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Repressed Memories Ch. IX - Custody by AspiredWriter, literature

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Repressed Memories by AspiredWriter, literature


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The Victim by AspiredWriter, literature

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S-Coin - 1 Month (small) by AspiredWriter, visual art

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My Bio
"If you want to be creative, be less productive" - Neil DeGrass Tyson

Long to write, Desire to be great! any tips suggestions and comments to aid this goal will be greatly appreciated

Favourite style of art: optical illusions
Personal Quote: if hell were cold and i'd be bold i'd stride right through before i'm old

Commissions for ID images!

How to get your own ID image:
Commissions are accepted! :la: :party:

If you wish to have an ID image such as this please send me a note with the following details:
:bulletblue: your full name (as it may appear in your page)
:bulletblue: Date of birth (you may give just the year or just the day and month or leave it empty. Note that if you do not give the whole date, the missing information will be missing from the ID card)
:bulletblue: The type of artist you consider yourself to be (prose writer/animator/photographer etc.). You can write "Varied" if you do several types of art.
:bulletblue: The year you joined deviantArt
:bulletblue: The country you live in (You may specify "international" instead if you wish to have the "World Citizen Flag" (the one i have) if you consider yourself citizen of the world and that it doesn't matter where you live)
:bulletblue: A link to the image you wish me to put on the ID. NOTE: the image MUST BE 174px X 232px in dimensions. If you give no image, the place for the image will remain empty (the back of the image will show instead. It is a bit darker representing where an image should go) You may give a picture with transparency. The same applies to these. The back of the image will show through where the image is transparent (like it does in mine)
:bulletblue: You may request the old logo (like in mine) or the cactus (the new logo)

Special Notes:

:bulletyellow: A commission is given for the small price of 15 :points:. If you request a commission, please be sure to be willing and able to pay this modest fee.
:bulletyellow: The process: you send me a note with the details, I then make the ID and send you a note that it is ready, once you pay the points you will recieve a link from where you can download the ID image
:bulletyellow: Be sure to know in advance that this is a pixelart image. This is on purpous and I will not be making a non-pixelart version. This means that the image you give will be redrawn in pixels. No guarantees on the quality of the redrawn image in the ID though I will do my best to make it good. The simpler the image the more accurate it is likely to end up. You may request a preview of the pixelated version of the image and replace it if it does not suit you.
:bulletyellow: if you wish, you may request a different color instead of the blue.
:bulletyellow: Image size is 1500X800

The image above is my property. Please do not copy, edit, make any use of the image or claim it as your own.
Commissioned images are yours to do with as you please but not to edit or claim as your own creation. You may, however make use of it however and wherever you wish be it commercial or non-commercial, you may download it, print it out, put it on a birthday cake or whatever comes to you :D

Thank you.


stamps from around dA after my own heart:
'Notes make me feel special' stamp by Synfull I love Feedback by Sweet-DooDo Request - Above stereotypes by HarmonicSonic I Love Nature by Wearwolfaa I Love deviantART Stamp by ViciousCherry Ocean love by AraulsStamps I love kawaii by prosaix I love Hugs - stamp by HavickArt I love to cuddle by pjuk Forever lazy by prosaix I Love Emotes Stamp by fear-the-brilliance Give a Llama, Get a Llama by mushir dA logo stamp by Valognir Life needs... by Ishdakitty Stamp - Tablet User by firstfear

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Bullying Stamp by AspiredWriter
Equal People Stamp by AspiredWriter Animal Treatment Stamp by AspiredWriter Superior Animals Stamp by AspiredWriter You're You Stamp by AspiredWriter

Love to you all! :dalove: :love: :heart: :blowkiss: :hug: :huggle: :tighthug: :smooch:

Favourite Movies
A Walk To Remember
Favourite TV Shows
Friends, SG1, Atlantis, House M.D., A-Team, Gilmore Girls...
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Too many to mention (Savage Garden...)
Favourite Books
Harry Potter- esepcially HBP, Hunger Games, A Walk To Remember, The Time Traveller's Wife, Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children, Love At First Text (on dA)
Favourite Writers
Favourite Games
stratego! commander keen, stunts(1990), get lost, curse of monkey island, need for speed 2, loom, rollercoaster tycoon and no doubt others...
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
my mind
Other Interests
writing and sailing, many forms of art, crafts, TV, sex, travelling, hiking etc. (it's amazing what one could be interested in with an open mind)

New Project

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This is it. I'm starting the ultimate project... OK not ACTUALLY. I simply lack the knowledge and skill set to make it happen. So I've started learning and practicing. Trying to get myself up to par. In other words, to the point where I am confident I can do the ultimate project. So, since you've asked, sorry but no details about the ultimate project itself except to say it has been rolling around in my head for many years and if I do manage to do it one of these days my life will not have been a waste. I will also mention that this is a mega project that will more than likely take over a decade to complete (realisticly). I know, you're thinking "NO WAY!" but hey... that is my best guesstimation. Of course the clock doesn't start running until I actually start the project itself. Who knows how long it will be until I am ready to comense. If at all. But even if it doesn't come to pass I am learning and gaining tools which I can use for other, more realistic projects along the way. I
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Hello fellow Deviants. Have you missed me? Haven't been in for a very long time but I'm trying out NaNoWriMo again this year and have come here to what once was my favorite site to say hello. Hope you are all well. This covid is a real pain in the ass. Haven't been writing at all for quite some time. Or drawing or painting... Been programming more. Been working on an app to log NaNoWriMo progress. So far it kinda works but too buggy. Not sure if and how and when I might release it to google play but not for this year's NaNo which has just begun! more updates later. love to you all and best wishes. Stay safe and creative. your favorite Noodlebug Aspy.
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I'm off to work in a few minutes so i'll be brief. Line equations are finally complete. It runs smoothly and beautifully. I'm onto the last two visuals: color overlay which requires some sophisticated mathematical considerations and fadeout which should be fairly simple once I find out how to implement it in code. Busy time at work so I don't know how much time I'm going to be putting into this project. Hopefully I'll be back to it soon. As always, if you have questions, feedback, ideas, or are just interested in the possibility of using this program once it is complete please let me know. Love to you all  
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Happy Birthday today- hope you have an amazing day. 

Thank you dear. I went to bed early :shrug:

Welcome, and ah....
Happy Birthday!!! :cake: