pulled out the pots and pans, pulled out some frozen veggies she had found from the back of the freezer, and started grilling. She let the tilapia sizzle on the frying pan, while letting the frozen veggies thaw in the meantime. Then, Pam waited until the tilapia was cooked on both sides before tossing the thawed veggies into it. when she finished, the aroma took her to heights she never dreamed of soaring to and stuff like that. She whipped out a plate and started eating. As expected, it was delicious. The mix of tilapia juices had accentuated in the vegetables and brought a new flavor together with it. When Jay came home, they heard strange noises coming from the living room, where they discovered Pam convulsing from pleasure at her own cooking, and they called 9-1-1 out of concern....
White Star fucks with the gecko. Hijinks ensue.There was hiding in plain sight. There was seeking refuge in audacity. There were organizations that attempted both. And then there was this. Several factors were at play. Firstly, for reasons too complicated and depressing to get into, the Elementals owed the British government a favour. Specifically, they owed MI18, the arm of British intelligence that dealt with paranormal threats a favour. Secondly, MI18 owed its American cousin a favour. ‘You’re serious about this?’ White Star said for what was at least the fiftieth time, although in point of fact Gaia had given up counting some time ago. ‘Yes,’ replied their MI18 contact, a man known only to them as Jenkins, with the air of a man whose apparently infinite patience was reaching its limits. Gaia reflected that her brother had that affect on people at times. ‘Welp, okay then,’ White shrugged. ‘So long as this gets us off your radar for a while.’ Without another word, the two members of the Elementals walked through the main doors of the Ronald Reagan Memorial Nuclear Warhead Reprocessing Facility, Shadow Island, Fox Archipelago, Alaska.The Specialist Intelligence Service had been formed in 1946 by a British government faced with handling the legion of weird shit dreamed up in the dying days of the Third Reich by lunatics desperate enough to try anything at least once. While there was no slamming the lid shut on this particular Pandora’s box, Specialist Intelligence was tasked with managing such occurrences and preventing them overrunning regular society. And of course, the organization’s sharing of its initials with those of MI6, the Secret Intelligence Service, meant that its budget could pass through the books without note. Still, those in the know nicknamed it MI18, this being the next in the old pre-World War II Military Intelligence departments that had not been issued. Similarly, the United States had the organization known as Federal Paranormal Intelligence, a multi-agency body that oversaw, amongst other things, the USA’s own superhuman task force. This body had been formed out of various military and civilian projects by agencies such as the CIA and NSA into the utilisation of superhuman abilities, with an abbreviated name so close to another federal agency that its budget could be easily lost in the bureaucracy as nothing but a typo. Any claims that all this was done to try and bury the CIA’s appalling treatment of test subjects used in its various MK projects was never commented on.MI18 had been trying to get the Elementals to join it ever since the team first appeared in the public eye. It was White Star’s determination that the destructive power the team could conceivably wield – easily more than the combined peak stocks of Cold War nuclear arsenals – meant that they had to remain apolitical. No politician, he maintained, should have access to the kind of destructive potential that could tear the planet to pieces. Even if this particular government had benevolent intentions, that didn’t mean that the next one would. However, the Elementals did do favours for MI18 from time to time. There was no hard and fast rule when it came to what favours were done and how they were repaid; suffice to say, right now White Star owed Jenkins and Jenkins owed the FPI. Doing whatever dirty little job they needed taking care of would make things equal, at least for now. ‘This is actually happening?’ White Star asked, as an elevator whisked the trio and two FPI scientists into whatever sub-basement the thing they needed to take care of was stored in. ‘What do you mean?’ Jenkins asked, his tone neutral again. ‘I mean,’ he reiterated, ‘we’re in a lift, descending to a sub-basement lab, in a secret research base disguised as a nuclear reprocessing facility in Alaska’s Fox Islands. Doesn’t this ring any bells with you?’ ‘No,’ Jenkins shrugged. ‘Why would it?’ ‘Philistine,’ White Star grunted.The lift doors ground open as the thing came to a stop. Ahead were seemingly endless corridors of grey, unpainted concrete, branching off every which way. Direction signs were spray-stencilled onto the walls in lieu of actual signage. They were apparently deep into the island’s permafrost and it was freezing cold, with every breath creating a veritable smog of condensed water vapour in the air. The three British people followed their guides in silence until they approached a large reinforced steel door that took up the entirety of the wall at the end of one particular corridor. One of the FPI researchers put her bare right hand on a palm reader that also measured that her pulse was within acceptable limits, then leaned in for a retinal scan. Slowly the steel doors began to grind open. ‘The hell do they keep in there?’ White Star asked. ‘Like something out of Jurassic Park,’ Gaia chuckled. ‘Think this is where they keep the Velociraptors?’ ‘Clever girl,’ White Star replied, tipping a knowing wink to his younger sister. ‘Actually, you’re not that far from the truth,’ the male scientist said as the heavy steel doors finally opened. Beyond lay the biggest decontamination airlock Gaia and White Star had ever seen. It was easily three metres long by three metres high and three metres wide, equipped with air jets capable of removing dust particles even from objects in the centre of the room. In the ceiling were a collection of sprinklers that presumably sprayed disinfectant on anything within the chamber, but the pair of heroes had seen enough movies and played enough video games to know that there was potentially something other than Detol in those pipes. ‘This is just for use in case we have to transport the specimen out,’ the female scientist explained, ‘or, worst case scenario, in case of containment breach. Nothing to worry about.’ As the doors slammed shut behind them, the two Elementals were very much worried. Seconds passed like hours until the doors in front of them slid open much more smoothly than those behind them, despite being similarly heavy-duty. After spending over an hour in the freezing cold of the Aleutians, the unheated reception building and corridors cut into permafrost, the blast of ambient warmth from the facility within hit them like a blowtorch. Through the doors was another set of large doors, but if such a thing was possible these looked even more heavy-duty. Off to one side was a smaller door cut into the bare concrete with the words “OBSERVATION” stencilled onto it. The two scientists led their British guests over to this door, opened it with a swipe card and ushered them inside. They found themselves in an ante room that served as a staff lounge. It was made from the same bare concrete and had the same harsh lighting, but was at least warm and possessed a microwave, refrigerator, three vending machines and a television that was showing a live feed of some tennis tournament. At one side were a spiral staircase and small elevator embedded in the wall. Three off-duty researchers in white clean suits did a double-take at the arrival of the two Elementals. ‘If you’ll just follow us upstairs,’ the woman said, pointing to the spiral staircase that apparently led up two stories, ‘I’ll introduce you to Doctor Abrams. She’ll be briefing you on the situation we need your assistance with.’ Gaia and White Star shared an uncertain glance, before climbing up to meet whoever the hell Doctor Abrams was.Doctor Abrams turned out to be a prematurely aged Afro-American woman with grey hair, multiple lines and bags around her eyes that screamed someone with an almost terminal stress condition was obviously not getting enough sleep, and eyes themselves that had the haunted look of a war crime survivor. Whatever went on in this room, it was taking its toll on the chief researcher. ‘Welcome,’ she said by way of a greeting, ‘I’m Alyssa Abrams. I hope you can help us with our little pest problem.’ After uttering the words “pest problem”, Doctor Abrams gave a small laugh that sounded to be one bad day away from becoming a full-blown hysterical fit. ‘Charmed,’ White Star said, getting in before Jenkins could delay the situation through an endless diatribe of Civil Service diplomatic bollocks. ‘Care to elaborate on what the hell we’re doing here, instead of just phoning Rentokil?’ ‘Yes,’ Abrams stammered, pointing their party through to an observation deck that looked more like the control room for a nuclear power station than it did a laboratory. ‘If you’ll just follow me, I’ll show you what we’re dealing with here.’ Heavy-duty blinds on the outside of the windows – to Gaia, they looked more like blast shutters than anything – retracted, giving a view over the area below them. It seemed that the second set of reinforced steel doors had led to a pit that descended maybe two metres from the doorway. The pit was filled with water and, swimming within it, was the most hideous creature either of them had ever seen. The thing looked sort of like an oversized saltwater crocodile, but beyond its basic shape the comparison stopped. The skin of the thing was not scaly or knobbly, as one would expect from a crocodilian, but apparently smooth, at least in the parts that had not flaked off to reveal the underlying musculature. Patches of lank, down-like black hair grew from the skin that was not underwater, although the rest of the creature’s skin seemed to be a dark grey colour. Finally, its head was large, with a long, smooth snout like an elongated alligator. More lank, black hairy down covered the area where the eyes and auditory meatus openings would be on an actual crocodile. ‘This is Object 1121,’ Abrams said, as if that was supposed to explain everything. ‘And Object 1121 is... what, exactly?’ White Star asked. ‘We don’t know,’ Abrams replied. ‘All we do know is, nothing we’ve been able to do it so far will kill the damn thing.’ ‘The hell would you want to kill it?’ White Star shot back. ‘Because it wants us all dead,’ Abrams replied with a neutrality of tone that suggested post-traumatic stress. ‘Maybe that’s because you’re trying to kill it,’ White Star spat. ‘You misunderstand me,’ Abrams said. ‘It wants us all dead. Not just us in this facility. It wants you dead, your entire family, your whole country, in fact it thinks every aspect of animal, plant, fungal and microbial life on this planet is an affront to its very existence.’ ‘That’s idiotic,’ White Star grunted, before Jenkins tried to intervene. ‘No, look Jenkins, this is bloody stupid. If it wants everybody dead, it must have a reason.’ ‘It has no reason,’ Jenkins said, a clear edge in his voice, ‘beyond the fact that it honestly believes we should all die. There is no reasoning with the thing, no accord to be reached. It wants us dead and will not be satisfied with anything but the sterilization of life on Earth.’ ‘No, I don’t accept that,’ White Star said, shaking his head. ‘Everyone, everything, capable of reason is able to negotiate. I can’t believe that all it wants to do is kill us.’ ‘That thing,’ Abrams said, nodding to the observation window, ‘is an unkillable genocide machine, son. You ever heard of Reinhardt Heydrich?’ ‘Yeah, he was one of Hitler’s buddies,’ White Star replied with scorn. ‘He was the architect of the Holocaust,’ Abrams continued. ‘He was a man that spent the last two years of his life dedicated to the extermination of every Jew, Gypsy and homosexual from the Urals to the Pyrenees. It wasn’t his job; it was his very reason for being. Can you honestly tell me that you could negotiate with someone like that? Is there anything you could offer him to stop him gassing Jews on an industrial scale?’ White Star almost said, that’s different, before he stopped himself. Some people were so focused on one particular thing, that they were blind to everything else in the universe. Hell, he was the same. Deep down, part of him knew that there was a war coming that the Elementals had to stop; otherwise it could end life as they knew it. Nothing could dissuade him from the task of making sure his team was ready. But to want death on such a level... there had to be a reason for it. ‘Maybe I’m looking at it from the wrong direction,’ White Star allowed. ‘Why does it want to kill all life on Earth?’ ‘It’s not exactly talkative,’ Abrams scoffed, ‘but from what we can gather, it somehow fell through a rip in space-time from a world so utterly different from ours that everything here is so terrifyingly wrong to it that it provokes an instinctive reaction to just lash out. It is so utterly frightened and horrified about what constitutes “life” in our reality that its only reaction is to try and snuff out the cause of that horror. Namely, us.’ ‘Bruv,’ Gaia said suddenly, having never stopped watching the creature with a perverse fascination. ‘Why haven’t you tried to sense the thing’s chi?’ ‘What?’ a nonplussed White Star replied. ‘Look, I, I felt something weird when we got here so I just tried to tune it out.’ ‘Well don’t,’ Gaia instructed him. ‘That weird feeling? It’s down there, swimming around.’ Sighing, White Star lowered his mental defences and allowed the natural vibrations every living organism gave off to enter his mind. He was immediately assaulted by a visceral, alien vibration so utterly unlike anything he had ever felt before that it made him recoil like he had been physically hit. The fear; the disgust; the utterly unrelenting hate he could feel radiate off the creature was almost unbearable. He was accustomed to feeling the vibrations from other humans, using them to determine intent and gauge an opponent’s strength. But this – this was something else altogether. A feeling of power and strength coupled with the incredible level of hatred that took his breath away. ‘Why is it smoking?’ Gaia asked. ‘It’s faint from here, but there’s definitely smoke coming off the water and if you even think about singing Deep Purple at me, I will kick you in the balls!’ ‘Spoilsport,’ White Star grunted. ‘That isn’t water,’ Abrams said, ‘it’s hydrochloric acid. The thing can metabolise any form of matter it comes into contact with, organic or not. We found out that its regenerative abilities are slowed by stomach acid, so by dropping it in a tank of HCl, we can keep it in check, cause it damage at roughly the same rate it can recover.’ ‘Wait, I’ve heard about this before,’ White Star said, frowning. ‘This is, this is familiar.’ ‘SCP-682,’ Gaia said, suddenly. ‘That thing is SCP-682.’ ‘Pretty much,’ Abrams said. ‘It’s actually a common tactic the FPI uses: release a fictional story filled with just enough real information so that if anything about the anomaly in question ever leaks into the mainstream it’s just dismissed. Hell, the internet makes that sort of thing a piece of cake.’ White Star gaped at her. There was a perverse logic behind it. ‘So, what?’ he said eventually. ‘You find this thing at Roswell in 1947?’ ‘Of course not,’ Abrams laughed. ‘Only thing that crashed at Roswell was a high-altitude mylar balloon used to carry cameras over the Soviet Union. But it’s been a great tool for mass distraction over the years. No, Object 1121 appeared in a rain forest in Costa Rica in the late 90s. Costa Rican government had no resources to tackle something like that, so they called in the US Army. Army couldn’t handle it, so they called us in. Damn thing killed over two hundred people and probably wiped out three species of endangered bird before we got it contained.’ ‘How similar is it to SCP-682?’ Gaia asked. ‘Is it able to adapt to anything you use on it?’ ‘And then some,’ Abrams said with a nod. ‘Acid is its only real weakness and it can heal itself just as fast as its skin is dissolved. We’ve tried everything short of nuking the fucker to kill it and nothing works. We blow it up? It grows armour like an Ankylosaurus. Try and incinerate it? It grows back skin like asbestos. Starve it of oxygen? Damn thing develops the ability to metabolise nitrogen. Stick it in a vacuum? It just holds its breath and goes into some sort of trance to slow its air consumption. Hell, we once tried to purge the air from its chamber and left it for a week – day eight, it wakes up and sprays enough stomach acid to burn through the pressure seals on the doors. Explosive decompression killed six of my people.’ ‘So what do you want from us?’ White Star said eventually. ‘I hear tell you could blow up the planet if you wanted,’ Abrams replied. ‘Depends on how you define “blow up”,’ White Star shrugged. ‘I mean yeah, I can make an Earth-shattering kaboom, but most of the pieces will coalesce back into a planet in a couple o’ thousand years.’ ‘Oh, well, if that’s all...’ Abrams replied, rolling her eyes. ‘Stop it, both of you!’ Gaia said, preparing to physically separate the two. ‘Look, Doc, what happens if Marvin the Martian ’ere,’ nodding at her brother, ‘hits it with everything he’s got and it manages to survive? Rough guess, if it adapts to that, we’re pretty much fucked, yeah?’ ‘Good point,’ White Star said, Gaia’s meaning hitting home. ‘Have you got any idea what it can regenerate from? Can it grow itself back from one cell? From one atom? I mean, don’t like to brag, but no matter how good I am, I’m not sure I can break it down to sub-atomic particles.’ ‘I... we never thought...’ Abrams replied, stumped. ‘Fuck, what if it is...’ ‘Look, I’ve had an idea,’ White Star said, rubbing his chin. ‘Maybe we can’t be sure of killing it, but there might be a way of containing it. Drain the acid from the pool; I wanna talk to it.’ ‘I don’t think,’ Jenkins began, before White Star silenced him with a wave of his hand. ‘I’ll be fine,’ he assured the MI18 man. ‘I’ve got a proposal to put to Captain Hook’s mate down there.’The acid ran out of the cell, allowing it to put its feet on the ground without submerging itself for the first time in weeks. This usually meant something bad was about to happen. Sure enough, the metal doors slid open and a single one of the loathsome things entered. But this one was different, it could tell. It was clad in black, its repugnant face partially covered by a mask. This one did not require a ladder to enter its chamber; it just floated in the air, not touching the ground. The thing hovered there, staring it down. It was too much to take. This thing was just like the rest, an affront to all that was good and pure. It had to be destroyed!White Star watched dispassionately as the shrieking alligator thing ran at him, jaws agape, roaring with a scream from another world. It reared up, its front legs off the floor... White hit it with the mother of all uppercuts, lifting the thing off the ground in a semi-backflip that dropped it on its back. A sickening crack accompanied the punch, indicating that he had probably broken its jaw. ‘Wanna knock that shit on the head for a minute?’ White Star asked, keeping his dispassionate demeanour and talking to the monster like it was a petulant toddler. The beast reared up again, shrieking even as its lower jaw sagged on its left side. White Star vaulted over its attach with ease and delivered a punishing roundhouse kick to the thing’s head. ‘Are we learning yet?’ he added, tugging off a thick rubber glove that covered his right hand before starting on a boot cover made of a similar material. Both were now smoking as the remnants of the acid that had been covering the beast ate into them. The monster charged him again, bounding forward on limbs that were, slowly but surely, healing the chemical burns etched into their skin. ‘Guess not,’ White Star said with a shrug. Floating backwards, just fast enough to keep out of range of the thing’s fractured jaws, he quickly manoeuvred himself into a corner and allowed the beast to charge. Milliseconds before the thing snapped its still-broken jaws shut on him, White Star flickered out of existence and the monster slammed full-pelt into the acid-resistant steel wall with a crunch of further broken bones and teeth. ‘Over here, slow-poke,’ White Star said from across the chamber, having apparently now reappeared on the far side from where he was a moment ago. With a roar of pain and unbridled fury, the beast charged again. Once again White Star flickered out of existence and reappeared on the opposite side of the chamber, leaving the enormous creature to smash into the wall once again. ‘I can do this all day,’ White Star said with a shrug, ‘but all it’s gonna do is cause you more pain. Now, do you want to stop and listen to me for a moment, or would you rather keep smashing your face into the walls?’ As if in anger, the beast set off running at him again. Again, White Star disappeared just before the thing sank its teeth (or at least what teeth it still possessed) into him; again, it slammed face-first into the wall. ‘This is getting boring,’ White Star sighed. ‘Now, one way or another, you are going to listen to what I have to say. How much pain you have to cause yourself in the interim is up to you.’ Shaking its head, the beast turned to face White Star. He could see that it had already begun to sprout additional eyes along its snout, as if being able to look in every direction at once meant it could track him. Taking three hesitant steps, the creature sank down onto its haunches. ‘What do you want?’ it growled, the voice sounding like an extreme death metal vocalist with a throat infection. ‘That’s not the issue here,’ White Star replied. ‘Tell me what you want and maybe I can help.’ ‘Dead,’ the thing growled. ‘All dead. You, them, everything here, dead.’ ‘Why?’ White Star pressed. ‘What would be served by killing all life on this planet?’ ‘Not life,’ came the response. ‘Mockery of life. Disgusting. Repugnant. Filth. Not deserving of life.’ ‘And then what? If everything here was dead, you would be completely and totally alone. Don’t you want to go home?’ The monster produced a low, grating rumble like it was clearing its throat. It took White Star a minute to comprehend that this was a laugh. ‘Cannot go back,’ it growled. ‘Stranded. Forever.’ ‘How?’ White pressed. ‘If you’ve learned anything from the last few minutes, it ought to be that I can do some pretty impressive shit. If we can work out where you came from in relation to Earth, maybe we can work out how to get you back.’ ‘No,’ the thing said, the hacking laugh following. ‘Stuck here. There was experiment; fell through hole in time and space. This universe all wrong.’ ‘I think I get it now,’ White Star said, nodding slowly. ‘You were transported here from a parallel universe by accident. You don’t know how you got here or how to get back, so couldn’t ask for our help even if you wanted to.’ ‘Finally,’ the thing cried, in a voice like a thousand cats raking their claws over a thousand blackboards. ‘At last one of you understand!’ ‘So maybe we can find a substitute,’ White star said. ‘Describe your home planet to me and maybe I can find you somewhere less horrifying to you than Earth.’Half an hour later, White Star tapped on the doors to be released. ‘I think we have an accord,’ he said to Abrams and Jenkins. ‘To make this work, I need a lead-lined pressure suit and a seven-foot flagpole with the Union Jack attached.’ This met with confused silence. ‘How...’ Abrams began, but the thousands of conflicting responses essentially dumped her into safe mode.’ ‘I find it better not to ask,’ Jenkins said, a resigned smile on his face. ‘What sort of pressure suit are you thinking about?’ ‘One of those rigid ones deep sea divers use to move about and not have to breathe helium,’ White Star said. ‘If I have to get out of there sharpish I don’t want to have to worry about getting the bends or owt.’ ‘I’ll let FPI put something together,’ Jenkins replied, fighting the urge to explain to White Star that this wasn’t how decompression sickness worked. ‘How do you do that vanishing trick?’ Abrams asked eventually. ‘One of the easier tricks the Luk’na taught us,’ White Star said with a shrug. ‘With sufficient physical strength and enough meditative training, they teach us how to slide our physical body through the spiritual plane. It’s basically teleportation without having to worry about going all Jeff Goldblum.’ ‘Of course it is,’ Abrams said, turning away, now convinced that she was working with complete lunatics. ‘So what’s the diagnosis?’ Gaia asked when the other two left. ‘Well,’ White Star said, ‘here’s the plan...’Three days later, White Star entered Object 1121’s chamber wearing a rigid diving suit sheathed with lead that was fitted with a layer of lead crystal in its helmet visor. The damn thing was heavy and it took every ounce of White Star’s concentration to move around in it like it was just another set of clothes. Strapped to the back of this suit was a Union Flag attached to a seven-foot-long pole, with a piece of wire through the top to keep it rigid even when there was no wind, and a robust digital camera on a tripod. Object 1121 just looked at him, seething with hatred for everything around it. This was a necessary evil as far as the creature was concerned, but an evil nonetheless. The pressure suit-clad White Star reached out and touched the monster with his left hand. Although the creature recoiled at first, it allowed him to touch it. With a flicker, the pair disappeared. It took the best part of thirty minutes, but eventually White Star returned, clutching the camera and tripod. The suit was covered in what looked like powdered sulphur and absolutely stank, with the assembled FPI technicians taking their time hosing him down with bleach, sulphuric acid and other lovely disinfectants. Finally the helmet of the suit cracked open and White Star leaped out. Excitedly he pulled the memory card from the camera and ran to the nearest PC, looking through the photograph montage taken by the first human to set foot on Io.If it could smile, the creature would do so. The human had deposited it on the smallest of the planet-sized moons that orbited their system’s largest gas giant. The world was angrily volcanic, spewing sulphur into its limited atmosphere at an almost constant rate. It was almost like being home. The creature had allowed the human idiot to explore in a limited way, planting his stupid little flag before departing before his protective suit allowed the pulsing radiation from the planet’s magnetosphere to work its way through. It would permit the flag to remain there as a reminder of what there was to hate. It did not know if the masked human could kill it. The human was strong, certainly. Probably best not to push it for now. There were other things to occupy its time. After hours of digging into the side of an active volcano, the creature decided that it had excavated enough. This was perfect. It was time to lay its eggs. It would take time, but soon the creature and its offspring, nourished by the sulphur raining down on the surface, would be able to finish what it had started. Soon, they would be strong enough to return and destroy all life on Earth. Or the masked human and its ilk would kill them. It was a reassuring certainty; they just had to be patient. And it was very patient.
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Wolf Of Penumbra S1 Ep1 (literature) by LittleDevil-888
Wolf Of Penumbra S1 Ep10 (literature) by LittleDevil-888

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Wordsworth, Nature, National Parks Grad Paper by BlackManaBurning
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BTWF Friday Night Octane (August Week 4)BTWF Octane (August Week 4)The camera opened up with Matt Striker in the parking lot, waiting for someone to interview."Ladies and gentlemen, I'm in the parking lot, waiting to give all the BTWF fans some news or superstars reactions and—oh! It looks like we have Clover Lamoreaux and Jerry Lewis coming into the arena!" Striker exclaimed as he jogged over the two."What do you want, Mart?" Clover asked irritably."My name is 'Matt' Clover, and I wanted to ask you about what it's like being one of the three women being chosen for being the special guest referee for the #1 contenders match between Akira Hayami and Zia Simpson?" Striker asked, causing Clover to start fuming."It's typical of the dumb redneck and the small child running this show! I'm one of the hottest superstars, in more ways than one, and I'm being reduced to being stuck as a guest referee for some match that I should be in!?" Clover complained."Well Clover, you haven't been selected as of yet. The final results will be shown at the PPV," Striker explained, as Clover rolled her eyes."Well, it's going to be pretty obvious that I'm going to win! I mean what person that sees me is going to vote for two washed-up old ladies!? I know I wouldn't!" Clover exclaimed before she was turned around by someone, who turned out to be Misato Katsuragi."You know, you have a really big mouth. Why don't you talk all that crap again while I'm standing right here!?" Katsuragi asked. Clover smirked at her before poking Jerry on the shoulder and the two of them left the backstage area and headed to the locker rooms. Misato rolled her eyes before turning her attention to Matt Striker."So Misato, I was wondering what you were doing here," Matt asked."Well, since I'm one of the women eligible to be selected to be a special guest referee for the # contenders match at Cyber Sunday, I wanted to make my presence known," Misato explained with a smile on her face before her face became more serious."But…if Clover wants to run her mouth, I think I have no problem teaching her a lesson…in the ring," Misato explained, as Matt looked at her in shock."What!? Are…are you in any shape to compete!?" Striker asked as Misato chuckled at Matt's shock."I may not be in my prime anymore, but I still have enough in the tank to go in that ring!" Misato exclaimed before she headed to the GM's office."Well fans, we may have something amazing happening here tonight with Misato possibly getting back into the ring, but that's not all…" Striker attempted to explain, before he turned his head, seeing Valentino and Todd Grisham. The two of them were trying to tiptoe to the locker rooms, but when they noticed that Striker was looking at them, they gave him a nervous smile and turned to him."Uh…what're you guys doing?" Striker asked."Oh…well we…were…" Todd stammered out before Valentino interrupted him."We were…looking for a partner for tonight!" Valentino exclaimed as Todd nodded in agreement while Striker looked on in disbelief."Yeah…a partner!" Todd exclaimed."OK…so why are you wearing all black?" Striker asked, as he pointed to the outfits Todd and Valentino were wearing, which were black cargo pants and black turtleneck sweaters."What? Is it suspicious to wear black or something?" Todd asked with mock offense, as a manila folder dropped from behind Todd's back and Valentino immediately dived onto the floor to pick up the folder."Well not normally but it is a bit suspicious when you're hiding manila folders behind your back," Striker countered as Valentino and Todd looked at each other before turning towards the locker rooms."Well these folders are full of potential wrestlers that can be a part of my team, now we're off!" Valentino exclaimed before he and Todd went to the locker rooms, leaving Matt Striker in shock."Uh…well then…that certainly happened. Anyway, let's get back to ringside for our opening contest!" Striker exclaimed, as the camera panned back to ringside, where the crowd was cheering as 'Defy' by Of Mice and Men played, revealing the Hardcore Champion Black Star, looking serious as he was stomping to the ring with Tsubaki trailing behind him."The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring, accompanied by Tsubaki, from Death City, Nevada, he is the BTWF Hardcore Champion, Black Star!" Justin Roberts announced as Black Star continued to stomp to the ring."Welcome to BTWF Octane, ladies and gentlemen and from Charlottesville Virginia, I'm Jim Cornette alongside my broadcast partners, Beth Vanderwood and Rintaro Okabe!" Cornette exclaimed as Beth and Okabe waved to the camera."Thanks for the introduction, Jim! We have an action-packed go-home episode of Octane featuring Natsu in our main event, a multi-person tag team match, and the possible in-ring return of Misato Katsuragi!" Beth exclaimed as Black Star was leaning in the corner while Tsubaki was holding his Hardcore Championship."But for right now, we start with the Hardcore champion in action, looking like he is going to tear his opponent apart!" Okabe exclaimed, as 'We Are One' by 12 Stones played, causing the crowd to boo as Mercury Black came out of the back, walking out with his arms outstretched, not paying attention to Black Star's glare."And his opponent, from the Remnant, Mercury Black!" Justin Roberts announced as the crowd continued to boo while Mercury was walking to the ring and laughing at the booing fans."Mercury has been trying to get back into title contention, specifically contention for the United States Championship held by Shinji Ikari," Cornette explained, as Mercury walked into the ring and chuckled at the glare Black Star was giving him before climbing up on the top rope to pose."And you have to imagine that a win over our reigning Hardcore Champion will do just that," Okabe responded before the bell rang. Mercury, still on the top rope, attempted to dive onto Black Star with a twisting crossbody, but was met with a raised knee to the gut, much to the crowd's delight and surprise, while Tsubaki looked rather indifferent. Black Star grabbed Mercury by the hair and threw him into the corner before raining down punches onto Mercury's head, sending him falling to the bottom turnbuckle. The crowd cheered as Black Star ran the ropes and hit Mercury with a basement dropkick before going for the pin.Ref: 1…2"Black Star is off to a hot start, trying to get all his stress and anger from his troubles with #1 contender for the Hardcore Championship, Pete Corvus!" Beth exclaimed as Black Star picked Mercury up by the hair and hit him with multiple knife edge chops before blocking one of Black Star's chops and hit him with a back elbow. Mercury then hit a Phenomenal Blitz onto Black Star, sending him staggering into the corner. Tsubaki continued to look on with indifference on her face as Mercury started stomping on Black Star's chest while the crowd booed and chanted for Black Star. However, Black Star was able to grab Mercury's foot and pushed him out of the corner causing the crowd to go back to cheering before Black Star went up to the middle turnbuckle."Well any stress that Black Star has over that outlaw mud show fuck doesn't seem to be bothering Tsubaki," Cornette noted, as Black Star hit Mercury with a diving back elbow, sending him down to the ground before running the ropes and hitting a leg drop to the back of the neck before going for another pin.Ref: 1…2Mercury rolled his shoulder out before Black Star mounted him and started elbowing him in the face before the referee pulled him off. Black Star went back onto Mercury and started punching him the face, causing the crowd to cheer louder, before Mercury poked Black Star in the eye and rolled onto the apron, causing the crowd to boo. Black Star, while still having his hand over his eye, went back to Mercury and started punching him in the face again, before grabbing him and attempting a suplex into the ring.Ref: 1…2However, Mercury was able to maintain his grip on the ropes, and kick Black Star in the knee sending him hanging throat first from the middle rope, causing the crowd to boo as Mercury had started playfully and mockingly kicking Black Star's head.Ref: 3…4"I think Mercury may have finally turned this match into his favor!" Okabe exclaimed as Mercury hit a leg drop to the back of Black Star's neck while he was hanging over the rope causing Black Star to roll away from the apron. Mercury then springboarded back into the ring with a 450 Splash, causing the crowd to boo, before he went for a pin.Ref: 1…2Mercury then started stomping on Black Star's chest before picking him up and throwing him into the turnbuckle chest first before hitting him with a German Suplex and when Mercury put Black Star in a kneeling position, ran the ropes and hit him with a Shining Wizard before he mounted Black Star and started punching him in the face. When the referee pulled him off, Mercury started stomping on Black Star before the referee threatened to disqualify him and he backed off. When Black Star got to a standing position, Mercury ran the ropes and hit a running seated forearm onto Black Star before going for another pin.Ref: 1…2."And Mercury dominating Black Star in this match, possibly hoping to get Shinji's attention!" Cornette exclaimed, as Mercury grabbed Black Star and put him in a headlock, causing the crowd to boo while Tsubaki leaned on the ring apron to get a closer look at the action. The crowd cheered and clapped for Black Star as he tried to get back to his feet. However, Mercury quickly stopped him with multiple stomps to the back of his knee before picking him up for a back suplex and going for another pin.Ref: 1…2Black Star kicked out and Mercury responded by putting Black Star in a seated abdominal stretch. The crowd booed as Mercury started pounding Black Star's chest while continuing to stretch him. Black Star started dragging himself to the ropes, but Mercury was able to roll him back to the center of the ring and continue to stretch him in the abdominal stretch, much to the crowd's dismay."Mercury able to keep this painful submission hold locked in! Black Star may have to submit here!" Beth exclaimed, as the crowd continued to boo at Mercury, who responded to the boos by elbowing Black Star at the top of his head. However, Black Star started elbowing Mercury in the side of his head, causing the crowd to cheer. Mercury kept the hold locked in but Black Star kept elbowing him until Mercury's grip on the seated abdominal stretch loosening."I think Black Star finally has an opportunity to escape the abdominal stretch!" Cornette exclaimed as Black Star was finally able to escape the hold and roll Mercury up in a Jackknife pin.Ref: 1…2Mercury is able to kick out and attempted to clothesline Black Star again, but Black Star was able to counter that into an arm drag and pick him up for a Falcon Arrow before mounting him and punching him in the face much to the crowd's delight before picking him back up and throwing him into the corner. However, Mercury countered by jumping onto the top turnbuckle and dived onto Black Star with a corkscrew crossbody."What a move by Mercury! That cross-body may have finally won him the match!" Okabe exclaimed as Mercury went for the pin on Black Star, causing the crowd to boo.Ref: 1…2.Black Star kicked out, causing Mercury to shoot back to his feet and start arguing with the referee. Black Star started getting up to his feet while Mercury was still arguing with the referee. Mercury was able to notice Black Star getting up and locked him in a front facelock before pounding his back and put him in position for a suplex. However, Black Star was able to block Mercury's attempt with his leg, causing the crowd to cheer, before he attempted to lift him up for a suplex of his own. Mercury was able to get back onto the ground, punch Black Star in the gut, and attempted to hit him with a suplex again, but when Black Star got off of his feet, he countered the attempt into a DDT."What a counter by Black Star, sending Mercury's head crashing into the ring canvas!" Beth exclaimed before Black Star went for the pin on Mercury while the crowd was cheering.Ref: 1…2.The crowd continued to cheer as Black Star ran into the corner and started pounding on the turnbuckle, hyping up both himself and the crowd as Mercury had gotten back up to his feet. Black Star ran at him with two clotheslines, a flipping clothesline, a jumping reverse STO, a standing shooting star press, and put him in a seated position before running the ropes and hitting a knee shot right in Mercury's face before hitting him with a standing moonsault, causing the crowd to cheer. However, Tsubaki was still leaning on the apron looking on with a blank look on her face before Black Star went for the pin.Ref: 1…2."That was quite an impressive comeback by Black Star, but it still was not enough to put Mercury away!" Cornette exclaimed as Mercury rolled his shoulders off of the ground, causing Black Star to run his hand through his hair before picking him up and kicking him in the gut. Black Star attempted to hit Mercury with a swinging neckbreaker, but Mercury was able to dodge and pick him up in a Torture Rack position and sent him down to the ground with a Torture Rack Powerbomb causing the crowd to boo before going for the pin.Ref: 1…2.."What a Powerbomb by Mercury! But that isn't enough to put the Hardcore Champion down!" Beth exclaimed, as Mercury immediately went to the top rope and dived off to hit the Spiral Tap, but Black Star was able to dodge and hit him with the running neckbreaker before picking Mercury up. However, Mercury hit Black Star with a sit-out jawbreaker before hitting him with a Pele kick, sending Black Star falling to the ground before Mercury went back to the apron, prepping for the Phenomenal Forearm."Mercury is looking to end this match in…phenomenal fashion," Beth quipped, looking at Cornette and Okabe, who rolled their eyes at her."You know something, Jim…that idea of a pun jar you talked about at Bash at the Beach might be a good idea," Okabe mumbled while Cornette nodded in agreement as Black Star started to stagger to his feet as Mercury celebrated his impending victory, which caused the crowd to boo. When Black Star was on his feet, Mercury springboarded into the ring with the Phenomenal Forearm, but Black Star was able to counter midair with a Trouble in Paradise kick, causing the crowd to cheer as Black Star staggered to the corner."What an amazing kick by Black Star! That must've knocked Mercury out colder than the other side of the pillow!" Beth exclaimed, as Black Star climbed up to the top rope and hit him with a Falling Star (Twisted Bliss) causing the crowd to cheer before going for the pin.Ref: 1…2…3*Bell Rings*"Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner, he is the BTWF Hardcore Champion, Black Star!" Justin Roberts announced, as Black Star got his belt from the referee and celebrated with it in the ring while Tsubaki gave very nonchalant applause that got drowned out by the rest of the crowd cheering him on."Well, it looks like Mercury is going to have to go back to the drawing board after a loss like that!" Okabe exclaimed, as Black Star rolled out of the ring and chatted to Tsubaki, who looked like she wasn't listening while the referee checked on Mercury."Black Star does have momentum heading into his Hardcore Championship match against Pete Corvus at Cyber Sunday!" Beth exclaimed as Pete Corvus ran down the aisle and hit Black Star with a clothesline before he mounted Black Star and started punching him in the face, causing the crowd to boo while Tsubaki jogged away while Corvus continued to rain down punches onto an exhausted Black Star."And speaking of that outlaw mud show fuck, it looks like Corvus is making his own message heading into Cyber Sunday!" Cornette exclaimed as Pete grabbed Black Star by the hair and threw him back into the ring before he started stomping on him in the head before picking him up, and much to the chagrin of the crowd hit him with the Package Piledriver before leaving the ring to grab the Hardcore Championship."Oh good God, what is he planning on doing now!?" Beth asked, as Pete rolled back into the ring with the Hardcore title in his hands, and wrapped the title around Black Star's throat before he started strangling him with the belt. Tsubaki ran into the ring and hugged Pete from behind, telling him to calm down and let Black Star go."And thank God for Tsubaki, who's trying to talk some sense into Corvus!" Okabe exclaimed as Tsubaki continued to talk to Corvus, causing him to take a deep breath and letting go of Black Star before throwing the Hardcore title down onto him before turning to face Tsubaki, smile at her, and kissed her on the cheek before the two left together. The crowd booed while the ringside trainer went into the ring to check on Black Star."Corvus and Tsubaki are leaving together and leaving Black Star in the care of our medical personnel!" Cornette exclaimed as the two made their way to the back as the camera panned to a commercial break.*Commercial Break**Commercial Over*The camera cut back to the parking garage, where Pete Corvus and Tsubaki were seen walking to a car, and Jack Korpela rushed to the couple to try and talk to them."Pete! Tsubaki! Can I get a word about what's going on with you two!?" Korpela asked, causing Pete to turn to him and roll his eyes."I don't have any comment other than the fact that at Cyber Sunday, I'm going to be the new Hardcore Champion, and me and Tsubaki are heading out on a date, so get out of our faces," Pete explained, as he pushed Korpela out of the way and headed to his car before the camera panned to the backstage interview area, where Matt Striker was standing with a microphone."Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, the BTWF Unites States Champion, 'Undisputed' Shinji Ikari!" Matt Striker introduced as the camera panned to show Shinji Ikari with the United States Championship around his waist."Now Shinji, you have three possible opponents at Cyber Sunday that could challenge you for the United States championship. And I just wanted to ask if you had an opponent that you would like to face," Striker asked, which Shinji responded to with a chuckle."Well, it doesn't really matter what I want, because this PPV is all about the BTWF fanbase. But…if I had to choose…Soul has shown himself to be an amazing up and coming wrestler, especially with that Best of 5 Series with Todoroki. Owen and Mordecai are all amazing in their own rights, but Soul has star power written all over him in my mind," Shinji responded before Mr. Enter came walking into the interview area with Owen behind him."One thing we do agree with you on is that Soul is a future star. The keyword in that sentence is 'future'. Right now, Owen is the only one in this COMPANY that is going to take it to the top, and all that starts with your United States Championship!" Enter exclaimed as Owen nodded in agreement."Well…that's all well and good but you have to make sure that the fans actually care enough to vote for you," Shinji quipped, causing Striker to chuckle before Soul came up from behind Shinji and put his arm around the back of Shinji's neck."Thanks for the compliments, Shinji. And I just want you to know that when I beat you for the United States title, there won't be any hard feelings," Soul said with a smirk on his face, causing Shinji to playfully punch him in the shoulder."We'll see Soul," Shinji replied before Enter snapped his fingers in front of both Soul and Shinji."Hello!? Are you not seeing who you're going up against? You think either one of you two stand a chance against Owen?" Enter said while chuckling. Soul and Shinji looked at each other and rolled their eyes. Before Soul or Shinji could answer, Mordecai walked into the shot and glared right at Owen."You know, if memory serves, I've beaten you before. Just because you've been under new management doesn't mean that I still can't beat you!" Mordecai exclaimed. The tension between all four men was getting so intense, that Striker snuck away before the camera panned back to the ring, where Alexis Rhodes and Erza Scarlet of the Beautiful People were in the ring, where the crowd was giving them a mixed reaction."The following contest is a tag team match scheduled for one fall. In the ring, representing the Beautiful People, Alexis Rhodes and Erza Scarlet!" Justin Roberts announced as fire erupted onto the stage before 'Ticking Bomb' by Aloe Blacc played, revealing Xochi, Tina Belcher with her lantern, and Clementine accompanying the two."The Beautiful People have Asuka representing them against the Sisterhood of Darkness, but under the order of Asuka, they are battling two members of the Sisterhood!" Cornette exclaimed, as Xochi, Tina, and Clementine walked to the ring, smiling at the booing crowd and the Beautiful People."And their opponents, accompanied by Clementine, representing the Sisterhood of Darkness, the team of Xochi and Tina Belcher!" Justin Roberts announced as the crowd booed while Tina was looking into her lantern as if it was a mystical orb along with Clementine, and Xochi was smirking at Erza and Alexis."Xochi is the normal one of the Sisterhood of Darkness, and she's teaming up with Tina Belcher in this match!" Okabe exclaimed, as Xochi and Tina rolled into the ring while Clementine stayed outside of the ring before Tina gave Xochi her lantern as she and Xochi walked in front of Erza and Alexis and smiled at them, while Tina patted Alexis on the head. When the bell rang, Tina and Alexis went into their respective apron corners before Xochi and Erza locked up in the middle of the ring."The two powerhouses of these teams are going at it!" Cornette exclaimed as Erza and Xochi tried to push each other off, but after 30 seconds, Erza kneed Xochi in the gut before throwing her into the corner with an Irish whip. The crowd lightly cheered as Erza ran into the corner and hit Xochi with a corner clothesline before Irish whipping her into the ropes. However, Xochi was able to counter Erza's attempt at a back body drop into an arm drag and putting her in a headlock, causing the crowd to boo."The crowd would normally not cheer the Beautiful People due to their actions against popular wrestlers like Rei, but against the Sisterhood of Darkness, anyone can become a fan favorite," Beth explained as Erza was able to get back to her feet and hit her in the gut multiple times before running Xochi into her corner and tagging Alexis into the match. The crowd cheered as the two hit a double suplex onto Xochi, and Alexis ran the ropes and hit her with a dropkick before going for the pin.Ref: 1…2Xochi kicked out, and Alexis responded by picking her up and hitting multiple chops to the chest before attempting to Irish whip her into the ropes. However, Xochi responded with her own Irish whip that sent Alexis rocketing out of the ring before running the ropes and hitting her with a baseball slide, sending her crashing face-first into the padded concrete. Xochi attempted to go outside, but the referee tried to pull her out of the way. During this distraction, Clementine hit Alexis with a standing big boot and threw her back into the ring while the crowd booed her."And Clementine making her presence known with a devastating big boot to the face of Alexis!" Cornette exclaimed as Xochi responded with a jumping leg drop to the back of Alexis' head before tagging Tina into the match for the first time. Xochi hit a scoop slam onto Alexis before Tina got into the ring and hit a running senton onto Alexis's midsection before going for another pinfall.Ref: 1…2Alexis kicked out and Tina responded with multiple stomps to the chest before stepping on her forehead, arguing with Erza as the crowd booed. Tina grabbed Alexis by the hair and hit her with multiple knees to the face before sending her back into the corner with a dropkick to Alexis' face. Tina tagged Xochi back into the match, in which Xochi sent Alexis into a seated position with a snapmare, allowing Tina to run the ropes and hit Alexis with a running boot to the face. When Tina got back on the apron, Xochi mounted Alexis and hit her with multiple punches to the face before the referee pulled her off."The Sisterhood showing off the aggression that will be on full display at Cyber Sunday!" Beth exclaimed, as Xochi grabbed Alexis by the hair and started slamming her face into the ring canvas, before running the ropes and hitting Alex in the back of the head with a knee. Xochi then sat on Alexis' back and put her in a Camel Clutch while the crowd booed and Erza pounded on the top turnbuckle pad to will Alexis out of the hold."This Camel Clutch may spell the end for Alexis with the damage to the back and neck it's doing," Okabe explained, as Alexis attempted to crawl to the ropes, with the crowd clapping in rhythm with Erza. However, Xochi let the Camel Clutch go, hit her with multiple knees to the face, and dragged her back to the center of the ring before locking her back in the Camel Clutch, causing the crowd to boo as Tina and Clementine applauded as Xochi continued to stretch Alexis. However, the crowd cheered again as Erza ran into the ring and hit Xochi with the big boot, causing her to let go of Alexis before Erza grabbed Xochi by the hair and threw her out of the ring before dragging Alexis to her corner."Erza doing the smart thing, breaking Alexis out of that Camel Clutch!" Cornette exclaimed as Alexis tagged Erza into the match, causing the crowd to cheer as Erza ran off of the apron with a cannonball senton onto a now standing Xochi before throwing her back into the ring. Erza grabbed Xochi by the leg, but Tina was able to tag herself into the match, causing the crowd to boo as she tried to dive off of the top rope. However, Erza was able to counter this move by catching her with an Overhead Belly to Belly suplex. Erza ran the ropes and sent Xochi out of the ring with a clothesline before hitting Tina with multiple running elbows, a snap suplex, and ran the ropes to hit her with a running body press before going for the pin.Ref: 1…2"And Erza is running wild in this match, taking out both Tina and Xochi!" Beth exclaimed as Clementine got onto the apron to try and distract Erza, but Erza was able to see her coming and knock her out of the ring with a running knee to the gut before running the ropes again and sending Tina inside out with the Swords Edge Clothesline (Meat Hook Clothesline) before going for the pin.Ref: 1…2.Xochi was able to run into the ring, stomping on Erza's back before Alexis attempted to hit Xochi with a crossbody from the top rope, but Xochi was able to catch her and throw her out of the ring with a Fallaway Slam. Erza got up and attempted to throw Xochi out of the ring, but Tina was able to hit Erza with a chop block and a DDT before Xochi ran to the ropes and back to his apron before Tina went to Xochi and tagged her into the match."Xochi is back in the ring, looking to finish off this match!" Okabe exclaimed, as Xochi picked Erza up, kicked her in the gut, and attempted to hit her with the Jackknife Powerbomb. However, Erza was able to fight out of the hold and hit Xochi with a back body drop before quickly picking her up and attempting her Heaven's Wheel (Shell Shocked). However, Xochi jammed her fingers in Erza's eyes, allowing her to escape and Erza to stagger into the corner. Alexis ran up to the apron with her hand on her back and tagged herself in before running at Xochi with multiple punches to the head."Alexis all fired up against Xochi with those punches to the base of the skull!" Beth exclaimed before Alexis ran the ropes attempting a running crossbody, but Xochi countered that move into a Savate kick, sent Erza off of the apron with another Savate kick, and hit Alexis with a Jackknife Powerbomb before going for the pin.Ref: 1…2…3*Bell Rings*"Ladies and gentlemen, here are your winners, representing the Sisterhood of Darkness, Xochi, and Tina Belcher!" Justin Roberts announced before Clementine got into the ring and pushed Roberts out of the ring before she grabs Erza by the throat, picks her up, and hits her with a Chokeslam before rolling out of the ring and hitting Alexis with a Chokeslam onto the padded concrete. The crowd booed as Sherry and the rest of the Sisterhood of Darkness made their way to the ring."The Sisterhood of Darkness was able to win this match, but it seems like they're not done yet!" Beth exclaimed as the crowd cheered when Alex Vasquez ran from the back and tackled Sherry from behind and struck her with punches to the face. Before the other members of the Sisterhood could save Sherry, the other members of Team Alex came out from the crowd and attacked the Sisterhood, with Uraraka springboarding off of the top of the fan barricade and sending Ultear face-first into the steel ring post."Thank God for Alex and her team! Who knows what else the Sisterhood would've done to Erza and Alexis if they hadn't interfered!?" Cornette asked, as Haruko tackled Himiko and started elbowing her in the face. Asuka ran into the ring and chop blocked the back of Clementine's leg before mounting her with punches and elbows to the back of the head."Oh God! We might have to cut to commercial so that security can try and break these women up!" Okabe exclaimed, as the camera cut to commercial just as security started running down the aisle.*Commercial Break**Commercial Over*The camera panned to the locker room, where Todd Grisham and Valentino were talking about the tag team match."The 8 man tag is happening soon, do you have any ideas on who to get?" Todd asked, which Valentino responded to by shaking his head."No, I've been asking some of the wrestlers, but they're not really interested in helping me," Valentino said with a sigh. Todd put a comforting hand on Valentino's shoulder before Joe Wolf and Charlie Bonifer walked up to them with smirks on their faces."Well, well, well, look at this Bonifer. The love-struck fool can't even find someone to team up with him. The only other dork that would even give him the time of day was taken to the emergency room by Corvus," Joe mocked, as Bonifer laughed at Valentino and Grisham. Valentino got up from his chair and walked right up to Bonifer and Joe, while Todd tried to calm him down."Even if I can't find someone to team up with tonight, I could still beat you two without breaking a sweat!" Valentino exclaimed as Bonifer smirked before kneeling down to pick up another love note. Bonifer read the note and laughed before he ripped the note up apart and threw it in his face."We'll see about that, loser!" Bonifer exclaimed before pushing Valentino down to the floor as be and Joe left, laughing at Valentino's predicament. Todd offered his hand to help Valentino up, which he accepted."Val…are you sure that you can beat these guys without a partner?" Todd asked."Todd…I told them I could, and if I can't prove that, then all I would do is just give them and the fans more ammunition against me, so I don't know if I can do it, but I sure as hell am going to try!" Valentino exclaimed before leaving the locker room, while Todd nodded at Valentino's disappearing form."Go get 'em Val," Todd mumbled before he took a seat in the locker room as the camera panned to the ringside area, where a jobber by the name of Leon Lindsey was in the ring."Welcome back to the show ladies and gentlemen. Thankfully we finally got Team Alex and the Sisterhood of Darkness separated and out of the arena so we can get back to the regularly scheduled matches!" Cornette exclaimed as the Big Show's theme song played and Homer Simpson came down to the ring hi-fiving fans with a big smile on his face."The following contest is scheduled for one fall. In the ring, Leon Lindsey, and his opponent, from Springfield Illinois, Homer Simpson!" Justin Roberts announced as Homer continued to make his way to the ring while the fans were cheering him on."Last week, Homer showed that he took offense to Stan's comments on foreigners and immigrants by knocking him out with a Hangover," Okabe explained as Homer got into the ring, causing Leon to slink into the corner."I hope he knocked a few teeth out of that racist's mouth," Beth mumbled before the bell rang. Leon ran at Homer with multiple punches to the gut, but it did not affect Homer as Homer grabbed Leon by the hair and hit him with the headbutt. Homer threw Leon into the corner and ran the ropes to hit a running hip attack onto Leon before throwing him out of the corner and to the other side of the ring, causing the crowd to cheer. Homer waited for Leon to get up, and when he did, Homer hit Leon with a Hangover (KO Punch) before going for the pin.Ref: 1…2…3*Bell Rings*"Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner, Homer Simpson!" Justin Roberts announced, causing the crowd to cheer as Homer put his hand up to the crowd."Well we were expecting this outcome, but hopefully this turns into a positive learning experience for young Leon," Cornette explained, as Stan Smith ran into the ring with his American flag and hit him multiple times in the back with the steel flagpole before hitting the back of his right knee multiple times with the same flagpole, causing the crowd to boo and chant 'racist' at him."And Stan Smith out here assaulting Homer with the steel flagpole!" Beth exclaimed as Stan put the flag in the corner and briefly saluted the American flag before locking Homer in the Ankle Lock."Stan getting revenge for that knockout punch Stan gave to him last week!" Okabe exclaimed as Stan let go of the hold, stepped on the back of Homer's neck, put his hand on his heart, and yelled out 'We The People!', causing the crowd to boo as he left the ring, leaving Homer to groan in pain and hold his leg."Well, the difference is that Stan deserved to get punched in the face!" Cornette countered, as the camera panned back to the interview area, where Jack Korpela was there with a microphone in his hand."Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guests at this time, Sting Eucliffe and Rogue Cheney, the Legacy," Korpela introduced before the camera panned to Sting and Rogue, with Sting looking elated."Now Sting, you have accepted Natsu's challenge for a one on one match tonight in the main event. Now I have to ask, why you decided to accept this challenge," Korpela asked. Sting and Rogue smirked before Sting took the microphone from Korpela and looked into the camera."I've wanted to fight Natsu for a long time now. And I not only get to do it but do it in the main event of Octane. We know that Natsu has a BTWF Championship match against Kaworu at Cyber Sunday, and quite honestly, that should go to the new blood in this industry like me and Rogue," Sting explained before Rogue took the microphone."And that is why Sting accepted the challenge. Me and Sting are some of the best young blooded talents in the entire Fanfiction Wrestling Multiverse, and it's time that the fans realize that we are the best and we deserve the main event spotlight like we're getting tonight," Rogue explained further before the two gave the microphone back to Korpela before leaving the interview area."Sting is practically oozing confidence heading into his main event match with #1 contender for the BTWF Championship, Natsu Dragoneel. Back to ringside for our next match!" Korpela exclaimed, as the camera panned back to the ring, where 'Sound of Madness' by Shinedown played, and the crowd booed as a cocky Age of Aggression came out and walked to the ring."The following 3 on 4 handicap match is scheduled for one fall. Making their way to the ring, from Toms River, New Jersey, Joe Wolf and Charlie Bonifer, the Age of Aggression!" Justin Roberts announced as the crowd continued to boo while Bonifer and Joe celebrated the perceived easy victory."These two really know how to be turds in the punchbowl. I mean, I don't blame Valentino for getting angry at these two bullies!" Beth exclaimed, as 'We Are One' by 12 Stones played, as the crowd's reaction turned mixed as Naruto and Sheldon Lee came out with their World Tag Team titles around their waists, and having the same cocky smiles that the Age of Aggression has on their face."And their opponents, representing the NWO, they are the BTWF World Tag Team Champions, Naruto Uzumaki, and Sheldon Lee!" Justin Roberts announced as the two rolled underneath the ring, as the two of them extended their hands to Bonifer and Joe."You have to wonder how the Tag Team Champions feel about teaming up with one of their potential challengers," Okabe wondered, as Bonifer and Joe ignored the handshake and patted the championships before walking away from their partners."Well after that display of disrespect, they're probably not going to enjoy it," Cornette replied, as 'Get Up and Dance' by Faber Drive played, causing the crowd to cheer and dance along with Eddy and Gene Belcher as they came out of the back dancing along to the beat of the song along with the fans in the audience."And their opponents first, the team of Eddy and Gene Belcher!" Justin Roberts announced as the two continued to dance their way to the ring. Just as Eddy and Gene got to the ringside area, Primo's WWE theme song played, causing the crowd to cheer louder, as Valentino came out with a focused glare aimed at the team in the ring, more specifically Bonifer and Joe."And their partner, from Monte Macabre, Mexico, Valentino Clavara!" Justin Roberts announced as the crowd continued to cheer as the three ran into the ring and confronted their opponents."Right away, you can see that Valentino's words have put his team at a disadvantage based on the number's game alone," Okabe explained, as the bell rang with Joe Wolf and Eddy starting the match. Eddy and Joe walked up to each other looking as though they were going to lock up, but Joe kicked Eddy in the stomach when he got close enough and put him in a headlock, much to the crowd's chagrin. Joe attempted to drag Valentino to his corner, but Val started punching him in the gut before Irish whipping him into the ropes. Joe ducked Valentino's attempted clothesline and attempted to hit a running headscissors, but Valentino was able to catch him and hit him with a sidewalk slam before putting Joe in a headlock while the crowd was chanting his name."Valentino is very focused in this match, which I wouldn't expect given the notes he's been given and his troubles with finding a temporary partner," Cornette explained as Joe was able to fight out of the headlock by putting Valentino into a headscissors, causing the crowd to boo as Bonifer cheered him on. However, Valentino was able to get up to his feet and tag Eddy into the match before dropping Joe with an electric chair drop before Eddy dived off of the top rope with a double stomp, causing the crowd to cheer, before he went for the pin.Ref: 1…"Valentino showing that he can work well with more people than just Arnold Jackson," Okabe explained, as Joe was able to get his shoulder up. Eddy picked Joe up by the arm and put him in an armlock while Joe was still standing. Joe attempted to run into his corner, but Eddy started kicking him in the chest while still having him in the armlock. Joe responded with multiple punches to the face before kicking him in the knee and heading to his corner to tag Sheldon Lee into the match."I'm surprised that Joe went for one half of the tag team champions rather than his own partner," Beth noted, as Sheldon attempted to run at Eddy, but Eddy was able to counter with a dropkick to the face and picked him up by the arm and kicked him in the chest multiple times before tagging Gene into the match. "Well Beth, Joe wants to damage Naruto and Sheldon Lee before their match at Cyber Sunday," Cornette explained, as Gene and Eddy grabbed both of Sheldon's arms, and lifted him over their heads, causing the crowd to cheer, before sending him down to the mat with a slam before Gene ran the ropes and hit a jumping elbow onto Sheldon before going for the pin.Ref: 1…2"And with that slam from almost 10 feet in the air, Joe and Bonifer might get their wish!" Okabe exclaimed as Sheldon was able to kick out, which Gene responded to by picking Sheldon up and hitting him with multiple punches and Dusty elbows to the head before Irish whipping him into the corner and running after him with a running body splash. Gene then picked Sheldon up and hit him with a suplex that sent him back into his corner. Naruto leaned in and gave a blind tag that the referee saw, but Gene didn't as he was dancing for the fans. When Gene turned around and picked Sheldon up, Naruto snuck his way into the ring, and Gene responded by letting go and punching him in the face. However, Naruto was still able to keep Gene near the ropes by grabbing him by the head. Sheldon had gotten up and hit Gene with a running knee to the back, causing the crowd to boo."Naruto showing why he and Sheldon are the tag team champions of the world!" Cornette exclaimed as Naruto finally got into the ring and hit Gene with a back suplex before stomping on him. Naruto ran the ropes and hit Gene with a running knee drop to the face before picking him up and throwing him into the corner. Sheldon ran into the corner and grabbed Gene's right arm, allowing Naruto to run the ropes and hit Gene with multiple running elbows to the face before picking Gene up and hitting him with a scoop slam before going for the pin.Ref: 1…"You know if these two are one of the best tag teams in the BTWF, why do they need to cheat to get the advantage?" Beth asked as Sheldon ran back to the apron when Gene kicked out. Naruto picked Gene up by the hair and tagged Sheldon into the match. Naruto picked Gene up in a Fireman's Carry position, and Sheldon ran the ropes so that the two could hit a Flapjack/Leg Drop combination onto Gene before Sheldon went for another pin, this time hooking both of Gene's legs with his legs.Ref: 1…2"They don't 'need' to cheat Beth, they're just showing the BTWF fans that they have unparalleled teamwork," Okabe countered, as Sheldon put Gene in a headlock, causing the crowd to boo while he was laughing at the crowd and scraping the front of Gene's face with his wrist. The crowd cheered and clapped for Gene, while Gene attempted to get back to his feet. However, Sheldon was able to hit him with multiple elbows to the top of the head, sending him back down to his knees."Sheldon doing a good job of keeping Gene away from his corner," Cornette complimented, as Gene attempted once again to get back to his feet. This time, he was able to stay on his feet and hit Sheldon with a hip toss, causing the crowd to cheer. Gene tried to get to his corner, and Bonifer attempted to tag Sheldon, but Sheldon tagged Naruto instead, causing the crowd to start booing again."I understand the tension between these two teams, but they should at least wait until the match is over!" Beth exclaimed as Naruto started stomping on Gene's back before pulling him back to the center of the ring before grabbing both of his legs and locking Gene in a Boston Crab. Gene was screaming in pain as the fans continued to cheer and clap for Gene while he tried to drag himself to the ropes. Naruto attempted to drag him back to the center of the ring, but Gene was able to power himself up enough to crawl to the ropes and break the hold. The crowd cheered as the referee pushed Naruto away from Gene."Gene breaks the hold with the ropes, but has the damage already been done?" Okabe asked, as Naruto picked Gene up and hit him with several knife-edge chops before kicking him in the gut and attempting a Powerbomb. However, Gene was able to counter into a back body drop, but Naruto was able to land on his feet. Naruto attempted to grab Gene with a back suplex, but Gene punched him in the crown of the head and hit him with a Michinoku Driver before he made his way to the corner. Joe ran in and attempted to stop Gene, but it was too late and he had tagged Eddy much to the delight of the crowd, who springboarded into the ring with a dropkick that sent Joe rolling to the outside."And Eddy is back in this match, coming back with a fiery vengeance!" Beth exclaimed, as Eddy grabbed Naruto by the hair, and smashed his head into the top turnbuckle multiple times before turning him around and giving him multiple punches to the body and the head before running the ropes and hitting a dropkick to the face of Naruto before running the ropes again and hitting him with the Float Over DDT before running to the corner and hitting Sheldon with a running ax handle, sending him falling off of the apron."You're right about that Beth, Eddy is definitely on fire since being tagged back in and it doesn't seem like he can be stopped!" Cornette exclaimed, as Eddy ran the ropes and hit a Bank Roll (Rolling Thunder) onto Naruto before going for a pin.Ref: 1…2Joe rolled into the ring and kicked Eddy in the back, breaking the pin, while turning around and hitting Valentino with a superkick to the knee, causing him to fall off of the apron with his head rebounding off of the apron. The crowd booed as Joe attempted to hit Eddy with a Headlock Driver, but Eddy pushed him away, but Naruto was able to recover and hit Eddy in the face with a superkick before staggering to the corner, where Bonifer tagged himself in."Jim I think you just jinxed Eddy there," Okabe quipped, as Bonifer mounted Eddy and started punching him in the face until the referee pushed him off. Bonifer repeatedly stomped on Eddy's stomach before running the ropes and hitting a seated Eddy with a big boot and a jumping senton, before cackling at the booing fans and picking Eddy up by the hair. Eddy started punching Bonifer in the stomach multiple times, but Bonifer countered with multiple knees to the face before hitting him with a DDT and going for the pin.Ref: 1…2"Bonifer could've broken Eddy's neck with that brutal DDT!" Beth exclaimed, as Sheldon got back on the apron and told Bonifer to tag him back into the match. Bonifer cackled at him before tagging Joe back into the match, who had gotten back on the apron while Bonifer was attacking Eddy. Bonifer put Eddy upon his shoulders in a Fireman's Carry Position, before Joe ran the ropes, hitting Eddy with the Rocket Kick, allowing the Age of Aggression to hit the Boot of Doom onto Eddy before Joe went for the pin.Ref: 1…2.Eddy kicked out and Joe pounded the apron in frustration before Joe put Eddy in an arm wringer and started elbowing his arm while the crowd booed and chanted 'Eddy!'"And Eddy is now targeting the left arm of Eddy, possibly preparing for the Crossface!" Okabe exclaimed, as Joe threw Eddy into the steel ring post arm first before pulling him away from the post, put his left arm behind Eddy in a hammerlock, and hit him with a back suplex before going for another pin.Ref: 1…2.Joe immediately locked Eddy in a Fujiwara Armbar, causing the crowd to boo as Eddy started elbowing Eddy's arm while he tried to drag himself to the ropes. Bonifer started applauding Joe while Naruto and Sheldon Lee just glared at Joe. The crowd clapped for Eddy just as he started dragging himself to the ropes, and was able to grab the bottom rope causing the crowd to cheer as the referee pulled Joe off. Joe kicked Eddy in the arm and Irish whipped him and attempted a clothesline, but Eddy countered into a headscissors that sent Joe's head crashing into the middle turnbuckle as the crowd clapped and chanted for Eddy as he made his way to his corner."And Eddy is heading to his corner! Can he make the tag here!?" Cornette asked, as Sheldon ran into the ring and attempted to pull Eddy back to the center of the ring, but Eddy was able to turn himself on his back and push Sheldon away with his feet. Before Sheldon could jump and grab Eddy's ankles, he tagged Valentino into the match, causing the crowd to cheer."And now we get to see Valentino in this match for the first time since the start of this match!" Beth exclaimed, as Valentino grabbed Sheldon and threw him out of the ring before running at Joe with a twisting body press in the corner before hitting him with a standing back body drop. Valentino then knocked Naruto and Bonifer off of the apron with clotheslines, causing the crowd to stand and cheer before Val beat his chest while waiting for Joe to get back to his feet. When Joe stood back up, Valentino hit him with two clotheslines, threw Joe into the ropes and hit him with a Flapjack once he rebounded, picked Joe up and punched him in the gut, and ran to the ropes. Valentino springboarded off of the middle rope and hit Joe with a moonsault causing the crowd to cheer."Good lord! What a moonsault by Valentino!" Cornette exclaimed as Valentino went for the pin.Ref: 1…2..Naruto and Sheldon got into the ring and started stomping on Valentino, breaking the pin and causing Gene and Eddy to get into the ring and battle them. The two made their way out of the ring, and Valentino decided to throw Joe into the corner. Fueled by the crowd's cheers, Valentino ran into the corner for another body press, but Joe was able to move out of the way, causing Valentino's head to hit the top turnbuckle before Joe tagged Bonifer into the match, who immediately went into the corner and punched Valentino enough times to send him to the bottom turnbuckle."If Valentino was able to find a tag team partner for this match, he would be able to tag someone in while he recovers from having his brain scrambled, and have them take Bonifer on," Okabe noted, as Bonifer ran the ropes and hit Valentino with a running dropkick before picking him up and lifting him up for a Tombstone Piledriver. However, Valentino was able to slip out of the Piledriver attempt and hit him with a Wheelbarrow Suplex, causing the crowd to cheer before Valentino went to the top rope. While he did that, Joe saw that Eddy and Gene had taken out Naruto and Sheldon, and decided to run to the corner nearest to them and dive off the top rope with a crossbody, taking them both down."I did not expect to see a crossbody by Joe Wolf in this match, but we can't argue that it was successful!" Cornette exclaimed, as Valentino, still on the top rope, turned around, possibly indicating a moonsault. However, Joe Wolf got up and kicked Valentino in the face multiple times until he got off of the top rope before he went back up on the top rope and hit him with a diving headbutt, causing the crowd to boo. Bonifer was able to get back to his feet, grab Valentino by the hair, and hit him with a Stump Puller Piledriver before going for the pin.Ref: 1…2…3*Bell Rings*"Ladies and gentlemen, here are your winners, the team of Joe Wolf and Charlie Bonifer, the Age of Aggression and the BTWF World Tag Team Champions, representing the NWO, Naruto Uzumaki, and Sheldon Lee!" Justin Roberts announced as Joe and Bonifer celebrated in the ring, as the crowd booed the two laughing at a downed Valentino."Valentino did his best in this match, but the numbers game was just too much for him!" Beth exclaimed as Joe and Bonifer stepped over Valentino's back on their way out of the ring, causing the crowd to boo louder."Well, as I said before if he was able to find a partner, this probably wouldn't have happened," Okabe countered, as Bonifer noticed Naruto getting up and seeing them walk off. Before Naruto could react, Bonifer hit him with a boot to the face before he and Joe continued their way to the back."You make a good point there, Okabe, but hopefully Valentino will be able to find himself a partner by the time Cyber Sunday rolls around," Cornette responded, as the camera panned to a commercial break.*Commercial Break**Commercial Over*The camera panned back to the backstage area, where Valentino was sitting down in his locker room looking forlorn, before Todd Grisham walked in, with a sympathetic look on his face."Hey Val, I saw what happened out there. Sorry, you had to go there 3 on 4," Todd said. Valentino's mouth turned into a small smile before patting Todd on the back."Thanks, Todd that means a lot. Yeah, I did lose tonight, but one loss isn't going to prevent me from looking towards the future. And in that future-" Valentino responded before he was interrupted by Hollywood Hooligan, smirking and only wearing a towel around his waist."Let me tell you what the future holds; me, the Hollywood Hooligan, defeating that loser Hazama Clover at Cyber Sunday, rubbing it in the face of that dumb alley cat Kokonoe Mercury, and winning the BTWF Championship!" Hooligan exclaimed as Valentino glared at him."What do you want, Hooligan?""Oh, well what I wanted was to see the sadness on your face from losing…again!" Hooligan exclaimed, laughing while putting an arm behind Valentino's neck. "But anyway, I also wanted to tell Todd and everyone else that I'm still in the market for a valet. Kokonoe's aunt didn't return my calls, so that's her loss, but Val can you tell your Grandma to stop calling me? She's way too old and fat to be MY valet," Hooligan joked, causing Val to spring up to his feet, causing Hooligan to back off."Woah there, easy tiger. As much as I would love to mop the floor with you more than Charlie and Joe did a few minutes ago, I have a…special interview with a potential valet. Ciao," Hooligan said before he left the locker room, leaving Valentino and Todd in surprise."What…did he mean by 'special interview'?" Valentino asked. From the walls behind Valentino, he and Todd heard Hooligan breathing in and out while moaning. They also heard a high pitched nasally moan along with his."Well…they're either strangling kittens or having sex with each other," Todd responded. The two of them looked at each other as the moans grew louder. Todd and Valentino decided to leave the locker room as the camera panned to the commentators."Well it looks like she's having a successful audition, don't you think Beth?" Cornette asked while chuckling."Not funny, Jim," Beth mumbled out in annoyance, as Cody Rhodes' 'Smoke and Mirrors V2'played, causing the crowd to boo as Jerry applauded Clover coming out from the back."The following contest is a tag team match scheduled for one fall. Making her way to the ring, accompanied by Jerry Lewis, from Beverly Hills California by way of Sainte-Mere-Eglise, France, Clover Lamoreaux!" Justin Roberts announced, causing the crowd to boo as Clover turned to look at the TitanTron, which turned into a mirror. However, before she could get a good look at herself, 'Ladies and Gentlemen' by Saliva played, and the TitanTron turned off as Akira Hayami made her way out from the back bathed in the light of a single spotlight."And her partner, from Tokyo Japan, she is the Spotlight of the Women's Division, Akira Hayami!" Justin Roberts announced as Clover attempted to yell at Akira, but she pushed Clover over and made her way to the ring."Folks, it has been confirmed during the commercial break that Misato Katsuragi will be back in action in tag team action," Cornette explained, as Akira walked to the ring, glaring at the fans booing at her. Clover and Jerry were talking with each other, possibly going over plans for the match."That's right Jim! The team of Akira Hayami and Clover Lamoreaux will take on Zia Simpson and Misato Katsuragi!" Beth exclaimed, as Clover rolled into the ring with Jerry applauding her while Akira jumped up onto the apron and jumped over the top rope, while the crowd continued to boo."I have to say that Clover and Akira have the advantage in this match. Not only does Clover have Jerry at ringside, but Misato hasn't been inside a wrestling ring in a long while, so the problem of ring rust could flare up," Okabe explained, as 'Fear Nothing' by CFO$ played, as the crowd cheered Zia running out of the back and getting onto her knees. Pillars of smoke shot out of the floor before she sprung back to her feet with both her arms pointing to the sky before she started running to the ring."And their opponents first, from Springfield Illinois, she is the Woman that Gravity Forgot, Zia Simpson!" Justin Roberts announced as the crowd cheered as Zia ran underneath the bottom rope and made her way to the corner, running up to the top rope, pointing both of her arms to the sky."Zia Simpson and Akira Hayami have been embroiled in a heated feud that got then banned from the arena last week!" Cornette exclaimed as Zia started jaw jacking with Akira, while Clover was leaning on the corner, continuing to speak to Jerry."And if anything, that just made their feud even more heated!" Beth exclaimed, as 'Lovepassionfuryenergy' by Boy Hits Car played throughout the arena, causing the crowd to cheer as Misato came running out from the back and continued to run to the ring, hi-fiving fans along the way to the ring."And her partner, from Japan, she is Misato Katsuragi!" Justin Roberts announced as Misato came into the ring and hi-fived Zia before she went onto the apron. Clover decided to start the match, as the bell rang. Clover attempted to grab Zia in an armlock, but Zia hit her with multiple Japanese arm drags and put Clover in an armlock of her own. The crowd cheered as Clover crawled her way to the ropes and put her foot on the ropes, causing the crowd to boo as Zia was forced to break the hold. Clover then tried to get a headlock on Zia, but Zia was able to dodge and throw Clover into the corner. Zia ran the ropes and hit Clover with a spinning leg lariat to Clover's face and picked her up in a suplex position. Zia flexed her free arm for the crowd before hitting her with a Falcon Arrow before going for the pin.Ref: 1…2"Zia starting this match up fast and furious, not letting Clover get any chance at momentum!" Okabe exclaimed, as Clover kicked out and Zia responded by picking Clover up and hitting her with multiple European uppercuts. Zia attempted to grab Clover again, but Clover kneed her in the gut multiple times before running the ropes. Clover attempted a Lou Thesz press, but Zia was able to catch her, much to the crowd's surprise and delight, and hit her with a powerslam, before running the ropes and hitting Clover with a corkscrew splash before going for another pin.Ref: 1…2"Zia is doing well in the early goings of this match, but you have to wonder why she's making no attempt to tag Misato into the match," Beth wondered, as Zia picked Clover up, but Clover countered with a jawbreaker and pushed her away before she jumped into her corner and tagged Akira into the match."Zia knows that Misato isn't as young as she used to be and that she should really only be tagged in when she has no choice. Misato may say that she's ready, but that could just be her bravado talking," Okabe explained, as Zia got up noticing that Akira was now the legal woman. The two glared at each other as the crowd cheered and chanted for Zia, as the two started exchanging punches before Zia started hitting multiple elbows to Akira's head before running the ropes and hitting Akira with a dropkick to the knee. Now down to one knee, Zia ran the ropes and attempted a basement dropkick, but Akira was able to counter with a clothesline that sent her spinning 180 degrees."Good lord! That clothesline practically turned Zia inside out!" Cornette exclaimed, as Akira picked Zia up and hit her with multiple knees to the gut and tossed her into the corner. Akira ran at the corner attempting a running shoulder thrust, but Zia was able to move out of the way, causing Akira to hit her arm onto the turnbuckles before Zia pushed her further away with her feet and got up to the top rope. The crowd cheered as Zia dived off of the top rope with a hurricanrana that sent Akira down. Before she could go for the pin, she noticed that Clover was starting to get into the ring and kicked her in the face, sending her out of the ring before returning her attention to Akira. When Zia attempted to pick Akira up, Akira grabbed Zia's right hand and threw her out of the ring through the middle rope."That is some scary strength by Akira! She was able to throw Zia out of the ring with only one arm!" Beth exclaimed as Akira rolled underneath the ring onto the outside and grabbed Zia by the hair. Akira yelled at the booing fans before picking Zia up and dropping her face-first on the top of the fan barricade. Akira then started punching Zia in the stomach multiple times before throwing her into the steel ring apron face first, before she flexed for the crowd, causing the crowd to boo.Ref: 1…2"And Akira has taken firm control of this match, using the ring and the ringside area as a legal weapon!" Okabe exclaimed as Akira grabbed Zia. Zia attempted to fight out of the hold hitting her with elbows to the head before Akira threw her over her head with a Belly to Belly suplex before picking her up by the back of her shirt and throwing her into the steel ring steps before she started stomping on her.Ref: 3…4…5Akira threw Zia back into the ring before following her into the ring and hitting her with a jumping leg drop and going for the pin.Ref: 1…2"That leg drop by Akira was as beautiful as it was devastating!" Beth exclaimed, as Akira went to her corner and tagged Clover into the match. Before she went after Zia, Clover ran at Misato and knocked her off of the ring apron with a running double ax handle, causing the crowd to boo before she went after Zia with multiple knees to the back before turning her over and going for another pin.Ref: 1…2Clover picked Zia up by the hair and threw her into the corner before punching her multiple times in the face. Clover ran the ropes and hit Zia with a running kick to the face that sent her down to the bottom turnbuckle. Clover started choking Zia with her foot until the referee pulled her back, which allowed Akira to kick Zia in the face while Clover was arguing with the referee. Clover, once Akira was done with Zia, hit a running knee to Zia's face before dragging her to the center of the ring and going for the pin.Ref: 1…2."That running knee into the corner by Clover wasn't enough to put Zia down for the three count," Okabe noted, as Clover put Zia in a headlock, yelling at Misato, who had gotten back on the apron and was yelling at Clover as well. Zia attempted to drag herself to the ropes, but Clover rolled her back to the middle of the ring and continued to apply the pressure as the crowd booed and chanted for Zia to break out the hold. Zia was able to get back to her feet after another minute and started punching Clover in the gut multiple times before Irish whipping Clover into the corner. Zia attempted to hit a running clothesline in the corner, but Clover countered with a kick to the face before tagging Akira back into the match."Misato looks like she's chomping at the bit to get into this match!" Beth exclaimed, as Akira picked up Zia and hit her with a Fallaway slam that sent her into the corner, causing the crowd to boo. Akira laughed at Misato's impatient look before she ran into the corner and hit Zia with a clothesline. However, she didn't get out of the corner and continued to hit standing clotheslines to the neck and face of Zia before she picked Akira up in a suplex position. Akira walked around the ring with Zia in that suplex position, flexing with her free arm like Zia did at the beginning of the match, causing the crowd to boo even louder. Zia started kneeing Akira in the face to try and free herself, but Akira dropped Zia midsection first into the ropes, causing her to hang off of the ropes midsection first before she ran the ropes and hit Zia with a knee drop that caused her to drop back into the ring before going for the pin.Ref: 1…2..Zia barely rolled his shoulder out and Akira responded by putting Zia in a seated abdominal stretch, causing the crowd to boo as she started yelling in her ear that she's not going to make it to Cyber Sunday."This abdominal stretch may put Zia out for the count before Misato could even get into the ring!" Cornette exclaimed as Zia attempted to hit multiple elbows to the side of Akira's head. However, Akira countered this by clubbing Zia's chest multiple times before putting her in a crossface, causing the crowd to cheer for Zia and chant for her to break out of the hold. Zia was able to get to the ropes and grab the bottom rope with her right hand, forcing the referee to pull Akira off of her. Akira started arguing with the referee while Clover was yelling at the referee and the booing crowd before Akira grabbed Zia by the hair. However, Zia was able to break the grip, kick Akira in the knee, and hit her with a superkick to the side of the face, causing the crowd to cheer before she went down to all fours, crawling to tag Misato into the match."Zia was finally able to break the momentum of Akira and Clover, and she's heading for her corner!" Beth exclaimed as Akira attempted to tag Clover into the match as well. The fans chanted for Misato before Zia and Akira were finally able to get to their corners and tag their respective partners into the match, causing the crowd to explode when they saw Misato getting into the ring."And we'll finally see if Misato has the ring rust that you talked about earlier, Okabe!" Cornette exclaimed, as Misato ran at Clover with a hurricanrana, and when Clover got back to her feet, she hit two clotheslines, multiple punches to the face, and Irish whipped her into the corner. Misato clapped to the crowd, causing the crowd to cheer louder before Misato ran into the corner with a jumping clothesline onto Clover and hitting her with a Snap DDT before going for the pin.Ref: 1…2"Misato doesn't look like she has ring rust right now, does she, Okabe?" Beth asked, with a smirk on her face as Misato picked Clover back up and attempted to kick her in the gut. Clover was able to block the kick and hit her with a knee to the face before hitting her with a snap suplex, putting her in a seated position, and ran the ropes to hit a knee to the back of Misato. Clover then stepped on Misato's head and posed, causing the crowd to boo. However, the crowd started to cheer as Misato grabbed Clover's foot and tripped her up before running the ropes and hitting a jumping Boom Drop onto Clover's chest before going for the pin.Ref: 1…2..Clover rolled her shoulder out, causing the crowd to boo before Misato picked Clover up and kicked her in the gut. Posing for the crowd, Misato attempted a Twist of Fate, but Clover was able to push her off and hit her with a Tilt-a-Whirl backbreaker before picking her up again and attempted to lift her up for a White Cyanide (Brainbuster). However, Misato was able to slip out of the attempted White Cyanide (Brainbuster), and hit her with a Twist of Fate, causing the crowd to explode again before she went for the pin again.Ref: 1…2.."And what a lucky save from Akira!" Okabe exclaimed, as Akira stomped on Misato and hit her with a release German Suplex, sending her crashing near the corner. The crowd booed as Akira posed with her arms outstretched before Zia got onto the top rope and hit her with a missile dropkick that sent Akira staggering to the ropes before Zia hit Akira with a Cactus Clothesline that sent Akira out of the ring. Zia was able to stay in the ring by skinning the cat. Zia went back to the apron, as Akira staggered near the fan barricade and, much to the crowd's delight, went up to the top rope and dived off the top rope with a Cannonball Senton, sending the both of them crashing through the fan barricade, causing the crowd to cheer and chant 'Holy Shit!'"Oh good lord! Zia may have just tried to kill Akira with that dive!" Cornette exclaimed, as Misato started climbing up the top rope with her back facing Clover, and attempted a top rope moonsault, causing the crowd to cheer. However, Clover was able to get back to her feet, and grab Misato and hit her with a Tornado Bomb. The crowd booed as Clover smirked at Misato's downed form before picking her up and hit Misato with the White Cyanide (Brainbuster) before going for the pin, much to Jerry's delight on the outside.Ref: 1…2…3*Bell Rings*"Ladies and gentlemen, here are your winners, the team of Akira Hayami and Clover Lamoreaux!" Justin Roberts announced as Clover kicked a downed Misato in the head and rolled out of the ring, pulling Jerry along with her while ringside trainers were checking on Akira and Zia."This has to be one of the biggest wins of Clover's career!" Okabe exclaimed as he smirked at Cornette and Beth."It does have to be because Misato is a legend! But I think the bigger story is that Akira and Zia are still down after that Cannonball dive through the fan barricade!" Beth exclaimed as she pointed out the trainers still looking over Zia and Akira."We'll have to see how this will affect their match at Cyber Sunday with potential injuries or even more bad blood added onto after that brutal dive!" Cornette exclaimed as Clover continued to celebrate on the stage with Jerry as the camera panned to the TitanTron, with Zoey Hanson looking into the camera with a steely glare."At Cyber Sunday, I'm finally going to get a one on one opportunity for the BTWF World Women's Championship against Rei Ayanami. This may be a match where the loser will be humiliated in front of a live crowd, but it will all be worth it to hold that Women's Championship. Rei, I do respect you as a wrestler, but make no mistake, by the end of Cyber Sunday, I will be the one holding the Women's Championship and the face of this division!" Zoey exclaimed as the camera panned to a commercial break.*Commercial Break**Commercial Over*The camera panned to BTWF World Women's Champion, Rei Ayanami, standing in a room similar to where Zoey was standing, while she was holding her championship over her shoulder."Zoey is a fantastic athlete. There is a reason she became the #1 contender for my championship. I know this will not be an easy battle, and she knows it will not be easy. But there is no doubt in my mind that I will retain the championship. I wanted to send my deepest apologies to Zoey in advance, as she will, unfortunately, be the one to be humiliated at Cyber Sunday," Rei explained, as the camera panned back to the stage, where 'Legacy' by Adelitas Way played, causing the crowd to boo as Sting Eucliffe and Rogue Cheney came out to the ring, looking as confident as ever."The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring, from Magnolia Fiore, accompanied by his partner Rogue Cheney, representing the Legacy, Sting Eucliffe!" Justin Roberts announced as the crowd booed Sting strutting to the ring with Rogue massaging Sting's shoulders as he continued his way to the ring."This should be an excellent match tonight, do you all not agree?" Kaworu Nagisa asked the commentary team with his BTWF Championship on the announcers' table."It should be, Mr. Nagisa. Oh, ladies and gentlemen, we have the BTWF Champion here on commentary so that he could see this match," Okabe explained, as he and Kaworu shook hands."Thank you, Mr. Okabe. It is nice to see that this commentary table has some air of intelligence to it, especially with those two…country bumpkins that are here at the table," Kaworu responded, causing Cornette and Beth to glare at him before Sting rolled into the ring while Rogue walked up to the commentary table, shaking hands with Kaworu before taking with Sting about strategy before 'War' by the Sick Puppies played as the crowd cheered Natsu coming out of the back."And his opponent, from Magnolia Fiore, Natsu Dragoneel!" Justin Roberts announced as the crowd continued to cheer as Natsu hi-fived the fans before he started trash talking Sting who was smirking in the corner."Mr. Dragoneel should not be taking Mr. Eucliffe lightly. I have seen him wrestle and he is a fantastic athlete," Kaworu noted, as the bell rang once Natsu got into the ring. Sting and Natsu circled each other, trying to will the other to start."Well smartass, he clearly isn't taking him lightly right now," Cornette countered, still mad about the 'country bumpkin' remark. Sting and Natsu finally locked up in the middle of the ring. Sting was able to push Natsu into the corner, causing the crowd to boo. While Rogue was celebrating, the referee tried to tell Sting to back off, and when he did, Sting patted Natsu on the head before turning his back to celebrate. Natsu responded by running out of the corner and put Sting in a headlock from behind, causing the crowd to cheer, as Sting attempted to get to the ropes."Hey, Nagisa, what were you saying about Natsu not taking this seriously? Sting distracted himself and allowed Natsu to take control," Beth agreed, also mad at Kaworu's previous comments. Natsu was able to take Sting down to the ground with the headlock still on, and Sting was able to counter it into a headscissors, causing the crowd to boo. Sting propped his chin onto his hand while his elbow was on the canvas, but Natsu was able to counter the headscissors into another headlock, causing the crowd to cheer. Sting was able to get back to his feet and Irish whip him off of the ropes and attempted to hit him with a clothesline, but Natsu was able to duck, and when he rebounded off of the rope again and hit Sting with a running crossbody before going for the pin.Ref: 1…2"I will admit, Mr. Cornette and Mrs. Vanderwood, that Natsu has taken advantage of Sting's egotistical celebration very well," Kaworu admitted, as Natsu picked Sting up and hit him with a leg lariat to the face before putting him in the corner and hitting him with multiple shoulder thrusts into the corner. Natsu hit Sting with a knife-edge uppercut to the throat before backflipping away from the corner and running back to Sting with a spear into the corner, holding onto him before hitting him with a Northern Lights Suplex and going for another pinfall.Ref: 1…2Sting rolled his shoulder out and rolled out of the ring, and tried to regroup with Rogue on the outside."And now Sting is taking a break from the match to talk strategy with Rogue," Okabe noted, as Natsu looked at them before he got the crowd to clap with him before he ran the ropes and hit a springboard senton onto the outside, hitting both Sting and Rogue and taking them down, causing the crowd to cheer and chant for Natsu."And that strategy meeting has come to an end at the hand of that dive by Natsu!" Beth exclaimed, as Natsu grabbed Sting by the hair and threw him into the steel stairs before throwing him back into the ring and started yelling at Kaworu."I know you are upset at me taking your championship Mr. Dragoneel, but you should really focus on your match," Kaworu responded before pointing to the ring with the referee beginning to count.Ref: 1…2…3Natsu turned away from Kaworu and attempted to get back into the ring, but Sting was distracting the referee. While the referee was distracted, Rogue pulled Natsu off of the ring apron and hit him with a clothesline, causing the crowd to boo before Rogue moved to another part of the ring."And another genius move by the Legacy to take out the #1 contender to the BTWF Championship!" Okabe exclaimed as Kaworu clapped while Sting rolled out of the ring and picked Natsu up and threw him back into the ring. When Sting went back into the ring, he mounted Natsu and started punching him in the face while Rogue was applauding him before Sting picked Natsu up and hit him with a snap suplex and ran the ropes before hitting him with a knee drop to Natsu's forehead before going for the pin.Ref: 1…2Natsu kicked out, and Sting responded by throwing him into the corner and stomping his gut before putting him on the top turnbuckle. Sting celebrated his momentum gain in the match by running to Rogue and hi-fiving him."And once again, Sting is getting distracted from his goal of defeating Natsu!" Beth exclaimed as Sting ran back to Natsu, but Natsu countered him with a kick to the face, causing him to go back. Natsu then balanced himself on the top rope and dived off of the top rope with a Cannonball. However, Sting was able to catch Natsu with a Powerbomb. The crowd booed as Sting ran into the corner, Powerbombing Natsu into the corner before picking him up again and hitting him with a Spinning Sit-Out Powerbomb and going for the pin.Ref: 1…2.."That was a nice catch by Sting, but it still wasn't enough to put Natsu away!" Cornette exclaimed, as Sting picked Natsu up by the hair, and used the ropes to choke him until the referee pushed him off. While the referee was distracted, Rogue ran up to Natsu and punched him in the face, allowing Sting to go behind Natsu and hit him with a Saito Suplex before Sting went up to the middle rope and hit him with an elbow drop before grabbing Natsu's legs and putting him in a single leg Boston Crab, causing the crowd to boo while they chanted for Natsu to break out of the hold."And now Sting has Natsu locked in a single leg Boston Crab, stretching out the back of Natsu!" Okabe exclaimed as Natsu attempted to drag himself to the ropes."I do not believe that Mr. Dragoneel can break out of this hold. Mr. Eucliffe has the Boston Crab locked in tightly," Kaworu said, as Sting started stomping on Natsu's back and the back of his head before dragging him back to the center of the ring. Sting then started pushing his knee into the back of Natsu's head, much in the same vein of Chris Jericho's Liontamer."That knee to the back of Natsu's head not only will cause more pain to the head and neck but also makes it harder for Natsu to breathe," Okabe explained, as Natsu started elbowing Sting's legs, trying to get him to loosen the grip on the single-leg Boston Crab. Sting didn't seem to notice these hits as he continued to stretch him. Natsu then started crawling to the ropes again, causing the crowd to cheer as Sting tried to keep him in the middle of the ring."I don't mean to lose track of this match, but weren't you trying to sue the BTWF or something so that you wouldn't have to wrestle in the 2 out of 3 falls match at Cyber Sunday?" Beth asked in a mocking tone while Natsu continued to crawl to the ropes, with the crowd behind him."I originally was, Mrs. Vanderwood, but I decided that I would not go forward with the lawsuit and defeat him at his own game," Kaworu explained, as Natsu was finally able to get to the ropes, causing the crowd to cheer as he held on to the bottom rope with both of his hands. Sting sighed as he was forced to let go before he dragged Natsu back to the center of the ring. However, Natsu was able to push Sting away from him with his legs, causing the crowd to cheer as Natsu staggered back up with a hand on his back."And Natsu may have gotten back into this match!" Cornette exclaimed as Sting attempted to run at Natsu, but Natsu countered by grabbing him and hitting him with the Stun Gun before keeping him up to hit him with a spin kick. The crowd cheered as Natsu ran into the corner to get his breath back as Sting got back up with his hand on his throat while Rogue was banging on the mat to get him back into the match. When Sting got back up, Natsu ran back at him and hit him with two clotheslines, a superkick to the gut, ran the ropes and hit a Rolling Thunder DDT. Natsu then ran the ropes and hitting a Rolling Fire (Rolling Thunder) onto Sting before going for the pin.Ref: 1…2.Sting rolled his shoulder out and Natsu responded by grabbing the top rope and springboarding off of the ropes to hit Sting with a split-legged moonsault onto Sting's gut. Natsu then attempted to go up to the top rope, and while he was trying to find his balance, Sting got back up to his knees and hits the ropes, causing Natsu to trip and fall off of the top rope, causing the crowd to boo. Sting then picked Natsu up with both of his legs and hit him with the Alabama Slam before picking Natsu up again, slapping him in the face, and springboarding off the 2nd rope with the Sting Ray (Beautiful Disaster) before going for another pin, using the ropes for leverage.Ref: 1…2.."Natsu barely able to kick out of that devastating Sting Ray kick!" Beth exclaimed, as Sting pounded the mat in frustration before pulling Natsu up by the hair, and put him in position for the Holy Light (Cross Rhodes). However, Natsu was able to fight out of it with multiple kicks to the knee before Natsu throwing Sting into the corner chest first."And with that, I believe that it is time for me to depart," Kaworu said, before putting down his headset and grabbed his championship before running into the corner, and yelling at Natsu while Rogue climbed to the apron to distract Natsu as well while he was attempting to run at Sting."And of course Kaworu has to help the Legacy cheat Natsu out of a win!" Beth complained, as Natsu ran the ropes and hit Rogue with a jumping spin kick that knocked Rogue into Kaworu, sending them both down much to the crowd's delight."I hope they didn't ruin Kaworu's robe! That is a very expensive piece of fabric!" Okabe exclaimed as the crowd cheered as Natsu attempted another run into the corner, but Sting was able to counter with a back kick to the gut before climbing up to the top rope and when he balanced himself on the top rope, he dived off the top rope with a moonsault. However, Natsu was able to catch him on his shoulders, causing the crowd to cheer before hitting him with a Powerslam."What a catch be Natsu! And the drop was just as eye-catching!" Cornette exclaimed as Natsu jumped up to the top rope, and with the crowd behind him, dived off of the top rope with the Five Star Dragon Splash (Five Star Frog Splash) onto Sting before going for the pin.Ref: 1…2…3*Bell Rings*"Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner, Natsu Dragoneel!" Justin Roberts announced, as Rogue got back to his feet and dragged Sting out of the ring while Natsu got onto the top rope to celebrate."Natsu with the impressive victory here tonight, building some serious momentum heading into his 2 out of 3 falls match for the BTWF Championship!" Beth exclaimed, as Kaworu got back to his feet, grabbing the BTWF Championship from the floor and walking away from the ring."Meanwhile, it looks like Kaworu wants to be in the best condition possible heading into a match that is all about endurance!" Okabe countered, as Natsu held the middle ropes down with his legs, inviting Kaworu to come into the ring to fight. Meanwhile, Rogue started yelling at the cheering fans while dragging Sting underneath his arm back to the stage."But it looks like Natsu still wants a fight before Cyber Sunday!" Cornette exclaimed, as Kaworu shook his head and chuckled before he turned and followed Legacy to the backstage area as Natsu shook his head and continued to celebrate with the fans as the camera faded to black.Match Results:Black Star def. Mercury BlackXochi and Tina Belcher (Sisterhood of Darkness) (W/Clementine) def. Erza Scarlet and Alexis Rhodes (Beautiful People)Homer Simpson def. Leon LindseyJoe Wolf and Charlie Bonifer (Age of Aggression) and Naruto Uzumaki and Sheldon Lee (NWO) def. Eddy, Gene Belcher, and Valentino ClavaraClover Lamoreaux and Akira Hayami def. Zia Simpson and Misato KatsuragiNatsu Dragoneel def. Sting Eucliffe (W/Rogue Cheney)Who will face Naruto and Sheldon Lee (NWO) for the BTWF World Tag Team titles?;Valentino and a mystery partnerGene Belcher and EddyThe Age of Aggression (Joe Wolf and Charlie Bonifer)What will happen to the loser of the BTWF World Women's title match between champion Rei Ayanami and challenger Zoey Hanson?;The loser cannot challenge for the women's title for the next 6 monthsThe loser has to admit that the winner is the best female wrestler in the worldThe loser has to perform a strip in front of the crowdWho will be the special guest referee for the Akira Hayami vs. Zia Simpson match?;Clover LamoreauxMisato KatsuragiMedusa GorgonWhat type of match will Alex's team vs. the Sisterhood of Darkness have?;One on one Lumberjill match between Alex Vasquez and Sherry Blendy5 on 5 tag team match7 on 7 tag team matchWhat match will Pete Corvus and Black Star have for the Hardcore Championship?;Ambulance MatchChairs MatchAsylum MatchWho will fight Shinji Ikari at Cyber Sunday for the BTWF United States Championship?;OwenSoul Eater EvansMordecaiWhich type of 2/3 falls match will Kaworu Nagisa and Natsu Dragoneel have for the BTWF Championship;RegularNo-DQ and No Count Out3 Stages of Hell (Tell me which stages you would prefer for the match if you voted for Three Stages of Hell)
Surprise Buzz The hour was late. The room was dark, lit only by a lone lamp and the computer screen. As I browsed the Internet, legs folded up beneath me, I noticed something on the cuff of my pants. "Hm. Picked up some leaf on my walk outside." I pick it off."Bzzt?!""'Bzzt'?" A fly perhaps? A big fly. But it didn't sound quite like a the macho male teenager buzz of a fly. More like the protesting female teenager of a -I dropped the small object as soon as it made the sound onto my desk, and closed my laptop.She shook her hairs back into place in annoyance but kept her nose to the desk, like someone searching for her lost keys. She was long, black, a bit of white, and looked and sounded like a bee."A bee?!" My thinking caught up to my observation. "Uh. I can't have a bee in my bedroom. Someone might get hurt." I looked for something to carry her with and select a white piece of paper.She stumbled at first then held fast to the page.I headed out the door, paper in hand, passing my confused dog. Down the hallway, I stop momentarily to turn on the light.Yup. Still there.I turn off the light and open the front door to the outside light, close the door behind me. "Okay, we're out now."Still searching up and down the paper, for what I have no idea.I give the page a shake. "We're outside now. You can go now."Finally deciding the shaking paper was too much, she stretched her wings and flew off into the night.I head back inside. Disaster averted.Good thing I hadn't had anything to drink today. I swear I was... buzzed.
Rick and Morty Season 5 Ep. 6 Review!Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is The Mystery Writer speaking, and welcome to the show! Today, I am reviewing episode six of Rick and Morty Season 5! Entitled Rick and Morty's Thanksploitation Special, we find our titular characters trying to steal the Declaration of Independence via National Treasure style. Through a boneheaded move, Morty accidentally destroyed not just the famous article of law but also the Liberty Bell and the Statue of Liberty using a laser cannon he and Rick brought with them. The Statue of Liberty, for your information, turned out to be a steampunk robot assassin sent by the French. This action pissed off the President, in his second appearance this season, who declares war on Rick once again, surrounding his house with troops on Thanksgiving. I mean, it's weird that there's a Thanksgiving special in the middle of summer, but I'll roll with it. Anyway, Rick resorts to his go-to plan to trick the President into giving him a pardon like he does every year around this time by disguising himself as a Turkey for the annual presidential tradition. The President saw this coming and planned ahead, sending in an elite squad of marines and turned them into Turkeys to capture Rick and Morty. While the marines are fooled by Rick and Morty at first, the President then took matters into his own hands and had himself turned into a turkey, immediately finding Rick and Morty. During the fight, the locator chip ingested by the President for his people to tell who he was while in turkey form was spat out. This in turn led to the turkey that swallowed the chip to be mistaken by the President's people for the real deal and turned into a replica of the President. The new President began to have other turkeys turned into super-soldiers, and he buys off Congress to go along with it. Rick, the President, and Morty escaped and turn back into humans, the President goes home with Rick and has Thanksgiving dinner with the Smith family. The President rounded up the marines who were turned into turkeys before and has them take back Washington D.C. alongside him, Rick, and Morty. They fight the turkeys long enough for the three to reach the Lincoln Memorial and awaken the aliens that founded America. They fight back against the turkeys, Rick and Morty save America from having all turkeys turned into super soldiers, and at least one marine was left with PTSD. Thoughts? The episode in question is one of those situations whereupon initial viewing, it was awesome, but upon further inspection, one begins to see issues. For starters, the pacing was way too quick to the point where everything was a blur. One minute we have a steampunk robot assassin coming out of the Statue of Liberty, and the next, we have Rick turning into a turkey with little between. The story was like this all the way through; far too little build-up, but what little build-up there happened to be was great! This pacing issue also led to developmental issues within the story in where certain story elements were left underdeveloped. The best example was the Pilgrim and Native American aliens that came in the end. They showed up, did some awesome stuff, and that was it. We get nothing but a quick backstory, but no real character other than they're based on Pilgrims and Native Americans. That isn't to say the episode was bad as it was a delight. With great action, good animation, it was what to expect from a quality Rick and Morty episode. The story was average, but I enjoyed everything else about it. Total Score: 4.5 out of 5.0, ABOVE AVERAGE....
Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid S2 Ep. 2 Review!Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is The Mystery Writer speaking, and welcome to the show! Today, I am reviewing the second episode of Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Season 2! We begin the episode with Ilulu overlooking the city, as she has a flashback to her childhood. When she was a young dragon, she was friends with two human children, a boy and a girl, who even gave her a doll that looked like her human form. The other chaos dragons even reconsidered their thoughts on coexisting with humans. That was until there was an attack on a dragon village that killed Ilulu's parents. Ilulu was heartbroken that not only did she lose her parents, but she could no longer play with her human friends. Back in the present, KOBAYASHI IS STILL A MAN! She arrives home only to run into Tohru wearing nothing but a towel, her newly acquired male instincts kicking in. She managed to fight them off long enough to go to bed. In the morning, she wakes up only to find Kanna in her bed, who just wanted to warm her up on a cold morning. Kobayashi dodges her male hormonal instincts throughout the rest of the day. Later that night, Tohru treats Kobayashi to some liqueur and a snack, but only after she spiked the treat with her love potion. Having discovered Kobayashi's little problem halfway through the day, she's finally ready, as the dragon girl stripped her uniform off to receive Kobayashi's love. The only problem was that Kobayashi was more turned-on with the uniform ON! And so, Tohru reverses Ilulu's curse, curing Kobayashi of her male equipment, much to the dragon's disappointment. In the following segment, Ilulu is on the run from a Haromny Dragon named Clemene. Kobayashi discovered Ilulu passed out in an ally on the way home from work and saved her from the hunter. They two hides out, as Ilulu wakes up to find Kobayashi had saved her. Ilulu and Kobayashi have a heart-to-heart where Ilulu opens up how she doesn't really hate humans and how she was heartbroken she could no longer play with the two children who befriended her as they did nothing wrong. As they converse, Clemene shows up, disgusted with the very idea that humans and dragons can coexist. Ilulu is a creature of chaos and must be destroyed or something along those lines. Anyway, Kobayashi stands up to the hunter only to get slapped in the face and out of the way. Bad move on the hunter's part, as Tohru happened to have seen that little stunt of his, and has his butt royally pummelled for it. Tohru erases his recent memories of this world and sent him home, as Kobayashi then faints from the blow she had received but happy Ilulu was all right. She wakes up the next morning with Kanna and Tohru waiting for her while Ilulu cried at her bedside, feeling guilty about the whole thing. It is then Kobayashi told Ilulu she may stay with them, much to Tohru's jealous shock. In the final segment, Ilulu has begun learning about living in the human world. While Kobayashi takes Kanna to school before going to work, she asked Tohru to help Ilulu to adjust to the human way of life. They start with Ilulu's hands, but she can only make nubs with millions of tiny hands all over them to grab things. Tohru handed her a manual, but much of it is biased and possibly hypocritical. Tohru finally asked Ilulu what is it that she wants to do now she's living here. She explained that Ilulu needed to pull her own weight, so Ilulu began thinking seriously over the subject...FOR HOURS! When Kobayashi and Kanna return home, Ilulu has an answer: she wants to make babies with Kobayashi. Tohru is having NONE of this, and the two begin to argue while Kanna and Kobayashi stand aside and watch, much to their judgemental enjoyment. And that was episode two of Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Season 2! My thoughts? This episode is yet another masterful work from Kyoto Animation. The animation was gorgeous, the music was superb, the action was good, and the humor was on point. I have nothing negative to say about this episode; I just enjoyed it. It's just as good as the first one. Total Score: 5+ out of 5.0, BEYOND PERFECT!
RICK AND MORTY SEASON 5 EP. 4 REVIEW!Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is The Mystery Writer speaking, and welcome to the show! Today, I am reviewing the fourth episode of season five of Rick and Morty! Entitled Rickdependence Spray, this episode sees Morty using a machine at his mother Beth's workplace to...pleasure himself. This decision inevitably goes wrong when Rick experiments on a bucket of sperm which he thought was that of a horse. Rick wanted to test it to see if it was real horse sperm, but Morty, ashamed of what he did, convinces him not to, ultimately unleashing hell on Earth, as monstrous versions of his sperm invade the planet. That's right, folks, this episode might have the dumbest plot yet. The government swoops in and saves the Smith family before they are eaten by the sperm. Rick blames himself, and so does the government, and they go to destroy the sperm in the Grand Canyon. Get it? Independence Day reference? The president sends an all-male team, much to the anger of Summer and Beth, but the plane is attacked and destroyed by the sperm, who are growing smarter. The one ninja guy they were hyping up gets killed off in one of the most embarrassing ways possible, and Rick and Morty get captured by the Sperm Queen who reveals this is all Morty's fault. Before they can make more sperm for her army, a sperm named Sticky, who Morty saved earlier, rescues the pair. Meanwhile, Summer suggests to the government they get a giant egg to lure the sperm for one final attack. Her idea is ultimately stolen by the sperm expert because SEXISM and the government go forward with the plan. Rick and Morty find this out, as they can see the egg from Vegas, as the sperm are lured to it. The two warn everyone via radio that the sperm was Morty's, and the egg is Summers! They need to stop the sperm from reaching the egg, or else...GIANT INCEST BABY! Suddenly, the CHUDS, a race of underground horse people that eat humans and who Rick created the sperm experiment against, capture Rick and Morty. They are taken to the leader because Rick slept with his daughter why else? The CHUDS agree to save the world, the sperm are defeated by Cirque, a Magician, the combined forces of CHUDs and humans, and the Sticky killed the Sperm Queen! The only problem being Sticky himself goes into the egg shortly before it's blasted off into space to become...A GIANT INCEST BABY! Rick has yet another kid, the space baby is born, and that's the end. My thoughts on the dumbest Rick and Morty plot? I thought it worked. This episode felt more like a typical Rick and Morty episode compared to the previous two episodes did. The characters were likable, the action was tight, the animation was good, and, oddly enough, the story worked. A story like this had no right to work as well as it did, but it did. Had some sharp commentary about sexism here and there which was nice, and the moral lesson was good. My only real gripe with this episode was that not all the jokes landed. Some of the jokes were pretty cringy and didn't land, especially the one where the ninja guy tried to pleasure himself before he died. Regardless, an episode like this had no right to be as enjoyable as it was. Total Score: 4.75 out of 5.0, ABOVE AVERAGE SLIGHTLY...

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Making Peace, Part 4Philadelphia “White House”, United States. 0930 Local (1430 GMT), 23 November 1964.If there was any decision weighing on Lyndon Baines Johnson, it was this one. He was firmly in lame-duck season now, having lost the November 3rd election to Richard goddamn Nixon. Fucking Nixon, of all people... Nevertheless, there was something of an opportunity that presented itself in the last 24 hours and he was unsure how to proceed. Consequently, as he had his delayed meeting with his guest, he was keen to know what the other man made of it all. ‘I’m honestly really sorry for this delay, Denis,’ he said over coffee, ‘but something came up with this goddamned insurgency campaign in the Midwest.’ ‘Anything you can share?’ Denis Healy, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, replied, raising his infamously bushy eyebrows. ‘Yeah,’ Johnson sighed. ‘Yesterday morning, a young girl appeared at our front lines just outside La Crosse, carrying a message from the “Council of the Great Lakes”,’ at this, Johnson actually made air quotations with his fingers, ‘asking for a ceasefire.’ ‘Hmm,’ Healy ruminated, swirling the coffee in his cup. ‘Honestly, we don’t get much by way of news about what’s happening in the Midwest back home. It’s usually what we can get out of the Canadian press. Care to elaborate?’ Johnson released a long sigh. ‘We’ve been downplaying the severity of what’s going on,’ he said eventually. ‘Mainly this is down to the state governors in the region not wanting to admit that there’s a problem. Christ almighty, some of them refused to even mobilise their own National Guard to fight this problem, much less agree to the Federal Government letting Colin Dempsey off the leash.’ Healy nodded to the President’s words. He was at least aware of Dempsey, even if he had never met the man.Major General Colin Dempsey had been a Washington National Guard reservist, albeit a veteran of both the Korean and Second World Wars. Dempsey had been called up to deal with armed militia groups in Washington, Oregon and California when Jack Kennedy refused to allow federal troops to be used in suppressing these lunatics. Dempsey was appointed the commanding officer of all three states’ National Guards and had spearheaded a campaign based on his experience of fighting North Korean and Chinese guerrillas. Hell, the man had even dragged seemingly obsolete aircraft and vehicles out of storage, with part of the assault on Seattle being supported with T-28 Trojan aircraft and M4 Sherman tanks! The campaign had been a success and a large cache of Red Dawn-supplied small arms had been captured. Dempsey had even been brought into the regular US Army to pass on his counter insurgency experience to other officers. So far, however, this had not happened and Dempsey was stuck driving a desk while state governors in Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan and Ohio refused to see this campaign as anything but a law enforcement issue for fear of rattling voters in an election year. Said “law enforcement issue” now covered parts of five states and ran from the Mississippi River in the West to the Ohio River in the East. Politicians were nothing if not economical with the facts.Various names had been battered around in conjunction with the “insurgency” and the people behind it, but there was no clear consensus as to what name referred to what; or whether there were multiple factions at work. Healy decided to raise this. ‘Basically,’ Johnson replied, ‘the Council of the Great Lakes is the pseudo-political body supposedly running the show. I say “supposedly” since it’s made up entirely of members of the Church of the End of Days.’ ‘And they are?’ Healy said, not sure he wanted to hear the answer. ‘Apparently they’re some sort of lunatic Book of Revelations-inspired religious cult,’ Johnson sighed. ‘They’re convinced that the Third World War was the start of the End of Days prophesised in Revelations and have taken it upon themselves to finish the job. From what we can gather, they were involved in the planning of the attack on your Embassy on the 4th of July. Thought they could start a nuclear war between us.’ ‘Good God,’ Healy said, releasing a long breath. ‘So, what was this missive about?’ ‘It seems like the Church Council want a ceasefire,’ Johnson replied, a humourless laugh accompanying this statement. ‘Problem is, I’m actually tempted to take them up on it.’ Healy stared at Johnson for a good minute before replying. ‘Have you taken leave of your senses, man?!’ he said eventually. ‘We’ve heard about these lunatics using kamikaze tactics against you! That isn’t something you can negotiate with!’ ‘I know,’ Johnson grunted through clenched teeth, ‘but right now we don’t have a choice. Remobilisation hasn’t had the effect we hoped. Thousands of ex-soldiers are refusing their draft orders and honestly I can’t blame them. They’ve been treated like garbage in the last two years. We need the time to rearm and regroup, take into account what’s happening in Korea and plan ahead. If I agree to a 90-day cessation of hostilities it gives us time to regroup and prepare an offensive while the weather’s still in our favour. Problem is, that takes us past the inauguration.’ ‘And you don’t know how Nixon will react?’ Healy asked, almost reading the older man’s mind. ‘Exactly,’ Johnson said, nodding. ‘For all I know, that son of a bitch will extend the ceasefire indefinitely, or hell maybe just nuke what’s left of Chicago or Detroit. It’s impossible to know which way the bastard will swing.’ ‘Speaking of what’s happening in Korea,’ Healy said, swigging his coffee, ‘how’re things really progressing over there?’ ‘Stalemate,’ Johnson sighed, rubbing his temples. ‘Red China seems to be involved but not the Soviets. There’s not really a lot we can do right now, we just don’t have the manpower.’ ‘I’m willing to send assistance to Korea if you need it,’ Healy said cautiously, ‘and most of the Commonwealth will likely follow suit. The problem is, we’ve almost reached collective burnout. British forces have been fighting insurgents in Malaya and the Mediterranean ever since the War; we’ve fought the Soviets in support of the Iranians and we’ve fought the Argentine. We’re exhausted; so are the Australians and New Zealanders. I’ll talk to the other Commonwealth heads of government, but it’s likely most of your support would come from Canada or South Africa. I honestly can’t say whether India or Pakistan will get involved, but if one does the other won’t. Burma certainly won’t.’ ‘South Africa,’ Johnson sighed, rapping his teaspoon on the edge of his cup. ‘I just signed the Civil Rights Act into force. If I decide to run again in ’68, being seen to deal with a cabal of white supremacists would make me look like a hypocrite. Might as well apply for Klan membership.’ ‘Didn’t hurt George Wallace’s performance,’ Healy replied dryly, referring to the “Dixie Democrat” former Alabama governor that ran as an independent and split the Democrat vote enough to allow Nixon to take the White House. ‘But in all seriousness, we have plans in place to do something about South Africa and Southern Rhodesia.’ ‘Care to elaborate?’ Johnson asked, raising a quizzical eyebrow. ‘Not in the slightest,’ Healy replied, giving his host a knowing smile. ‘Suffice to say, it’s something cooked up by Sir Tom Harding-Grayson, our own little Machiavelli, and let’s leave it at that.’ ‘The Republicans have a guy like that,’ Johnson said, chuckling, ‘guy by the name of Kissinger. Just be careful his scheming doesn’t do you more harm than good.’ ‘Tom knows his limits,’ Healy said. ‘If he goes too far with this “Corsair Diplomacy” as he calls it, he knows we’ll hang him out to dry. Probably by a noose.’ ‘If I do request assistance from the Commonwealth,’ Johnson pressed, ‘what should we expect?’ ‘From me, primarily just air power,’ Healy replied sadly. ‘There’s really not much more we can spare right now. The Royal Navy’s in the process of major refitting and reconstruction, and the Army and Marines have been decimated by their actions in Malaya, Cyprus, Iran and the South Atlantic. Literally decimated: it’s estimated that their nominal strength is now standing at less than 90% that in January last year, and that includes the French, Dutch and Belgian refugees with military experience we’ve taken on.’ ‘You mentioned Malaya,’ Johnson said slowly, ‘what’s happening there?’ ‘Right now, not much,’ Healy said with a shrug. ‘Communist forces on the mainland have been largely broken, to the point that they are little more than a law enforcement issue. Borneo has gone quiet; it seems that without his Soviet backers, Sukarno decided to abandon his Maphilindo vision for hegemony over Malaya and the Philippines. The main problem is that previous administration’s visions of a united Malaysia aren’t likely to happen. Sarawak and Sabah appear to be happy enough to merge with Malaya; Singapore and Brunei, not so much. Odds are, they’ll have to remain nominally independent but host to Commonwealth forces for defence. The other option involves a lot of bloodshed and honestly, I just don’t have the heart to see it.’ Johnson grunted his agreement. He was far from convinced, but like Healy he wanted a stop to all the fighting. ‘I’m scheduled to meet with the leaders of the Scandinavian Union in the New Year,’ Healy said, attempting to change the topic. ‘We’ve already agreed in principle that reconstruction of mainland Europe has to begin sooner rather than later. It’s all a question of cost. I’ve got resources tied up rebuilding cities in England and trying to decontaminate our best arable growing land. We’ve landed parties in France and Belgium, secured ports, even recommissioned naval units specifically for inshore support. The problem is, France and Germany are enormous countries and I’m not convinced that I can bring down every Soviet-backed faction and tin-pot warlord between the Pyrenees and the Danube. Even with support from Scandinavia.’ ‘What are you getting at, Denis?’ Johnson asked, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. ‘I know that you’ve nothing to spare to help,’ Healy continued. ‘I don’t blame you. You never made grandiose promises that you refused to honour the instant it looked slightly unpopular. But come on, Lyndon. We’re both aware of the sway the CIA has over Italy, Spain, even Ireland. If we’re to rebuild, we need every hand we can get.’ ‘Can you do it?’ Johnson asked bluntly. ‘With their support, can you do it?’ ‘I wish I had an answer,’ Healy sighed. ‘All I know is, we don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell without them.’ ‘I’ll do what I can,’ Johnson allowed. ‘Not sure there’s anything we can do to get through to General Roatta in Rome, but I’ll try.’ ‘Maybe contact King Umberto in person,’ Healy chuckled, ‘bypass the monkey and speak to the organ grinder.’ Both men chuckled, but they both knew there was a lot of work ahead for both their countries. If there was any justice they would prevail, but this was a very big if.
Atlantic Troubles, EpiloguePort Stanley, Falkland Islands. 17 July 1964.The hastily re-laid steel plank runway on Port Stanley racecourse was not exactly the most comfortable landing in the world, especially not after spending fifteen hours in a Handley Page Hastings transport aircraft. A site for a more permanent airport had been scouted on Cape Pembroke to the north-east of Stanley, but that was something the Royal Engineers would have to get stuck into in the future. Anabel Green made her way uneasily down the aircraft’s ladder, missing the internal airstair fitted to many civilian airliners. She had at least been persuaded to wear a more appropriate attire than the previous two-piece tweed suit she had flown out to Ascension Island in. A set of khaki trousers, hiking boots and chunky sweater were far more appropriate to the South Atlantic winter. Exchanging a handful of pleasantries with Admiral Janvrin and General Tailyour, both of whom were there to welcome her, she boarded a Series I Land Rover and was shuttled the short distance to Port Stanley’s police station. ‘He barely said a word so far,’ Janvrin reiterated as the Land Rover bumped its way towards the town. ‘Do you really think he’ll talk to you?’ ‘We can but try, Admiral,’ Green replied. ‘Worst case scenario, I have to call in one of my colleagues.’ The “colleagues” Green had in mind were the Security Service’s wet-works team. From time to time, MI6 had to get its hands dirty while playing its part in the great game of global diplomacy and it paid for such men to be kept at arm’s distance. “Plausible deniability”, the Americans called it. The wet-work team was headed by a shortish man known as Major Denzil Wilkins. “Known” being the operative word here, as MI6 was part of the Foreign Office and therefore nobody within its structure had military rank. Wilkins was just one of those self-aggrandising little men that liked to be known by their former rank after they left the Army. He thought it made him seem distinguished; to everyone else in the Service, it made him look like a prick.The Land Rover bumped to a halt outside the police station and its occupants were shepherded into the back. Green was led to an interview room, where the subject of the coming interview was handcuffed to a table. ‘So then, Mr Jaeger,’ she said, ‘it’s just us now.’ Martin Jaeger just sneered. ‘You probably don’t remember me,’ Green continued, ‘but I was at the embassy in Guatemala City when you helped orchestrate that coup for a few greengrocers. Growing fruit is just so important, isn’t it?’ ‘Fuck you,’ the CIA operative spat. ‘What the fuck do you know about anything?’ ‘I know that your fellow countrymen will do anything for money,’ she replied. ‘You’ll start a global war, lay waste to half the planet, all because Cuba wouldn’t keep greasing the palms of a handful of crooked businessmen.’ ‘Really?’ Jaeger sneered again. ‘Oh yes, remember I was there when you installed a fascist dictatorship in Guatemala,’ Green replied. ‘Now let’s just stop this faffing around and get to the point: what’s the CIA’s involvement in all this?’ ‘You really think I’m gonna talk to you, bitch?’ Jaeger said, rolling his eyes. ‘That all depends,’ Green replied, maintaining an air of professional detachment. ‘You can talk to me now, or I can call in the wet-works boys to go to work on you with a blowtorch and a set of pliers.’ ‘Bullshit,’ Jaeger spat, ‘you Limeys don’t have the stomach for that. I know about you shutting our operation down at Empire Stadium, none of you bastards have any balls.’ Green sighed. He was referring to a joint CIA-MI6 operation that rounded up possible subversives on Malta, shipped them off to Empire Stadium and proceeded to extract confessions, usually by extracting teeth. Once Sir Dick White learned what was going on, he had Denzil Wilkins go in and shut it down personally. ‘If you’re familiar with what happened on Malta, then I’m sure you’ll be familiar with my erstwhile colleague Denzil Wilkins,’ Green replied primly, noting that Jaeger looked up at the mention of the name. ‘He was so disappointed that he never got to repay the CIA for their activities at the stadium, seeing as how it probably put Anglo-Maltese relations back by fifty years. I’m sure he’ll enjoy taking his time with you.’ ‘I’m not scared,’ said Jaeger, who clearly was. ‘If you say so,’ Green said with a shrug. ‘I’m told that Mr Wilkins’ team do some quite terrifying things with an ordinary set of carpenter’s tools. Had all the children you want, have you?’ ‘Poshel nakhuy, shlyukha!’ the American shouted. Green paused. Why was he swearing in Russian? Could it be? ‘After Mr Wilkins and friends have done with you,’ she continued, ‘I’m sure that turning you back to the CIA along with everything we uncover will prove most illuminating. I hear tell that the electric chair is a most agonising method of execution. High voltage and low amperage? It slowly cooks you in a seemingly never-ending agony. Apparently, it’s like being burned alive, or being eaten by ants from the inside out.’ Jaeger stared daggers at her, breathing heavily as his imagination went into overdrive. ‘Or you could just talk to me,’ Green said brightly, ‘and save yourself all that unnecessary trouble.’ ‘What do you want?’ Jaeger growled. ‘I want to know what your orders were,’ Green said, leaning in close, ‘who was pulling the strings and, above all, why the hell you suddenly started speaking Russian to me.’ ‘What happens if I cooperate?’ the American pushed. ‘Immunity? Asylum?’ ‘That, my dear Mr Jaeger, depends on precisely what you tell me,’ she replied.Two hours and only three broken fingers later and Anabel Green was on her way back to the airfield with Martin Jaeger’s entire life story. The man himself would be shipped out on a separate flight, just in case anything went wrong. In retrospect, it was obvious that the man would have spilled his guts sooner or later. Good Lord, he was actually proud of everything he’d orchestrated! Essentially, there was, as suspected, a cabal within Central Intelligence (a contradiction in terms if ever there was one) and the US military working with tacit endorsement of the Kennedy clan to unify the island of Ireland by any means necessary, then to ensure that compliant Irish and British governments come to power that will make sure both countries are forever in America’s pocket. This is the diktat that brought about the US Navy harassing the Operation Manna convoys late last year, bringing food and medical supplies from the Commonwealth. It was also the reason for the large caches of guns being supplied to the IRA. But it didn’t stop there. It turns out that Mr Jaeger was in receipt of large amounts of money from the KGB. The intention of the Soviets to turn the UK and USA against each other, in order to distract both from its military build-up in the Caucasus and the planned invasion of the Middle East, had resulted in people like Mr Jaeger inserting orders into the US military’s chain of command to launch the attacks on Malta and Balmoral. Jaeger boasted that he had personally given the okay to Spanish plans to invade Gibraltar and attack British shipping; that he had encouraged the neo-fascist Italian regime to launch attacks on Malta; and that he ensured he was sent to Argentina to do his damnedest to provoke another war. So what if over two thousand people were now dead because of his actions in Port Stanley? Green wasn’t sure if she believed everything he had said, but it filled in a lot of blanks. There could now be little doubt that everything that had happened in the last year to set the former allies against each other had been orchestrated by the KGB, whether through lunatic true believers like the monsters that overran Cyprus and Crete before firing off half a dozen nuclear weapons they got their hands on in Romania, or just bastards for hire like Martin Jaeger. Jaeger had tried to explain away his actions by claiming to be second-generation German American and having relatives that were killed in East Germany on the night of the October War, but then he also claimed that it was the extreme methods used in Guatemala against left-leaning opponents of military rule that turned him. He was on the KGB’s coin, whatever the reason, and his exposure could have serious implications for transatlantic cooperation down the line.* * *Quinta de Olivos, Buenos Aires. 2200 local (0300 GMT), 17 July 1964.General Juan Organia did not like being summoned by the man he considered to be his lesser. As far as Organia was concerned, Arturo Illia was only President so long as he said so. The instant Illia became anything but compliant, Organia would take direct control of the country. Consequently, as he entered the meeting room at the presidential palace his mood was already foul. Finding Air Force chief of staff Brigadier General Carlos Armanini and Admiral Benigno Varela, head of the Navy, already there only added fuel to the fire. ‘What is all this about?’ Organia grunted by way of a greeting. ‘Found something else we can fucking lose? How about turning Tierra del Fuego over to Chile, save me the fucking ammunition...’ ‘Take a seat, General,’ Illia said, indicating a vacant chair. ‘Please.’ Organia growled and threw himself into the seat, scowling at everyone else in the room. ‘As I was saying, Mr President,’ Varela said, ‘not only did we lose the Malvinas, but Admiral Carlos Perez has apparently committed suicide rather than be taken prisoner.’ ‘So he should,’ Organia growled, ‘this whole thing was his fault, after all.’ ‘Carlos Perez was a friend, General,’ Varela said, quietly. ‘I knew him for many years.’ ‘I don’t give a shit,’ Organia spat, ‘the man lost us the Malvinas! And don’t forget that the plan for invading the Malvinas in the first place came from your department, Admiral!’ ‘With a recommendation from your pet Americans that it be chosen over the plan for seizing the entire Beagle Channel, General,’ Armanini retorted. ‘Where are they these days?’ Organia suddenly realised the mood in the office. He had been so angry at being summoned that he hadn’t read the tone of the room when he entered, nor had he taken note of the meeting having started without him. Now, these two factors collided in his mind. ‘What do you three think you’re doing?’ he said, gingerly rising from his chair. ‘What is this? I made you – all of you!’ ‘General, please,’ Illia said, even as he surreptitiously pushed a button on his desk. ‘Sit down and we can discuss what we do next.’ Before Organia could say anything, the doors into the office opened and four Air Force troops entered. Two grabbed him roughly by the shoulders and forced his arms behind his back like a full nelson, while the other two kept their M3 sub-machine guns trained on him. ‘General Juan Carlos Organia, I am having you placed under close arrest for dereliction of duty,’ Illia said, with a fire none in the room would have known he possessed even one day earlier. ‘You will be retired from your post and held in FAA custody until these charges have been processed.’ ‘What the hell are you doing?!’ Organia yelled as he was hauled away. ‘You can’t do this to me!’ ‘Apparently, we can,’ Illia said to himself as the doors closed. ‘Now then, gentlemen. We have some serious issues to address, not least of which is the appointment of a new Army Chief of Staff...’

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victorianqueen Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2020  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks for the add! I posted a short snippet of the book I'm working on just today. Can't wait to hear ideas and read some of your feedback!
NightLigt Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2020  Hobbyist Writer
We still active here?
TDWendella Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist

Hi, I'm looking for help with the novel that I'm currently working on.  I'm providing a link to a journal entry which entails what I'm looking for, there is also a link to the first 2 chapters of my novel, which are the only chapters that are finished at this time on the journal entry.  Thanks to anyone who helps!…

TDWendella Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
I was so very glad to be accepted to this group.  I can not wait until I get some feedback on my the novel that I'm writing.  I am looking for critiques on my novel that I’m working on.  It is my hope & dream to have it published once it is finished.  I am looking for any & all help on this novel that I can get, everything from spelling, grammar, punctuation or anything else that will help improve my novel. Thank you! Heart Heart 
kingdragon01 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2019  Hobbyist Photographer
Hello, glad to have been accepted to this group and look forward to getting feedback on my writing.
JeiJandee Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi, thanks for accepting me to this group. I hope I can learn much from you guys as I try to strive for something I am not really good at. :) I'd like to post my sample and find out what's missing and to improve it further. If there's anyone willing, feel free to leave a comment.

lupin096 Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2016
Thank you letting me join. I have a story called The Seven Sages that is in desperate need of critique. You'll already see one critique in the comments, but I edited certain parts and need an opinion on it. If anyone can help I will greatly appreciate it.  
TristanNolan Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
I can do that.
Nej88 Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for letting me in. My biggest problem is how to get to the main points in my stories I can handle dialogue and fight just fine and I outline decent enough but just getting my characters from a to b smoothly with out it being jumpy is my main issue i need to overcome. Any help would be aswesome
Tha-ddaeus Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks for accepting me here. Looking forward to any feedback on my work. Hope I can improve. :)
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