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Raptor Skeksis

But what if... Skeksis, but raptors!  Notbadplz 

Just a silly doodle I slapped some color on for funsies. :D 
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These are flippping Amazing! I once had this idea too but eventually i didn't really feel like doing it

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Before we got canon versions of "young" Skeksis, I always imagined their having feathers. These look dope!

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I love the idea of young Skeksis with feathers. :meow: And thank you!
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omg YES! This is what the Internet was made for!
AspenWynd's avatar
Hahaha! Thank you! 
RandyDaGoat12's avatar
Oh my gosh these are AMAZING!!
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G-rexkiver's avatar

Awesome man. Are going to make Raptor versions of the rest of the skeksis?

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Thanks! I definitely want to, it's just a matter of finding time to get to it. :dead:
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Interesting design! :D Well done.
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This is really good. I think the Mistics could be depicted threw Therazinosaurs. 
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Woah! They look pretty awesome!:D

So, what would you go for? Scaled Raptors or Feathered Raptors?
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Feathered raptors are more scientifically accurate, but I suppose I have a soft-spot for the old Jurassic Park-styled raptors too.
Kodimarto's avatar

I guessed that.:D

Maybe there COULD be two types of Raptors, Feathered and Scaled? Maybe?
You know, if the skeksis were their own separate species in their ow right I might just say that these are the creatures they would evolve from.
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That would be really cool, and thank you!
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 I love this so much O.O 
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Why is raptor!Tek so sad?

Also, I love So and Mal's patterns.
AspenWynd's avatar
Idk. He has many concerns. :lol:
Ana-Mizuki's avatar
As benefitting his job. Even as a raptor.
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