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The Light by AspiredWriter The Light :iconaspiredwriter:AspiredWriter 3 3
Can't breathe,
can't think.
The ruins of flame
engulf me.
Yearning to burn it down;
a cleansing blaze,
a foolish dream
offers no relief.
It stands behind now,
in clear view still.
Its heat scorches from afar
or is it the desert sun?
Death of the wind.
Decay of the river.
Sand courses,
peels layers of skin.
Raw bloodless wounds
cover whitewashed flesh
as the wasteland is masked by flame.
Sand turns to glass in the wreckage of Hades.
A visit from Beelzebub himself
turns glass to rusted steel,
and it fades back to lifeless dunes
yet never far behind.
Between two flames,
consumed by both.
Only reprieve
is to bring death upon death.
Like dancing on coals
a graceless gambol;
merciless, humorless
scabless burns.
With every step it stabs.
With every tread it scorches.
Walls of strength close in
squelch ever diminishing body.
:iconaspiredwriter:AspiredWriter 4 3
Repressed Memories Ch. IX - Custody
"Beef Stroganoff" the man said, ruffling his brush mustache with his forefinger.
"And a beer," he added, "Heineken," as he closed the menu, handed it over and patted his broad belly in a satisfied gluttonous fashion.
"I'll have the grilled Tenderloin, lean, and medium-rare, the Caesar salad, no cheese, eggs or croutons and a diet Pepsi." The woman, even more thickset than her husband was clearly trying yet another failed diet.
Ingrid jotted the orders down and hurried to the kitchen.
"Ingrid, phone call" Tim Genssen, the owner, said clearly irked. No doubt she was going to get the discourse on not having people call her at work. She passed the order to Xavier and hurried to the phone.
Before Xavier could do more than place a steak on the grill and start on the Stroganoff, Ingrid hurried back. "I'm sorry Mr. Genssen. I have to go. Emergency." Tim's look of annoyance became one of concern. "I hope everything is alright. I'll get Sylvia to cover your tables."
"Thank you" Ingrid pulled off
:iconaspiredwriter:AspiredWriter 0 0
Repressed Memories Ch. VIII - Missing
The way back took twice as long as the way there, yet he made the journey in time for work and then some. Throughout the lengthy drive he kept glancing over at the long silver rod on the passenger's seat. It was stained at the top with brown smudges and has lost its luster in the 30 years prior to it being exhumed, yet it was as sturdy as the day George had buried it. George's eyes were drawn back to it constantly as if it were about to fly out the window.
At last he pulled into his regular parking spot, which he had vacated years ago, it seemed.
The front door of his house was locked. He put the key and turned, then pushed carefully and with difficulty into his, messier than usual, living room. Everything from the drawers and closets and cupboards had been stripped and strewn all over the floor. So great was the mess, that George had to squeeze himself through the thin gap he managed to make by pushing at the front door with all his might.
George crept quietly in, baseball bat raised
:iconaspiredwriter:AspiredWriter 0 0
Between The Lines
The race is on,
the days pass by.
Frozen to the spot,
afraid to race.
Pushing hard.
A step.
Atop thin ice.
One wrong move,
a deathless death.
Afraid to race.
The race is on.
Finish line fades.
When gone it is,
a deathless death.
The days pass by.
:iconaspiredwriter:AspiredWriter 1 0
The Caterpillar
Crawling on the ground
well beyond his years
held back by weight
of too many fears.
He looks up at the skies
with longing searching eyes
inside his hardened heart
bit by bit he dies.
Can't make his own cocoon
he sees them come and go
a million butterflies
have had their crawl in tow.
A poison coursing through,
he sank his teeth in prey
kept hidden from their gaze
but capture him did they.
A cure to illness sought
they took him up a tree
where spider wise and kind
could help him possibly.
The spider wove her thread
and conjured him a shell
to rest his venom there
and grow a bit as well.
So entered did he then
enclosed for twine the years
and when he surfaced next
he shed them happy tears.
For butterfly was he
blue wings strapped to his back.
The tools to fly they were
that thus far he did lack.
The spider then did go
and though he yet couldn't fly
the tools she'd given him
he now could use to try.
With time and practice still
as sure that sun shall shine
he'll spread his brand new wings
:iconaspiredwriter:AspiredWriter 29 38
Transformed by AspiredWriter Transformed :iconaspiredwriter:AspiredWriter 4 0 dA ID Card Commission (ZeroSanity2713) by AspiredWriter dA ID Card Commission (ZeroSanity2713) :iconaspiredwriter:AspiredWriter 0 0 Sunset Cove by AspiredWriter Sunset Cove :iconaspiredwriter:AspiredWriter 13 8 Not Proud by AspiredWriter Not Proud :iconaspiredwriter:AspiredWriter 2 5 On The Road Again by AspiredWriter On The Road Again :iconaspiredwriter:AspiredWriter 6 0 The Oceans Above by AspiredWriter The Oceans Above :iconaspiredwriter:AspiredWriter 6 0
Release Of The White Dragon
Smack! The bars of the cage shudder
for the first time in over three months
the steel starts to bend
hope of release fuels hopelessness of freedom
The beast awake now, hungry for blood
great, white indestructible force
behind bars that won't hold it forever
another wallop and another
Three days ravage three months
and then it flies, blowing out of confinement
with a tug, a yank, an almighty jerk
the gates blown away
From underground through tunnel it flies
blood surging it releases itself skyward
through pool of water in a fountain lurched into sky
and down it comes back into pool with cascading waters
The heat of its furious desire, water boils and churns
once free, the first to burn, a wild field of yellow and red
and next the town. The white demon, unrelenting, unyielding, unforgiving
and so it is that the carnage comes again.
The time of the white dragon is once more.
:iconaspiredwriter:AspiredWriter 5 0
The road stretches hereon
into a foggy abyss.
Beyond it, shelters nothing
or possibly everything.
Striding along the way
looking ahead at the cusp,
an interim of bridge
as foggy as the last.
Behind, the fog; tenuous.
Tendrils mask minutiae
from long forgotten pasts,
yet foggy forms are as clear as day.
Though the stretch ahead
through which we shall tread
will need a brave heart
for we can see no head nor tail,
still we set to plumb its depths
and meet untold land.
Fortitude set, we grit our teeth
and take another step.
But before we make that leap of faith
objectives we henceforth forge.
A map of the blind to lead the way
to the uncharted seas ahead.
Though such a map will lead you
and from the path you'll stray,
the goals set forth by pen and mind
will safely get you through.
For much more treasured is the path
than where it leads at last,
enjoy the view at every point
forget to gage and plot.
And if you segued to somewhere new
way off the plotted course,
your map was true and goals
:iconaspiredwriter:AspiredWriter 3 0
Seas Above (The) by AspiredWriter Seas Above (The) :iconaspiredwriter:AspiredWriter 7 2 Heavenly Activity by AspiredWriter Heavenly Activity :iconaspiredwriter:AspiredWriter 4 0
a part of story i had written


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ok, here's a small tidbit of what i think. not great with visual art so i'll give it my best shot. one thing that bothers me here is th...

first off i must point out that i'm not that knowledgable with visual art however i'll put my two cents in here. that thing on the righ...

i think a critique is overdo so here're my two cents. please remember that these are clearly my thoughts and my opinion and no one else...

:bulletpurple: well i don't know how this was before the edit (if you edited anything more than that one word) however you managed to show the event...

Critiques i have given out
Yup, you guessed it, I'm back in the world of binary signals and typing known as the internet :typerhappy:

So, I've finally got internet installed after a month and a half of being in my new apartment. And no, I haven't finished putting things away.

So I'm here, instead of Ireland. Had I gone on the trip I'd be on my flight back right now. :sigh: oh well. If life gives you lemons you make lemonade... and if it gives you pigeon shit you... start cleaning?

This is my official hello there AWmote-Wave by AspiredWriter. How've you guys been? I've missed you and this place terribly. Fill me on the goings on!

I have only three comments from you guys. you said goodbye... :tighthug: so since then, what?

Okay, that's all for now dear ones. Love from your friendly noodlebug.

I love deviantART! Tight Hug Heart
Noodlebug by AspiredWriter
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  • Reading: in the middle of reading "The Martian"by Andy Weir
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  • Eating: nothing. I'm so hungry!
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Eddie Domínguez (Pen name)
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Long to write, Desire to be great! any tips suggestions and comments to aid this goal will be greatly appreciated

Favourite style of art: optical illusions
Personal Quote: if hell were cold and i'd be bold i'd stride right through before i'm old

Commissions for ID images!

How to get your own ID image:
Commissions are accepted! :la: :party:

If you wish to have an ID image such as this please send me a note with the following details:
:bulletblue: your full name (as it may appear in your page)
:bulletblue: Date of birth (you may give just the year or just the day and month or leave it empty. Note that if you do not give the whole date, the missing information will be missing from the ID card)
:bulletblue: The type of artist you consider yourself to be (prose writer/animator/photographer etc.). You can write "Varied" if you do several types of art.
:bulletblue: The year you joined deviantArt
:bulletblue: The country you live in (You may specify "international" instead if you wish to have the "World Citizen Flag" (the one i have) if you consider yourself citizen of the world and that it doesn't matter where you live)
:bulletblue: A link to the image you wish me to put on the ID. NOTE: the image MUST BE 174px X 232px in dimensions. If you give no image, the place for the image will remain empty (the back of the image will show instead. It is a bit darker representing where an image should go) You may give a picture with transparency. The same applies to these. The back of the image will show through where the image is transparent (like it does in mine)
:bulletblue: You may request the old logo (like in mine) or the cactus (the new logo)

Special Notes:

:bulletyellow: A commission is given for the small price of 15 :points:. If you request a commission, please be sure to be willing and able to pay this modest fee.
:bulletyellow: The process: you send me a note with the details, I then make the ID and send you a note that it is ready, once you pay the points you will recieve a link from where you can download the ID image
:bulletyellow: Be sure to know in advance that this is a pixelart image. This is on purpous and I will not be making a non-pixelart version. This means that the image you give will be redrawn in pixels. No guarantees on the quality of the redrawn image in the ID though I will do my best to make it good. The simpler the image the more accurate it is likely to end up. You may request a preview of the pixelated version of the image and replace it if it does not suit you.
:bulletyellow: if you wish, you may request a different color instead of the blue.
:bulletyellow: Image size is 1500X800

The image above is my property. Please do not copy, edit, make any use of the image or claim it as your own.
Commissioned images are yours to do with as you please but not to edit or claim as your own creation. You may, however make use of it however and wherever you wish be it commercial or non-commercial, you may download it, print it out, put it on a birthday cake or whatever comes to you :D

Thank you.


stamps from around dA after my own heart:
'Notes make me feel special' stamp by Synfull I love Feedback by Sweet-DooDo Request - Above stereotypes by HarmonicSonic I Love Nature by Wearwolfaa I Love deviantART Stamp by ViciousCherry Ocean love by AraulsStamps I love kawaii by prosaix I love Hugs - stamp by HavickArt I love to cuddle by pjuk Forever lazy by prosaix I Love Emotes Stamp by fear-the-brilliance Give a Llama, Get a Llama by mushir dA logo stamp by Daemon-Illusionum Life needs... by Ishdakitty Stamp - Tablet User by firstfear

my own stamps:
Just A Person Stamp by AspiredWriter Animal Love Stamp by AspiredWriter Man's Best Friend Stamp by AspiredWriter

Mature Content

Bullying Stamp by AspiredWriter
Equal People Stamp by AspiredWriter Animal Treatment Stamp by AspiredWriter Superior Animals Stamp by AspiredWriter You're You Stamp by AspiredWriter

Love to you all! :dalove: :love: :heart: :blowkiss: :hug: :huggle: :tighthug: :smooch:



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How much do the ID commissions cost?
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"Bullet; Yellow A commission is given for the small price of 15 Points. If you request a commission, please be sure to be willing and able to pay this modest fee."
MapleSoda42 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I can definitely pay that price :3 
I just did a more thorough read through of your commissions post and I realized that I'll need to get a profile picture to put on the ID first. I'll be able to get one pretty soon and I'll message you when I do :D
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I've been too busy/lazy to come chatting, but I hope to become more active soon.
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