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July 21, 2021
HP - Mankind by Aspi-Galou
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It was the sound of footsteps that awakened R'ilk from his slumber. He opened his golden and blue eyes, looking once again at the bare walls of the cave where he was kept captive. From the orange light that tinted his rocky den, the sun outside must have been setting.

But this detail was immediately swept away by the arrival of two of these shapeshifter humans in his cramped space. He immediately snarled, leaping to his paws to scare them, but only got mocking snickers in return.

R'ilk hated these men who laughed at his forced immobility and sometimes prodded him with their spears out of pure sadism. He hated this cave which kept him captive, hated these strange symbols painted on the rock which hurt him terribly if he touched them...But above all, he hated this damned sorcerer who was the first cause of his situation.

Circling in his reduced space, the Saber didn’t stop growling and hissing with pure hatred, staring at the men who laughed at his weakness. They hadn’t come empty-handed, but this time it was not meat.

It was another human. A real one this time.

Compared to the other two, this one looked genuinely scared of him and was struggling mightily under their grasp. So much so that the other two had to drag him to a stalagmite where he was forced to sit and tied up, using those long things humans called "ropes".

And then, they left. Once again, he would have to spend the night on an empty stomach.

The young human male's gaze never left him once, his pupils dilated with sheer fright and R'ilk could see him flinch and tense at the slightest movement and sound he made. He didn't know why he had been brought there or tied up like that, but all the humans who lived there, whoever they were, had caused him nothing but pain and humiliation.

So he blindly roared out the excess of his rage, struggling in vain against the magical symbols that trapped him in this dark place, unaware of the biting pain it caused him.

For long minutes, the human seemed to be in the grip of a blind panic. He struggled like a madman against the bonds which forced him to immobility, his breathing came out in laboured gasps from his clenched teeth and a strong stench of fear enveloped him like a second skin. It excited his five senses.

Then he seemed to realize that the Saber was unable to reach him and very slowly calmed down. Although still shaking and shivering.

After a while, R'ilk calmed down as well, realizing the ineffectiveness of his rage fit. Without ceasing to growl and to stare at the human. As if he expected him to get up and humiliate him just like the others.

But he remained motionless, sitting where he was forcefully tied, shivering from time to time. The Saber could feel his eyes glide over him from time to time as he watched his surroundings.

In the glow of the setting sun, R’ilk could observe him at his leisure.

He was a young male human who had just come of age. His mane was long and brown, his eyes were also brown but with green around his pupils, his skin was a little darker and tanned than that of the shapeshifters human who lived in this place. The intricate assemblage of skins he wore as well was unlike anything he had seen yet. Though they were soiled and slightly torn, no doubt while he was struggling.

After a moment, the human sighed deeply and leaned the back of his head against the stalagmite, closing his eyes. He was still stressed and the smell of fear was still swirling around him.

R'ilk growled with every move he made. Even though he was bound and harmless looking, he didn't trust him one bit.

Since he was a cub, humans had been in his life and had decided everything for him.

He didn’t remember that he had been born free. He didn't remember that he and his mother had been captured. As far as he could remember, it had always been the humans. The center of his universe.

If he was now a proud beast able to hunt and defend himself, he was now unable to live a normal wild life. Even if he wanted to, he couldn’t regain his freedom. Humans had been a necessity for him since he was very young. Even when he had been forcibly removed from his mother's soft, warm belly.

His unique fur pattern and razor mane had made him a highly coveted Beast. But he ended up in the hands of his first master afterwards. It was him who forged him to be a formidable warrior, having fought with him in many battles for bravery, for honor and for Assur.

The man hadn’t been cruel nor affectionate, but he had been rough, gruff, firm and wanted obedience. R'ilk had quickly learned to respect him and the baton he sometimes used to teach him the Law. If he did things the way he wanted, he was rewarded a rare petting and extra meat for him to eat.

He had never suffered from hunger and thirst at his side. If the man wanted a good fighter, he had to take good care of him after all.

But one day, the hours of glory and victory had come to an end. They had been defeated in a battle against these shapeshifters. Leaving no survivors in their wake, except for a few Beasts who seemed useful enough.

It was then that R'ilk caught the eye of his second master.

As he looked at the sorcerer for the first time, the Saber immediately sensed that something was very wrong with him. Something infinitely dark...unhealthy...corrupted. He immediately felt fear. And because he was afraid of him, he hated him.

And over the next few months, while at the mercy of the sorcerer and his tribe mates, he had learned how cruel and unfair human beings could be.

R'ilk had bent his head because it was all he had known as a cub. But his submission was anything but sincere and he let it be known openly. With hatred. Many humans had already experienced his claws and fangs. But so far, he hadn’t killed anyone.

For now, he hadn't flinched. He was still young, he was a fighter not just a human plaything, and life pulsed through him, making his heart beat and his blood flow through his body.

He didn't know what the future might hold, but for now, only the present mattered. And right now he was held captive.

With that human.

Despite the semi-darkness of the cave, he could still see him. But he could feel his gaze on him, despite knowing humans had a terrible sense of vision in the dark. R'ilk returned it, growling menacingly to show him that he would not be intimidated. Even if he was as helpless as he was.

However, strangely enough, the look in this human's eyes was neither threatening nor intimidating or dominating. There was a certain warmth and gentleness in those brown and green eyes that he had never really seen in a human before. Sure, he had seen his first master's face soften before, but never with this intensity.

And it troubled him, awakening memories deep in his mind...


Star! ARPG commissions : Aspi-Galou's ARPG commission prices 2020/2021 Star!

Import: R'ilk S1105
Prompt/Theme: Is your beast friendly or hostile to mankind? What experience made them this way?

Written Harmony Prompt this time! With nasty heat being back, I'm not going to turn on my PC unless something urgent.
So I decided to write something. And man this was an experience! Especially since I'm not a native English speaker :'D

Anyway, R'ilk interesting point of view toward humans. Poor guy wasn't lucky, especially being kept captive like this.
Hopefully, this meeting he just made will be a changing point for him :3
© 2021 Aspi-Galou
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Winged-Dragoness's avatar

It's a delightful surprise to see a literature in DD section. Congratulations!

Aspi-Galou's avatar

Thank you so much ! <3

And I'll be honest, I was the first surprised when I saw the award on this XD

Especially since I'm more an artist than a writer. X'D

But I totally agree, writers deserves way more attention. Writing this made me realize how complex it is, and made me respect them even more!

LindArtz's avatar

Aww damn, I wanted to read more! :la: What happened between them? :la:

Very Nicely written, and a well Deserved DD, for sure, Congrats!!! :clap:

For My Personal Use Only
Aspi-Galou's avatar

Oh my goodness, thank you so much for your kind words !! <3 <3

It means a lot !

And aha I shall work woon on the next part!

As a little hint, they are the Sabertooth tiger and the man at the right of my DA banner :3

LindArtz's avatar
Malintra-Shadowmoon's avatar

Congratulations on your well-deserved DD. :)

EDIT: "Anyway, R'ilk interesting point of view toward humans." - And that was it, what interested me most, to be honest.

I also love your writing style, easy words, short sentences, but full to the brim with emotions. :)

Aspi-Galou's avatar

And thank you so much for this honor! <3

Yes, his pov is very interesting for me to try illustrate! I reread White Fang recently and it gave me the ideas to play around a character like R'ilk and wow it's interesting to try and "get in his head" XD

And thank you so much again ! <3

I can feel that my English is wonky, especially because I tend to "french it" so it really warmed my heart to read that. <3

Malintra-Shadowmoon's avatar

You are so welcome. I feel that there is not too much French structure in it. :hug:

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