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Blue Pulse v2.4

1. Download steam theme onto computer
2. Copy zip contents into your steam/skins file
3. Go into settings in steam and under interface change the skin (it should show up if copied correctly)
4. Once selected steam will ask you to restart, click okay and enjoy :P
5*. Join the community…


New in 2.4:
Updates to include VR button, colour tweaks, and bug fixes
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andrevus's avatar
I hope this gets updated, Steam's new friends list update completely broke this awesome skin...
GamingFortress202's avatar
Update this for new Steam update please <3
The "skin" menu doesn't reflect the current version (still says "blue pulse v2.3b"), and the links to Blue Pulse, Digitally Unmastered, and the download link are all broken in the "skin" menu.  Otherwise, excellent work.  Thank you.
Sacridmists's avatar
The skin menu is actually something I stuck in there while I was updating the skin and is controlled by a file that doesn't ever get used except for that specific menu. It'll get updated if I'm ever the one to push out an update but Asp generally doesn't mess with it.

Also the best place to provide feedback is in the steam group (link in the instructions). Asp tends to disappear for weeks at a time but I'll usually respond within a couple days as long as steam actually gives me a notification.
As of now it should be entirely up to date with anything new steam added:
FAyt7's avatar
nice skin, any idea when this will be updated to work better with the newer Steam update? This skins shows some bugs when used.
BestPonie's avatar
Very well done
WilliamWhite1's avatar

I've recolored a Steam icon that goes great with this skin, if you or anyone else would like to use it.


LoqqaL's avatar
TheTurretBoy's avatar
looks like somebody likes call of duty
Kom422's avatar
Top right corner of the page
There's a button that says Download
RealNoNamer's avatar
Someone should make a steam icon to go with this.
Q13E5's avatar
This skin has a few bugs, but i love it. been using it fer around  a year now.…
how do i get it ??
2Pinka's avatar
Very bad fffuuuuuuu
Download link on your right 
or here:…

on linux:
Steam located at /home/[username]/.steam
how can i download this theme?
Numerous changes, for a complete changelog search up Digitally Unmastered in Steam Community groups
CodeMeRight's avatar
Respect to you Pal, Great work keeping this skin updated.

Thank you ;)
Updated main file to 2.3a
how do you install it
Added short instructions to description, hopefully that should cover it
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