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The tip of her pencil moved to and fro across the dull worksheet she had been given that day, shading the scales of sleek fish, detailing the fur of meditating cats, and adding misty swirls to clouds.  The grey marks opened up a small world inside of our own, and the clouds were pushed by a penciled breeze while the cats raised their heads and meowed curiously at the fish above them.
But the little land of cats and clouds and fish was not to be.  The door opened at ten to midnight, and in stomped in that woman who was called mother.  The cats jumped at the shouting between their creator and hers.  The fish hid behind the clouds.  The wind tried feebly to nudge the clouds off the edge and out of sight.
But it was too late.
A monstrosity appeared over them, a pink wedge.  It tore at their graphite skins, their graphite souls, until not a trace was left behind.
Afterwards, numbers were written down.  They said nothing,
:iconaspired2inspire:aspired2inspire 0 0
Geometry by aspired2inspire Geometry :iconaspired2inspire:aspired2inspire 0 0
I'm a doodler. Nothing more. There's better artwork elsewhere. :iconhurfplz:




United States
Just your average everyday depressed weakling, logging in to avoid the real world.....and post annoyingly insane comments. What's there to say?

Not to be confused with a certain aspire2inspire, though eerily enough we share first names.

Is currently anticipating:

-A future with a better Internet connection
-Myself to get my schoolwork done
-More feedback messages from people >:I
-A day when I can finally reunite with all of my friends :C
-The DVD release of Transformers Prime: Season Two :squee:

Record number of tabs open in one browsing session: 1,343

I dabble. I'm not an artist, not really. So uh, don't watch me with high expectations, k? You'll get annoyed if you do, I'm sure. ^^;

Current Residence: A gray, ugly mobile home in Alabama.
Favourite genre of music: It depends. Usually it's Christian rock, but I'm not limited to it.
Favourite style of art: ....I like too much.
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: ...CURSE MODERN DAY CONVENIENCES!!!!!1 *smashes things*
Skin of choice: ...what kind of question is that?!?
Favourite cartoon character: Dr. Two-Brains from WordGirl, definitely. <3 Also Mad Mod from Teen Titans....^^
Personal Quote: "Wait....what just happened?"
  • Listening to: My inner self raging at my stupidity.
  • Reading: What I am currently typing.
  • Watching: The time slip away.
  • Playing: Nothing....
  • Eating: Nothing....
  • Drinking: Nothing.... my dad needed this laptop back for something, and he found out that I stole it.  >.<  Dunno if he suspects that I was actually going on the Internet on this thing, since....he really wasn't as angry at me as I thought he would be when I surrendered it.  Not sure if I'm gonna be able to get back here again by some villainous (or even non-villainous ;)) means; I may log back on in days, or maybe I won't be able to for months.  

So yeah.

I've been feeling pretty bad about the tons of watch messages I've accumulated.  I make it a point to look through every single deviation, every journal, every deviation description, every little bitty thing, but my tendency to get distracted and procrastinate coupled with DIAL-UP (you people don't even know how lucky you are with your connection speeds) has made me realize how...not quite so dedicated I am to my friends and their arty stuff here.  DX  Or maybe that's a silly thing to say since I shouldn't really be on the Internet in the first place and should be working instead, but feels like serious business to me.  And I feel that I've been horribly rude.  So I'm really, really, really, really, really.......sorry.

If that above paragraph sounded ridiculous and I shouldn't get worked up over this sort of thing, then I'm sorry for making a big deal about it.  >_>

Anyways, until I get back.....all of those stamps and stupid stuff I mentioned will have to wait I guess......not that it honestly matters.....


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Nicole ): I miss you :heart:
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Thanks for making that :iconhighla2plz: Account :D
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