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Raposa being sat on for the first time as a part of the EquiBREAK program.
AKE Raposa de Tarugo

    By the time Michael was done with the rest of his work, the sun was beginning to set over the stables. However, he was determined to sit on his project that day. So, calling Addy to accompany him, he took Raposa from his paddock and tacked him in the barn. Raposa had been saddled before, so he had no qualms with the saddle; instead busying himself with playing in the crossties and begging Addison for treats. The training saddle was a roughout tan and black roper, practically brand new. It fit Raposa decently, if a bit narrow. Michael kept the horse's halter on, and hung Raposa's bosal, which he had already mastered on the ground, over the horn of the saddle.
    When they got to the arena, Michael didn't bother getting out the mounting block. He lunged the stallion for a few minutes at walk, trot, and canter, to be sure that the horse was okay with the feeling of the saddle on his back and stirrups tapping his sides. When the horse showed no reaction and relaxed into the work, Michael stopped him, took off the halter, and put on Raposa's bosal. "Do you want me to hold him?" Addy asked, her voice shaky in anticipation and worry. "No," the man replied. "If he bolts or bucks, I want to have full control." Addy nodded and stepped back to watch him work.
    Michael stood to the side of Raposa, with the stallion's ear turned to him. He pushed down slowly on the horse's back, and felt the stallion tense. He kept his weight on the saddle until Raposa relaxed and mobilized his jaw, then slowly removed the pressure. He did this a few more times, then did the same on each stirrup alone. When Raposa was okay with this, he put his foot in the left stirrup and stood on it. The stallion tensed and turned his neck to look at him. "Hey, bud," Michael said softly. The horse shook his head and snorted, and turned back forward, seeing that there was no threat. Michael got down, and did the same thing on each side a few more times. In the last one, he swung his leg over his back and very slowly sat down. Raposa tensed again, trying to look backwards in both directions, and backed up a few steps. Michael prepared for a blow-up, but then the horse turned his head and looked at him again. He turned his head the other direction to look at him, but then he shook his head and relaxed again. Michael was beaming. "Good boy!" he cheered.

EquiBREAK Horse Training Course
1. Groundwork Brown Eyed Handsome Man
2. Lunging | Impulsion
3. Accepting a saddle/rider | [This Image]
4. First ride | x
5. Discipline training | x

Training Image
Fullbody, Fullbody Rider, Flat Colored, Shading, Detailed Background, Literature (400) +32 World XP
Fullbody, Training Image, Detailed Background, Cell Shading, Literature (400) +11.5 PRE XP

What? No, I definitely didn't cut off part of the image because I couldn't figure out the background perspective, what are you talking about?
I'm getting so bored with fullbody pics so I'm trying to be dynamic in my lighting. cbf to make this any less sketchy than it is
Edited and updated so that he's actually seal bay. smh @ myself

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