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MM Review (Sort Of): Broccoli
That's the best I can honestly come up with for this. Hello everyone and welcome back to MM Review, the review series that highlights the work and problems of one MaSTAR Media, a so-called "professional animator" known for making Dragon Ball content that embodies everything wrong with Dragon Ball fanwork from the ridiculous and excessive transformations that make those who absolutely hate the God forms take another look at those and go "As much as I still don't like these, at least they don't have glowing edgelord tattoos that make my eyes bleed." to so-called "plots" that have more holes than swiss cheese that has been shot by a glock and more bullshit plot contrivances and conveniences than a ten year old's wish fulfillment fanfiction. Oh and it also has quite possibly the WORST detail of all with the fact that the work is mostly traced and not just from Dragon Ball mind you, just about any series that has a shot MaSTAR likes, he'll use and just in case you want to defend this and sa
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I am usually a very tolerant guy when it comes to movie adaptations changing things. After all, certain designs don't work as well in films as they do in other media and sometimes, the movie looks on their own can be awesome.
SONIC INTL READY SET GO DGTL 1 SHT UK-600x887 by AspiringCreatorThis on the other hand? Never has a design left me simultaneously frustrated and horrified.
Vegeta's armor demotivational
Because despite the fact my review unfortunately suffered through all those technical problems that made me rage to the point I quit the thing, that doesn't mean I don't have shitloads of images from this crock to make fun of and turn into their own posts because hoo boy do I have plenty and to start off, let's go over this which was inspired by, of all things, a YouTube discussion. So basically what I was doing was watching a video that was dedicated to pointing out the tracing done in the first half of the Broly fan-film which misses a lot but it covers a lot of main points such as how a weird shot of Broly being punched simultaneously by Goku and Vegeta was done by tracing over the scene of when Goku punched Frieza during an episode of Dragon Ball Super and then flipping the image (Trust me, we'll talk more about that later.) and I saw a comment mentioning how the shot of Broly kneeing Vegeta had work done by Merimo to which someone replied by mentioning that the scene still comes from the fight between Kid Buu and Vegeta which led to the person asking if Merimo traced that scene to which I decided to jump in and reply explaining how it's more MaSTAR traced over Merimo's Broly and that shot of Vegeta to which he then replied how MaSTAR more kept Vegeta the same and just traced over the Broly which was given to him by Merimo (Which for the record, Jesus Christ if this is true then this is absolutely ridiculous. I've heard of commissioning people for work or just simply being given material by a friend but to be given a piece of material just to trace is just sad.) and to that I replied by mentioning that I'd only say that if Vegeta's armor didn't look so blatantly like cloth and admittedly I made a small mistake on my part by saying that unless Merimo made the mistake on Vegeta (Which wouldn't have happened since apparently the Broly was all he did.), I'm just going to say that if MaSTAR left Vegeta the way he is then I'd say it's just him reusing a shit trace to which the guy cheekily replied how that was to show the impact.

So I decided to pull up an image of Vegeta's model sheet which does a good job of illustrating the details on his armor and how they're supposed to look to compare to the screenshot of him getting kneed by Broly and what do you know when you put the two together, this looks absolutely pitiful because as the caption says...


Vegeta's armor has been explained to be made out of a dense but still fairly pliable material as in while it is something you can fit over yourself rather simply, it's still a dense pair of armor meaning with enough damage, it will crack and unless I am mistaken or if it's present in a video game, at no point in Z where Vegeta has this armor has a punch caused it to bend and deform like cloth and most importantly, there are SO many flaws here. First off the shading is completely off. The way Vegeta's armor works is that the white portions are shaded differently from the gold portions. Of course this changes in some shots but it's never too drastic. This is because the armor has a sort of segmented look in these areas and also is drawn where I believe with the trimming, it's supposed to appear as if it's recessed ever so slightly. This even extends to white portions themselves since with the trimming that divides areas, the shading hits certain sections in different ways. This art is just plain TERRIBLE because the shading acts like cloth shading, not only that but the gold sections are completely off, the trimming is either missing or done badly and all in all, one can tell that absolutely no fucks were given making this.
SSR Goku Black and Super Scourge trace
Man it feels good to be back in the swing of things again and just in time for the holidays and with that comes usually a time where I'm experimenting with stuff like potential new profile picture ideas that correspond with whatever I'm into at the moment with this one being no exception. So you see, very recently I've gotten back into the swing of things with gaming thanks to me finally taking those next few steps in modding my Wii by installing some custom IOS which finally allows me to do what I've been wanting for years which is the ability to play backups on my Wii as well as some imports that I would never be able to sample without either shelling over the cash for a Wii from a different region and then spending even MORE money on import games or just modding that one also and I am sincerely thankful for this since with my eject button now being a friction-less, overly sensitive piece of plastic that would probably require far more these days to fix it than what it would be in the console's heyday, I want to make sure I can squeeze as much time out of this as I can and with that, my love of series like Sonic the Hedgehog has been reawakened with me going through Sonic Heroes (Which was my first Sonic game.) again and Shadow the Hedgehog (Don't judge me, I actually really liked this one despite its problems.) and considering my love of Dragon Ball is going strong, I thought for my Fanfiction page (Which I really need to get to updating.) that I'd do a new image featuring some of my top favorite characters from these franchises which happen to be Scourge from the Archie Comics series (Who also has one of my top super form looks since purple is my favorite color.) and Goku Black.

The theme for me was evil doubles and I have to say, as I was tracing these, I completely forgot about how much I enjoyed doing these kind of pieces because with the proper amount of effort, they can look pretty good and in this case especially, I'm really happy how it turned out, especially when it comes to Super Scourge who just has an AMAZING shade of purple.

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Don't mind these tags, these are just here to spread this out further. I really can't stand DA's tag limit so I've decided to include extra sets in the description.
That's the best I can honestly come up with for this. Hello everyone and welcome back to MM Review, the review series that highlights the work and problems of one MaSTAR Media, a so-called "professional animator" known for making Dragon Ball content that embodies everything wrong with Dragon Ball fanwork from the ridiculous and excessive transformations that make those who absolutely hate the God forms take another look at those and go "As much as I still don't like these, at least they don't have glowing edgelord tattoos that make my eyes bleed." to so-called "plots" that have more holes than swiss cheese that has been shot by a glock and more bullshit plot contrivances and conveniences than a ten year old's wish fulfillment fanfiction. Oh and it also has quite possibly the WORST detail of all with the fact that the work is mostly traced and not just from Dragon Ball mind you, just about any series that has a shot MaSTAR likes, he'll use and just in case you want to defend this and say that it's not against the law? That's kind of true except for how painfully lazy he is with his traces and the fact he does make money off the videos and he now apparently has a network of some kind which helped to take down Totally Not Mark's excellent video on Dragon Ball bootlegs which included a parody of his work which did everything he said a person could do to his material and during his so-called "apology" and explanation of the situation, he went on basically to claim that the guy was misrepresenting him and his work and goddamn I think with how long I've been dragging this out, you can tell that I'm not exactly in the brightest of moods when it comes to this.

Of course part of that comes from the fact that the end of November has been pretty rough in terms of people we've been losing left and right, some of which have managed to play some truly massive parts in my life in some way but the other part is simply reading about that because for those who happen to be more versed in my history than others? You'd know the last time we started going in-depth on someone who started doing this that I unfortunately had to purge some content because of some iffy interactions and so to hear that MaSTAR is not necessarily trying to start legal battles but rather has a network which took down a video that was reinstated but not without the guy taking a few potshots all because the person dared to criticize him really makes me frustrated. But those are not the only two reasons and while this last one is nowhere near as serious as those other two, it still plays an important part in why I've put off the next part of MM Review for so long to the point where I'm definitely thinking of stopping.

MaSTAR's recent content, to put it bluntly, is just boring and gives me nothing to really work with. I mean at the very least with Anime War there's a bullshit plot element I can criticize here and there (And considering the implications the new trailer for Anime War has for this messy pile of confused fan appeasement, let me tell you that I have enough salt to fill up twenty different mines when it comes to that pile of garbage.) but in terms of his other work? I can't really say anything other than it's just bland traced garbage. Hell with how much he leans on others as a cru-erm I mean with how much work he gives to his team, he doesn't really do much of the work anymore and when he does do work? Well I can tell you one thing, he has degraded a LOT. Now granted, it was known that in his animations he used a lot of the same sources but nowadays, he has degraded to the point where we're seeing the exact same scenes. Here let me paint a picture for you, here's a shot we get in Goku vs Jiren.
Goku Possibly Traced By Aspiringcreator Dbsn3tz-fu by AspiringCreator
And here's a shot in the video we're going to be covering for this entry, Dragon Ball Super: Broly...
Goku traced by AspiringCreator
No you did not read that wrong. In fact, I didn't write out the full title so I'm the one at fault here. The movie is actually titled "Dragon Ball Super: Broly: The Movie: FAN FILM" because that isn't a mouthful to say at all. Look as one can guess by the color palette and the tweaks to the colors, this fan animation is based on the upcoming Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie which as some people may have noticed is big in the news at the moment because Toei decided to spoil what was... admittedly the worst kept secret what with all the clues we got about his potential return with the most blatantly obvious being the datamine of the Xenoverse 2 updates which revealed hints about the new DLC and the choice of movies to put out in theaters for a short period of time but still, I am as excited about the movie as I am frustrated with Toei's marketing team but I'm getting off-topic. So if any of this is ringing a bell, it might be because a little ways back, I reviewed "Origin of the Saiyans", MaSTAR's fan-animation that was based on the very first teaser with the attempt being to stretch out a tiny piece of footage into his own original story and it was not very good. The traces showed that MaSTAR's already pretty low quality was dropping even lower, the visual effects were even more of an eyesore and his original character, Akumo, is a boring plank of wood Mary Sue like almost ALL of MaSTAR's villains. Moreover, the cheeky dude actually used animation from the teaser in conjunction with his own crap traces which only further emphasized just how low quality the animation was and made him seem more lazy than ever.

Then after that, it was a couple of months later and after the trailer for the film was released, we then received a trailer for his new fan film based on the movie with MaSTAR even going as far as to recreate shots from the trailer like that one of Broly rising from the ground with bright red eyes which looked absolutely amazing and terrifying whereas MaSTAR's version looked like... well we'll get to it. A few months later the film would be released and in two forms, first time was in two parts with the standard Japanese dialogue and the second involves something very interesting, that being the movie all in one part with, get this, an ACTUAL English dub with people who aren't that bad in their roles. Of course I'm rather frustrated to know that talented voice actors would lend their services to something like this but hey, A for effort. As for what version I'll be looking at? It's going to be the subbed version if only because I can have a ton of fun ripping the subtitles apart and because I'd rather not have to think about the fact that actual talented people lent voices to this. So with all that said, it's time to kick back, relax and keep a bottle of booze as well as a container of aspirin on standby because it's time to look at MaSTAR's Broly fanfilm.

And to start us off, we first have a scene of Goku and Vegeta sparring because when is a MaSTAR animation NOT going to open up on fighting. Okay in all seriousness, the scene isn't that bad, it's just something I've noticed watching all these animations which I think is what helps contribute to all these being so dull but if one were to go deeper, the problems don't really stop there. To start off, just like in all MaSTAR productions, the audio mixing is TERRIBLE. The music and sound effects are either mixed way too loud or so much of them are going off at once that it's near earrape levels which in turn makes you notice that the sound quality itself isn't up to snuff and speaking of not being up to snuff, let's talk about some shots shall we? More specifically, let's go into shots of a certain Saiyan Prince since this allows me to highlight a very specific problem that appeared all throughout the trailer and will appear several times in this animation.
Vegeta traced 01 by AspiringCreator
Vegeta traced 02 by AspiringCreator
Vegeta traced 03 by AspiringCreator
Vegeta traced 04 by AspiringCreator
Apparently Vegeta for this particular sparring day has decided to go out in a painted up white tank-top which is a few sizes too small for him because as one could probably guess, this is not at ALL how he's supposed to look. After all, what Vegeta is wearing is supposed to be armor which as Dragon Ball has shown on many occasions, sticks out somewhat because of its design and is not supposed to look skintight. If you don't like it as much as I do? Well unfortunately you'll have to get used to it because MaSTAR does this a LOT where instead of finding an appropriate shot of Vegeta in his armor or simply sending the shot over to one of his more artistically skilled collaborators to fix, he instead chooses to trace over shots of Vegeta that are clearly meant to be him either with a bare chest or simply without his armor. As a result, most shots of Vegeta in his armor look hilariously awkward and while I will give credit with how it does look like some shading was omitted in an attempt to make it seem more like armor, this is just so obvious that I can't help but laugh at how sad this looks. Oh and with how fast these shots in particular go by, I have to say I find it kind of humorous how for just one frame, Vegeta gives a smirk while the rest of the time he's clearly putting in some effort. That's the kind of consistency you... well you don't live for it but it's the kind that will not cease to give you a good laugh and if some of you are asking about Goku well, let's just say he doesn't fare much better.
Traced Goku 01 by AspiringCreator
Traced Goku 02 by AspiringCreator
Traced Goku 03 by AspiringCreator
Like dear lord does he not fare much better. I mean it was bad enough in Goku vs Jiren when the dude clearly looked as if he was using shots of Gohan just lazily edited to make his dad but this? This is almost too sad to even look at. To start off, the shading to me looks like crap, it's almost on par with some early Newgrounds flash animations I remember some people doing as tributes to DBZ where they attempted to emulate Toriyama's style and instead came off as looking cheaply made. Back then, that could be forgiven considering the times and the fact these were mostly passion projects made basically with no budget but nowadays in 2018 when taking into account the several fantastic amateur animators out there and the fact that MaSTAR has been doing this for a few years now? You let something like this sink in and you end up becoming depressed and for me one of the greatest sources of that depression is Goku's hair as in just like almost EVERY other time MaSTAR has used hair, instead of even trying to make it work, he just uses a few frames and has it either pasted over or behind the head regardless of how it's intended to be used. The very top image for instance looks like it has a hairstyle that was meant to be from an angle where we're just looking at the side of Goku's face just as he's powering up or that at the very least it should be just a little bit higher since with that small point in-between Goku's two main bangs, it looks as if it was meaning to show the underside but it wasn't placed properly so in turn, we can tell this was edited off another character and it just looks plain ugly.

Luckily this isn't on the screen for too long for we then move into some plot as we see in space, Frieza's ship moving closer towards Earth and inside, we get shots of him as well as the father-son villain duo who are making their grand canon debut in December and January. Introducing Paragus and Broly! Though Broly's not of interest since aside from some awkward proportions he looks okay, instead let's take a look at his father because oh boy do I have things to talk about with him.
Paragus by AspiringCreator
And right away, I must pay my respects to that glorious neck because seriously look at that thing. Forget the Legendary Super Saiyan, it's all about the Legendary Super Neck since that thing looks like it can withstand and while we're examining that, my man your armor looks like shit, seriously just what is going on here. Well I'll tell you, it's MaSTAR's attempt at doing original art since there really isn't much in the way of shots of the new Paragus and therefore there's not enough for MaSTAR to start tracing to hell and back and while I will give him props for the attempt, I still have to ask what even is this armor because it just looks so... amateurish. From the awkwardly drawn muscles to the weirdly done proportions on the armor as well as just how jagged a lot of the curves are, I almost feel like someone somehow managed to find a PS1 character model of a Saiyan to trace over because seriously, while this isn't the worst thing ever, this again looks so amateurish and ugly.
Goku and Vegeta traced by AspiringCreator
On second thought, I take back what I said about Paragus because compared to what's going on here? Sweet Jesus... okay so here's the basic gist of what's happening. Goku and Vegeta have just sensed the massive power source and as such they're going to investigate. What follows after what was admittedly some okay animation of Vegeta giving his standard "Hmph." response to Goku saying they should go is basically the two getting ready to take off which gives us this hilariously awful looking frame. Now as for Goku, he looks okay in spite of the lack of certain details like how one of his arms doesn't really look muscular but Vegeta, dear lord look at what happened to him, his proportions are all sorts of screwed up, his armor doesn't look at all like armor, the shading sucks. Just my god and you know what the best part is? When we get to the shots of them flying, these are used for when they're farther away and in that spot, they actually look okay so in other words, like we've come to expect from the dude by this point, he used a shot that was intended to be used far away and put the drawings so close to the camera so every mistake becomes more obvious.
Goku and Vegeta crap by AspiringCreator
And at this particular point, it becomes even MORE obvious and as an added bonus, just look at these auras/flight trails. Now funnily enough this reminds me of an Episode Breakdown video where KaiserNeko of TFS broke down how he edited a scene of Gohan and Krillin taking off in Super Android 13 and there was a similar issue with the layering except in that case, they were working with footage from the movie and not their own work and Kaiser even expressed that it does look rough for a few frames. Here? Again let me remind you that MaSTAR has been doing animations for a good while now with a lot of them being Dragon Ball related. This my friends does not look like years of hard-work all culminating in some noticeable improvements. In fact, this looks like a mistake I'd expect to see in the EARLIEST videos. In fact that's one thing I've noticed is screwed up the most along with just basic direction and continuity, auras have almost never looked right because they're either resized so poorly that it doesn't even look like an aura, the wrong type is used or it's layered so badly that it looks like a cheap photoshop job. Hell this one doesn't even look like it would've been that hard to fix. Simply fill in more of the white, maybe try to rearrange Vegeta's position so that he's a little closer to Goku and then while the aura ends up looking a little lopsided, it would at least be leagues better than this.

But anyways, after they take off we see them touch down to meet Frieza and Paragus where the former explains that in his travels across the galaxy after being wished back, he has found a powerful Saiyan who he felt would be a perfect match for him. Of course we know that Saiyan is Broly and you know what? I'll give him a pass on this because I feel this is genuinely a very good idea. I mean from the looks of the marketing, this is basically the idea they're kind of going for with Broly and Paragus though of course we see that at some point Broly starts turning against the tyrant (And for those who know plot spoilers, please don't bother telling me.) and battling him along with Goku and Vegeta but of course with this being a fan-animation, I understand the point of wanting to do some original story elements and I have to say, I think this is pretty good. What I can't say the same for is the animation because like in all the previous recent MaSTAR animations I covered, MaSTAR once more has forgone the use of actual hair animation or simply tracing the hair in one position that actually looks good and is instead doing that thing where he places one repeated frame of animation behind the face which is aligned in a fairly poor manner and only serves to highlight that these animations are still just as lazy as you'd expect them to be though it is during that shot that Vegeta being... well Vegeta decides to throw some shade at the Saiyan in front of him saying he's far too weak for them and it's here where when it cuts to Paragus, I just have to comment once again on just how ugly this Saiyan looks.Buff Paragus by AspiringCreator
Nope I am SPECIFICALLY referring to you man because dear lord what is going on with your proportions and armor, seriously, I am just looking at this and trying to find something positive to say about you and yet nothing's coming to mind. You look like a photoshopped steroid abuser wearing a cheap cardboard Halloween costume though really, your subtitle quote still makes some degree of sense... because the ugly was passed on to your son as well.Buff Broly by AspiringCreator
I think we're staring to see a trend here in terms of the awkward bad proportions. Okay so basically, here's the main issue, at the time this was released, we only had a grand total of I believe two trailers for the movie and a very small selection of drawings and renders from various V-Jump magazines meaning there was nowhere near enough content for MaSTAR to trace from which means he has to do some original drawings. However, MaSTAR doesn't play like that so a lot of the time what seems to happen is that he will attempt to frankenstein together a trace from multiple different elements and use that in conjunction with some original pieces though as you can tell, he tries to avoid that a lot because hoo boy does this look hideous. Now funnily enough, this process is nothing new to me. After all on my gallery I have a collection of traces with a few of them being this kind of deal such as an image of an SSG GT Goku which was a frankensteining of a God Goku head and SS3 GT Goku which was done in a way to where I tried to make it as seamless as possible. In fact, here's the image right here.
God GT Goku Trace by AspiringCreator
Now I'm willing to admit that this thing has its flaws but seriously, look at this and the image of Broly where basically it's almost the same process and just look at how much more awkward that looks. I've said it once in my reviews before and I'll gladly say it again. Part of the problem with MaSTAR's traces isn't the fact he traces, it's the fact that he's so LAZY while he does it. If he had spent just a little while longer on that image, that could've turned out to be something great. Granted it still would be a trace but at the very least it would've been fine to look at instead of this ugly roided out thing. Also apparently we've decided to go for calling his restricted yellow eye look his base form in this animation instead of featuring his actual base form because... creativity? I mean I'm not upset, just really confused. Anyways after this we get Goku telling Vegeta to not rush in blindly since there is something strange about him and Vegeta instead focuses on how he has never seen this guy before and that he's suppressing his ki to which I have to say to the former "No shit." because this was before the trailers showed that Broly seems to have some deeper connections to Vegeta than we realize so of course MaSTAR would not have the two know each other but what I really would like to point out is that it's "nice" to see that dialogue still feels disjointed and awkward. Moving on from this though, the fight is about to begin with Paragus giving a typical "At last we'll have our revenge." spiel before then using a remote control to set the limit on Broly's power and it's here where we do get some nice animation in at least one shot and that's when we get a close-up of Broly's eyes as they turn yellow and they way they did it was that they had his eyes shake as the yellow filled his irises with it even intentionally being a little off-center which as an effect looks wicked cool.
Ugly Broly by AspiringCreator
This is not one of those wicked cool effects, this is just a child's first MS Paint doodle of the new Broly given life with some touch-ups. I don't think I even need to go into what's wrong with this one, you can clearly see just how ugly this thing is. Hell it's almost about as ugly as this next shot.Vegeta and Broly struggle by AspiringCreator
So like in the first trailer we got, Broly aims for Vegeta first and we get what is a decent recreation of the shot of Vegeta blocking Broly's punch with a smug smirk on his face except instead of him simply blocking it, he actually caught the fist and why did he do that? So we can have yet another one of these power struggles of course. I mean you can't have a fight in one of these videos without one of these and just like almost every single one of the previous ones, this just looks BAD. Broly's proportions here are so awkward, Vegeta looks like he's the wrong height next to him, that traced piece of cloth that attempts to simulate Broly's fur garment looks so basic and cheap. Really there's not much more I can add to this, it just looks AWFUL. Hell apparently it looks so bad that Vegeta just realized he was in another MaSTAR production because as the struggle continues, he manages the impressive feat of screaming while his teeth are grit to go through Super Saiyan 1 and 2 in quick succession before then kneeing the brute (Because these power struggles almost ALWAYS end with a knee either to the gut or the face.) and it's here where get a truly majestic piece of incompetence.Vegeta knees Broly by AspiringCreator
Now up until this point, MaSTAR had been at least managing to get the basics of the armor Broly was wearing down. However, we must keep in mind that previously, he did that one fan-animation with his OC Akumo so as one can expect, he may want to use some shots of him edited into Broly. But of course, since Akumo had somewhat of a different look, one would expect a good tracer to realize that there are certain details that will have to be changed because of just how different their looks are in some instances right? If you think that, my god you expect too much out of this dude because as you can see here, this is BARELY changed from the original image. In fact so little has changed that not only can you tell that this armor has no second shoulder pad like Akumo's but his main shoulder pad is the wrong color, the effort MaSTAR put into recoloring the armor amounted to making the white portions of the chest the same color as the regular armor bits and adding that bit of green... without changing how the shading works which then calls attention to the fact that it's not necessarily his shoulder pad is the wrong color but by forgetting to remove that ridge detail, it's obvious that this is not Broly's armor though you want to know what the real kicker is?Broly's wrong armor by AspiringCreator
The camera slowly pans up so we get to linger on this awful mistake and we see Broly's face which reveals that the white details on the right had no attempt made to remove them and that MaSTAR's solution to him having no shoulder pad apparent'y was to just paint the part of his bare shoulder in the colors of the shoulder pads which then makes the whole thing look lopsided and dear LORD is this embarrassing. I mean I've seen some pretty sorry mistakes doing this whole series and I have to say, this ranks up there as being one of the most pathetic, especially since the camera actually LINGERS on this shot, meaning that there's no way in hell you'll miss this mistake. And again, this is where I must ask, if MaSTAR has friends who help him work on this which even includes people who will animate whole sections for him, you'd think that maybe he'd take advantage of this to make for his shortcomings by handing his traces to artists who know what they're doing and would be able to fix obvious problems like this or that at the very least before launching it, he would take a second look and think to himself "Jesus this looks awful." and go into make the necessary fixes but nope, it was uploaded like this. Even in the version that puts both parts together and gives us an English dub, it's still like this though in that case, you're probably too distracted by actors struggling with MaSTAR's stilted dialogue and the lack of space between certain sentences to even pay attention to this animation blunder.
Broly knees Vegeta by AspiringCreator
Though for those that miss this blunder, I really don't know what to say because... well look at it. Vegeta's armor somehow manages to fold like a shirt when that's not how it works, Broly's proportions just look awful, his lower half looks especially hideous with how it looks like all the weight fell completely to his thighs and waist and just what in the hell is that pose he's doing. Is he inflicting pain or is Broly realizing he forgot his exercise routine for the day and thus decided to incorporate it into his fight regardless of how inappropriate of a time it is. Or he possibly could be spreading a disease that gives people these terrible proportions because in the next scene there's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it shot of Vegeta just mere moments before Broly lands a devastating punch and... well just look at this.
Vegeta with a thin stomach and waist by AspiringCreator
I mean... dear god. Setting aside the obviously terrible positioning for a moment and how Vegeta looks less like he's in pain and more like he's either horribly constipated or that diarrhea has struck him but just look at Vegeta's waist and stomach. I mean I now half-expect that if this Vegeta were to undress, it'd turn out this is really just a muscle suit and that his actual muscle structure reveals him to be no buffer than Shaggy Rogers but then again, I'd wish he take this shit off because that is not Saiyan armor and as for Broly? Well once again from this shot we see a poor attempt at trying to hide that this was originally a shot of Akumo though now MaSTAR is not even trying since he still has the white details, the green shoulder pad is completely wrong and the back portion of his armor is the same color and style as Akumo's which almost makes this look like it should be a Potara fusion between the two and so with that in mind, I'm not calling him Broly from now on. Ladies and gentlemen, I shall now dub this gentleman Brumo because very clearly it's just Akumo pretending to be Broly so I'd rather not reward this faker with the name of the actual character.

Moving on though we get one of MaSTAR's usual series of excessive flashes which hide something so poor which we thankfully/unfortunately get to see clearly a few moments later and...
...What the fuck by AspiringCreator...What the fuck 02 by AspiringCreator
What the fuck 03 by AspiringCreator
I... umm... well...

So moving on from whatever the hell those frames were (Because really I think you can pick out EVERYTHING that's wrong with them just by looking at the images.) we see Vegeta flying into a mountain though because we can't just have something stay still and look decent, MaSTAR decided to move Broly as Vegeta flew and what we get looks almost just as pathetic as those previous frames.
Awful Broly by AspiringCreator
It's almost like MaSTAR... okay you know what? Fuck this. I'm sorry for being so blunt but I've tried to write this review out a few times now and in that time, I had a BSOD, my tabs keep friggin' crashing on me and in turn, I've lost most of what I wrote after this point one too many times now so screw it, we're going to blaze through this. Through a series of terrible drawings, cases where guest animators completely outdo MaSTAR because of the poor direction he gives and the terrible sense of consistency, eventually Goku goes Ultra Instinct and beats the crap out of this big brute only to then get his ass kicked, then it turns into wish-fulfillment Vegeta fanfiction with him beating the crap out of the guy and proceeding to kill both him and Frieza, thus ending this boring heap. I'm sorry if that was a rushed uneventful ending but I really can't stand to talk about this animation anymore and with all the crashes and nonsense, at some point I have to ask what the point even is. The Broly fanfilm is BORING. It has everything I've talked about before. The animation sucks, the tracing is lazy, the continuity isn't good and really if you want to see how bad it can get, I'm going to leave the videos embedded here so you can see for yourself but overall, I really don't want to talk about these animations anymore. I mean I'll gladly look into and potentially rip apart the new Anime War since that doesn't cease to give me something new to talk about but in terms of the stuff outside of it, I'm not bothering anymore.

MM Review (Sort Of): Broccoli
In which I go through technical issues to review something that's painfully boring so eventually I rage quit.

#animation #anime #animemanga #ball #dbgt #dbz #digitalart #digitalartwork #digitaldrawing #digitalfanart #dragonball #dragonballgt #edit #experiment #futuro #god #gogeta #gohan #goku #gokuson #gokussj #gokuvegeta #imageedit #japon #majinbuu #manga #mangaanime #media #pages #piccolo #piccoro #saiyajin #ssj #ssj3 #super #traced #tracing #vegitto #gokudragonball #monaka #gokussj4 #zamasu #veyito #bardockssj #gohandragonball #gohandragonballz #gohansupersaiyan #vegetassj2 #gokudragonballz #goldenfreezer #supersaiyangod #blackgoku #show #de #fukkatsunof #revivaloffrieza #dragonballzfukkatsunof #fukkatsu_no_f #resurrectionoffreezer #billsgodofdestruction #resurrectionoff #gokussgss #vegetassgss #saiyajin_super
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Okay let's see what's going on in the world today.

There aren't enough dolphins in the world to censor what's playing in my head right now.
Earlier yesterday, I took a trip down to my local McDonald's for mainly two reasons with one being very standard if you are ever considering McDonald's and the second being a bit silly but if you've been on the internet? It's understandable. The first was just that I was hungry and didn't feel like doing too much so I went and got a quick lunch but as for the second? It was because today, the strangely illusive Szechuan Sauce was finally brought back and in way higher quantities than back in October and considering my taste in food had been expanding and I was really looking forward to this? I was wanting a taste. As soon as I got my nuggets, I went home, peeled back the packet, tried it and what did I think?

It was pretty good. Not the greatest thing ever and certainly not something worth all this hype but still it was good and I honestly think it should become a permanent menu option and I've seen others agree. However, there are a good bunch of people on who do have the opposite opinion and some that are more drastic, saying the sauce is just awful and not worth the hype. We'll get into what this has to do with the title with this next story. It should be no surprise I picked up Dragon Ball FighterZ and am loving it thanks to one of my status updates. I picked it up in January and have been loving it ever since. However one day I ended up receiving a comment by :icon09099aazz: about their opinions of the game which were incredibly negative.

Screenshot-2018-2-26 BL2 The Game We Didn't Get (R by AspiringCreator

Obviously, I disagreed with this and felt the post was incredibly inaccurate about the game so we had a discussion and at the end, that was when the subject of hype came up for I explained I just wanted a good Dragon Ball game and that looking at it, it was also fanbase seemed to want also and they then explained that the opposite happened for them and later on explained that happened with Xenoverse and how that game wasn't what they wanted it to be which led to the idea for this journal since afterwards I started thinking about things like the reaction to the new Star Wars films, Dragon Ball Super and more.

Now let's get this out of the way, it's perfectly okay to be hyped for something. After all, excitement and interest in a product is completely normal and in some ways it's going to be impossible to stop especially if you happen to have a special connection with that franchise. For example, if you're someone who has grown up with Dragon Ball then something like Super is probably going to be viewed differently than someone who is maybe just coming in with more tempered expectations. For you, it's the kind of event you dreamed about. It's a new Dragon Ball series and while yes it's not being set in the time period you want? It's still a production you ultimately would want to see and for some people? That's when their imagination sparks. They start thinking up what they think the show's going to be like, dreaming about the day it premieres, making fanart or they'll think that it will be the ultimate savior of programming. Then that day comes and you're sitting down ready to be blown away... and instead the episode you get is not what you're expecting. Instead of jumping right into the action, it instead decides to go for a small plot about Goten and Trunks wanting to get Gohan and Videl a wedding gift and the reaction turns from excitement to disappointment and for some people they may even be pissed off, declaring Super is the worst thing to have ever happened to the franchise even though it's just one episode and that continues through many of the episodes that follows and for some people? That has resulted in episodes like 5 becoming the ultimate sign that Dragon Ball has crumbled. Right then and there pictures of what can really be amounted to poor in-between frames are shared not just for humor but to say that this is how the series has been killed by the studio.

And to tie it back into my beginning spiel about the Szechuan Sauce? This is also what can happen when someone builds up something so much to another person in an attempt to get them to check out something. To give an example, imagine you're someone who's a fan of Star Wars and you're trying to get a friend whose tastes you have a good idea about into the franchise but instead of simply saying "You should check this out, I think you'll have a good time."? You instead say something like "Oh my god you absolutely have to watch this man! It's a classic! A 10/10! GRADE A CLASSIC! GIVE IT A WATCH COME ON IT'S GONNA BLOW YOUR FUCKING MIND!". Now granted that exact wording may turn them off from it if you keep pestering them but imagine if after that? They decide to look up the reviews on Star Wars and they see that it is considered a classic and one of the greatest films ever made. While this doesn't happen for everyone? For some the hype gets to them. For some reason they picture the idea of seeing this as being something transcendent, magical and powerful enough to change their very lives. At some point they finally get a hold of the film or they ask to borrow it from you, the moment of truth has finally arrived and then...

Their reaction most likely ends up nowhere near as positive as one would expect/want. Sometimes it can result in them saying they thought the film was just okay, that they're indifferent to it or that it is good if not as good as the hype made it out to be. However, at other times people can end up having a far more negative reaction and say that they hate it or they just will say they don't like it. Sometimes it can be for another reason but in most cases? It's either the film just didn't work for them or the hype was so great that ultimately it crippled their enjoyment. The very thing they were trying to watch was so built up in their heads and by their friends that ultimately there was no way that the production was going to please them for the piece of media they built up in their heads will almost always be seen as better than what was presented. It's kind of why in this day and age I don't too much and often get sick of the "Here's how it should be/how I would've done it" posts because honestly while there is curiosity involved in wondering how people would've done it? For the most part it comes off as whining to me. I recently reread my Xenoverse 3 wishlist that I did after I had just barely stopped playing the game and that's all that came to my head. I sounded like a whiny little bitch who expected a gaming company to cater to me and every bit of my desires, not a disappointed gamer who was simply expressing how things could've been improved, not someone who was understanding but just a dick who had to crap on the parade. Now it should be obvious that I don't mean every single person who is disappointed and has had different expectations sounds like a bitch when they express how they would've done it or they simply open up about how they were disappointed and that if you were someone who did express how they would've done something? I don't think you're any less of a person for doing so. However, I can't help but admit it does annoy me in a way because it goes along with what I can't stand about modern day fandom.

It feels like people have become spoiled and thus they feel every company needs to cater to every one of their needs in the exact way they requested it. If not? That person is unworthy, they'll go apeshit and eventually it will get to the point where no matter how well the job is done? That person is just going to be doomed to hate everything. To give an example I once used in a discussion on TFW2005 in response to someone who was grumbling about the scale of a third party Omega Supreme, it's like getting a nice big cake for your birthday party and overall it looks good. The icing was applied well, it's the flavor you wanted and it's just the right amount of fluffiness. However, you then notice that it doesn't have sprinkles or that if it does, it's not the certain color you wanted. Then you end up ragging on how you wish it was filled with this certain cream, that it was just a bit smaller or that it's a certain type of that flavor that you don't care for. The complaints just keep coming and coming until eventually you find yourself staring at that cake with nothing but contempt and while you can say that Baskin-Robbins or your mom screwed you over in some ways? In some cases, you really only have no one but yourself to blame for deciding to nitpick every single detail to the point where you end up making yourself hate it. Of course you can blame the people who made it but really think about it, they're not the kind of team that is making something that is purely for you. Really no company is since as it has been shown many times, you risk crippling your sales a hell of a lot when you cater your work to only one person who you're not even sure is going to like what you put out and you wish that instead they'd just try to enjoy something for what it is instead of what their brain wanted it to be.

And really, that's the worst part about overhyping something. It ultimately can make it to where it's nearly impossible to just enjoy something for what it is because you're so focused on what it could've been and/or what you wanted it to be which in my opinion is not only ridiculous but completely unfair to the people who made the product. With that said, if you genuinely don't like something then please by all means do NOT try to force yourself to like it. At most for stuff you've overhyped and can look at from a more balanced perspective I'd recommend giving it another go with the hype goggles taken off but if you genuinely do not like it then, know that it's perfectly okay. This post is also not meant to shame people who are fans and feel disappointment with something since that will happen. Hell, as a fan of many franchises myself the same has happened to me with things like Batman v. Superman, the first two arcs of Dragon Ball Super and more. I mean opinions are subjective and we naturally are all gonna have different tastes and perspectives on a variety of topics, one person's trash could be another person's treasure and our tastes are ultimately going to influence what we find good. With that said however, if the main reason for someone not liking something is that it "didn't live up to the hype" or that it "didn't follow what they were wanting"? I can't help but admit that even as someone who likes to think they're not so judgmental that it's frustrating to see because I can't help but feel that's more their fault and not the fault of the media in question. To use some examples, it's not The Force Awakens' fault that it wasn't a transcendent experience that some overhyping fans didn't like it, it's their fault for deciding that for some reason a film has to basically be perfect in order to be considered good in a franchise that never was. It's not The Last Jedi's fault that some overhyped fans once again thought it destroyed the franchise, ultimately they're at fault for deciding it had to follow every fan theory and finally, it's not FighterZ's fault that it isn't as deep as a Street Fighter III or that it didn't live up to your inhuman expectations, it's the first game of a series that was made with a goal in mind that didn't line up with every bit of your desires and really claiming certain things about its design such as how it's apparently a button masher without really getting an extensive look at the game doesn't help. Judge something for what it is, not what it isn't. Take people to task on things that are genuinely wrong with the productions and encourage improvement and always go in with a moderated level of excitement because honestly I think at a certain point as we keep focusing on this overall nothing is going to be enjoyable for us anymore.

This is probably going to get me hate but I don't really care.

#anh #aotc #attackoftheclones #empirestrikesback #episode1 #episode2 #episode3 #episode7 #episodei #esb #hansolo #ix #lukeskywalker #movie #revengeofthejedi #revengeofthesith #rotj #rots #skywalker #star_wars #starwars #sw #tfa #thephantommenace #tlj #tpm #starwarsepisode7 #starwarsstarwars #episode9 #episodevii #luke_skywalker #starwarssaga #solofamily #starwarsepisodevii #9 #7 #theforceawakens #starwarstheforceawakens #starwarssolo #kyloren #starwarsepisodeviii #starwarskyloren #kylo_ren #kylorenstarwars #kylorenstarwarsepisodeviitheforceawakens #kylorenstarwarstheforceawakens #episode_7 #star_wars_the_force_awakens #starwarsepisodeix #solostarwars #episode_vii #bensolo #tfaspoilers #kyloren_starwarstheforceawakens #thelastjedi #episodeix #kylorenthelastjedi #thelastjedikyloren #episodeviiithelastjedi #tljspoilers #thelastjedis #skywalkerluke #skywalkersaga #akiratoriyama #anime #aniversary #bills #blue #cell #champa #dbgt #dragon #dragonball #dragonballgt #freezer #fusionha #godofdestruction #gogeta #gohan #goku #gokussj #goten #hit #japon #manga #pages #png #poster #power #sagas #saiyans #sayan #songoku #ssg #ssj1 #trunks #universe #vegitto #gokudragonball #gokussj3 #mosco #gokussj4 #veyito #whiss #gohandragonballz #gohansupersaiyan #gokudragonballz #gokuss3 #beerus #6 #7 #dragonballzfukkatsunof #resurrectionoff #gokussgss #ssjblue #DragonBallSuper #gohanfukatsunof #dokkanbattle #vadosdbs #champagodofdestruction #botamo #zenosama #zamasudbs #vegettossgblue #caulifla #caulifladragonball #caulilflasupersaiyan #hype #review #journal #reviews #rant #mild #opinion #opinions


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I hate to ask you but can you help me with a guy on this deviation: Vegito ~ Fusion between timelines. This guy won't drop his "Fusions can't fuse" argument even though he's presented no proof that is the case.
db-onriz Featured By Owner Edited Aug 30, 2018
have you seen mastar's lastest animation?:
Some parts are not traced:
and some parts are done by the notorious luke:
AspiringCreator Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2018
I've now seen it and really, I'm not sure what to say. Luke's part looks good despite some wonky proportions at times, the work from MaSTAR occasionally is decent despite the tracing and as for the bits where he didn't trace? Just... yikes.

This is getting a review though. I'm gonna wait until this thing is completed, watch these parts repeatedly and wait until some shots are identified but it deserves an analysis.
db-onriz Featured By Owner Edited Aug 30, 2018
Most of the traced shots are directly reused from his previous animations with minor changes
AspiringCreator Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2018
That's definitely becoming apparent.
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For fun, i have created a stash for the various sources of mastar media's traces:
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Wow, I didn't even know what things he traced on a lot of them, good on you. 
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