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The Truth Hurts

By AspenWynd
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Just a part from my fanfiction that I felt like turning into a fake screenshot... thing.

And you know, I think that just about every IZ story I've read has something about Zim finding out he's not an Invader and he takes it rough and goes off the deep end. I suppose I'm no exception, except in my story Zim does not go absolutely insane or commit suicide (although he thinks about it) etc. In fact, I'll share some of my story with you, just scroll down a little to read it...


“But, I’m the ultimate Invader! You entrusted me with the secret mission to Earth!” Zim argued against the Tallest. The Tallest rolled their eyes and looked bored. Clearly they weren’t making their point. “You’re not an Invader, Zim.” Red spoke the fatal words. Zim took a few staggering steps back. “What are you talking about?” He asked quietly. “We lied to you, Zim, and we hate you. You were sent to Earth to die.” Purple answered Zim. “You were never an Invader.”
Zim backed away as the Tallest loomed over him, making him feel smaller than ever. Then the whole Universe seemed to go quiet, everything moving in slow motion as Zim came to the painful realization; he was not an Invader. He was a Defective, and should never have existed. Deep down he had always known this, but he had denied it, fought with it, kept it hidden, until even he didn’t believe it anymore. But now the Tallest had made it so blatantly clear that he could deny it no more. He was Defective. Never an Invader.
He could hear his heart beating in his head as he looked around at everyone on the Massive; the Tallest, soldiers, and service drones alike. Callous faces. Spiteful faces.
They all hated him. His entire race hated him.
He fell to his knees, the truth so overwhelming to him that he found he had no strength to stand. And then they started to laugh at him. All of them. Laughing. At him.

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Whisbanyan4life's avatar
That's so sad FREAKING TALLEST YA BIG JERKS! But it looks exactly like it's from the show!

Hey um could I use this in a music edit? With credit to you of course. Also sorry to bother you
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zim can be so complex sometimes; one minute you wanna hate him for being an invader (Though to be fair that's how he was raised) and for all the horrible things he's done, but at the same time you wanna hug him especially since he has deep seeded issues and possibly uses his arrogance as a way to cope and bury down his insecurities.

right now I just wanna hug him.
AspenWynd's avatar
So very true. 
Xyeliss's avatar
No. Don't you dare say that, almighty losers. If you break poor little Zim's heart, I'll physically break yours!
haydudes1's avatar
This is what I get for searching up references for the side of an Irken's face?? BOY AM I SATISFIED I'MMA DO THIS AGAIN SOMETIME!!!
AspenWynd's avatar
:D Glad I could satisfy!
Girlovestacos123's avatar
I just want to punch the tallest right in the face and then poor 2 gallons of water on them those jerks plus i bet zim could beat them up he just doesn't know how weak the tallest actually are compared to invaders I mean really all they do is eat food plus those are just robotic suits the tallest are in jhonen confirmed this plus I think a fully trained irken invader could break metal with a few kicks and punches
Oaktreed's avatar
You have a link to the fanfiction?
AspenWynd's avatar
Nope. I don't like to post my fanfictions.
Oaktreed's avatar
If that's what you prefer then I'm okay with that. I was just curious.
Thedarkbrawl's avatar
I feel bad for him
InvaderSkittles432's avatar
How dare you say he is not an Invader! DX Forgive me My Tallest but just because he may destroy things here and there and blow stuff up occasionally doesn't mean he's not fit to be an invader! He's got the spirit of a warrior and he's the toughest of us all! :cries: :heart:
SpaceSheep-Art's avatar
I wish I could read the whole story! It seems good!
InvaderXMovies's avatar
This is just...WOW! You are AWESOME! :O
If I were there, I would say something like,
(gently hugs Zim) don't take it too hard, Zim! Your Tallests are never EVER kind to anyone, especially small versions of your species. And it's NOT your fault! No one is perfect! So what if your a defective? That doesn't mean you are useless! In fact, these rules that the Tallests made, they are just plain WRONG!!!! Someone needs to change them! And that someone, Zim.... is YOU!

Ok, so I probably would have gotten obliterated by the Tallests or Zim would have just ignored me, (and let me know it) or something before I even start to say or do anything! But, just outa curiosity, if what I said up there did manage to reach ZIM's ears, or, antenae, how do you think he would respond? (Not asking for any spoilers to your fan-fiction or to the Doom movie, (by the way if what I said up there is KINDA in the doom movie or your fan-fiction, I assure you I DID NOT READ ANY OF THEM IN THEIR ENTIRETY!) Im just curious. (Also I'm making a fanfiction myself so I might use your input in creating it. Not trying to steal any thing!)

Again, AWESOME JOB!!!! :) P.s. Poor Zim :(
AspenWynd's avatar
Well, I'd have to say that Zim would probably in a very non-commutative state of mind as well as a bit of shock and disbelief. He would probably scream something along the lines of "You're lying!" without even realizing what he's saying, or he would simply be in too much mental/emotional turmoil to really be able to respond at all and might later come to once he'd had the time to gather his thoughts. Or he would simply deny everything no matter if it was good or bad to him.
InvaderXMovies's avatar
Ohhhh...... Interesting. Thank you. (Mind if I use that in my fan fiction movie? Not your story or anything just the input. Although I think it would already be alright but It's just nice to play it safe.) 
AspenWynd's avatar
I don't mind at all.
kittylaughs's avatar
i know how you feel Zim. Just dont ..............:sad: Waaaah! 
epicsparklez15's avatar
Tex, my oc, is defective. I bet she would hug Zim and Rez, her boyfriend, would let her.
"Everyone has flaws. Flaws are what make us unique. Mistakes make us as we learn from this." -Tex.
If no one said it. o///o
haydudes1's avatar
Whoa, my OC is Defective too! (for some reason i capitalize that like it's a title...)
Pokeninjagirl's avatar
I would seriously hug him and call the Tallests all sorts of horrible names.. ESPECIALLY the ones that are too filthy for sensitive human ears.
LizLuvsCupcakes's avatar
Link me to the fanfic.
... Please?
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