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Raposa EquiBREAK | On the Bend

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Raposa being sat on for the first time as a part of the EquiBREAK program.
AKE Raposa de Tarugo

   After mastering his bosal and being introduced to the snaffle on the ground, Raposa was finally ready to be ridden for the first time. Michael had been itching to get on his back and do some real work, and having sat on him the previous weeks only intensified that itch. When it was finally time, he called everyone on the property to the outdoor arena to witness it. All of them had put a ton of money and effort into the stallion, and he knew that they would enjoy seeing their hard work begin to pay off. They all stood anxiously, in silence, to watch the trainer work.
   Michael mounted up easily thanks to the work he had done. The stallion was comfortable, and seemed even a bit bored upon feeling his handler on his back. He recognized and casually obeyed the signal to go forward, and they were off. As he went, Michael commentated his training so that Addison could hear and learn from it. After getting the stallion consistently forward, he began to pick up contact on the reins. Raposa, being an Iberian breed, was easy to get to accept flexing at the pole, and easily went behind the vertical if Michael held too much tension in the reins. He wasn't super concerned with correcting this at this point in his training, and continued riding the stallion. Raposa was very accepting of all the aids, against his nature of being very sensitive to any mistake or thing he didn't understand. Michael beamed at seeing this, as it meant that his slow and careful bringing along of the horse had really paid off. Michael got Raposa to go quietly, confidently, and calmly on a bend both directions, and called it a day.
   As the pair exited the arena, the employee and owners came over and patted both the trainer and horse for their good work. Everyone was very chattery and happy as they thought of the future of the PRE. After grooming Raposa thoroughly, feeding him a nice warm mash for dinner, and turning him out to pasture, the group decided to go to a local restaurant-- renowned for its excellent seafood dishes-- to celebrate. They gushed about AKE's horses and the stable itself over crab cakes and cocktails.

EquiBREAK Horse Training Course
1. Groundwork | Brown Eyed Handsome Man
2. Lunging | Impulsion
3. Accepting a saddle/rider | Unsure
4. First ride | [This Image]
5. Discipline training | x

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Woohoo! I'm very happy with this style.
It's easier to me to do pieces without it taking ages or looking like shit.
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WOW you got a lovely style!!!! love the movement
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Thank you so much ;u;
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Awesome piece :la: