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What’s your gender?  
[panicked scream]
transgender male but also like 30% squiggly line/non-binary!
What are your pronouns?  
Is your family accepting?  
uhhhh....i think that for sexuality, people are neutral and have never spoken against it. it's always been taken pretty chill, but mostly because my family dont exactly care or take it seriously. as for gender, they definitely dont take it seriously. they call me riley (most do) but wtf is gendering correctly lmfao. a couple family members try though! they're "accepting" but dont care enough to SHOW that they respect it idk
What do you wish you could tell your past self?  
You don't have to hate yourself, you are worthy of coming out and being who you are. Stop stressing and basing what you do around what others think of you. It's alright to be different. You deserve to be who you are <3 also ur hella trans lmao
What is your sexuality?  
Very hard to slap a label on this one tbh! I've always been loving everybody regardless, so pan is the best label for it. wont even bother getting into sexual vs romantic attraction cuz that's a BIG can of worms XD
Sun gay or moon gay?  
moon gay..........definitely
When did you find out your sexuality? 
I pretty much realized I was Not Straight ™ when I was about 6 years old :c But i had no idea what that meant. All I knew is that I was same sex attracted and it distressed me a lot cuz I didn't think it was normal. I didn't even know the TERMS for it. I identified as bisexual for the longest time, and that was really freaking hard and isolating (coming out was even harder) but i got met with loads of support (as well as bullying). poor little riley my god
Do you have any gay friends?  
I think the better question is "do i have any straight friends"? LMAO my main group of friends are all all some form of LGBT+
Who’s the best gay icon in your opinion?
dont really follow irl people ??? but i really like a lot of trans youtubers haha but for mainstream ppl idk....i like....idk
Which pride flags do you like the most design/color wise? 
the trans flag, bi flag, and pan flag are all really rad
Are you openly out?  
as much as i can be! theres no such thing as completely out cuz youre not going to tell every stranger, but every connection i have knows about my queerness i think. the only ones that dont know would be a few classmates not knowing the gender stuff, but they certainly know im gay cuz of the fucking shirts i wear to class LMAO
Are you comfortable with yourself?  
i mean.....i deal with gender dysphoria and self esteem issues on the absolute daily and am literally on hormone replacement therapy to alleviate this so i dont think i can say i am anywhere near being comfortable with myself lmfao.
Bottom or top?  
i have never had sex in my life
Do you bind? 
yes and it hurts
Do you shave?  
If you could date anyone you wanted, who would it be?  
zim...,,,,,but im already doing that 
Do you have a partner(s)?  
ZIM! LORD-EVREN is my amazing partner <3 
Describe your partner(s)? 
smol angry autistic alien obsessed with the sims, with short black hair, a knack for drawing/writing, and an unhealthy obsession with processed cheese and ketchup <3 also a total fucking cutie that i cant wait to spend the rest of my life with in england
Have you ever dated anyone of the same sex?  
multiple times!
Anyone of another sex?  
multiple times!
Pastel gay or goth gay?  
Favorite dad in Dream Daddies?  
the transguy one omfg i really wanted to play it QwQ
Do you own any pride flags/merch?  
YAS. i have a BYG rainbow flag on my wall, and have just ordered a trans flag of the same size. i also own a few little pride/pronoun buttons, and i have a few lgbt+ related shirts!
Have you ever been to a pride parade? 
Any advice to someone who isn’t out or who is exploring themselves?  
Never give up. You don't discover who you are overnight, and sometimes you don't get that "ah-ha!" moment. There are going to be people who discourage you and tell you otherwise, but you live how you want to live, and never be afraid to live as your authentic, genuine self. You are worthy of that, no matter who opposes that. And if you're in a situation that makes it too dangerous to be yourself, you keep fighting. Never let your flame burn out. Because one day you're going to be in a position where you can be free, and you can live your life, and it's going to get better. Even if you're a young LGBT person, you're going to get older and have adult opportunities, and you're not going to be controlled or at risk from unaccepting family members. Believe in yourself, and listen to your heart; it's something I wish I did a long, long time ago. 
It's okay to be confused and scared, and you have a lot against you. But just remember that there's an entire community behind you, with open arms, and there are resources for you to access, and you will never be alone. We are the LGBT+ FAMILY. and we will help our queer siblings. We will stand by you. And there's never a time limit or age milestone to figure your stuff out, even if it took till you were 50 to have the courage to live your life, do not let time stop you. You got this :heart:


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Riley V
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Pansexual Stamp by sunbirds Non-Binary Stamp by sunbirds Transgender Stamp by sunbirds Paint Tool SAI Stamp by Energyzed Proud Furry Stamp :3 by WolvenFlames I Love Social Justice Stamp by RyouBakuras ZIM Fan Stamp by kuro-stamps: - Stamp: Pastel aliens. - by ChicaTH Otherkin Stamp by FlowerGay I love dogs stamp by izka197 Feminist by Dametora Its Ok To Be Sad Sometimes stamp by catstam Pro Self-dx by pulsebomb borderline personality disorder by zip-e Gayyyy by pulsebomb Australia Stamp by phantom ZaDr stamp (Remake) by jolteongirl

Commissions - On Hold by SweetDuke

hi im riley and i like to draw a lot of things sometimes. i am constantly tired and laugh at everything. I'm currenly undergoing animal studies, and am aspiring to be a Dog Groomer and Trainer in the future!
I"m in a long distance relationship with my qpp from England, and plan to live there in the future!
I'm a transgender male and currently medically transitioning.


Name; riley
also known as; dib, aspell
gender; non-binary transboy
pronouns; HE/THEY
sexuality; pansexual + lithromantic
relationship status; in a queer platonic relationship
likes;drawing, internet, music, cartoons, movies, shows, anime, colourful things, the colour blue, equal rights, feminism, dogs, fashion, pretty scenery, space, forests, long car rides, fantasy, pastel things, gothic things, steampunk, horror, haunted things, paranormal, music, plushies, animals, swimming, irony, mythology, cryptids, superstition, my qpp, gaying and being gay
dislikes;fandom wars, bigots, MRAs, terfs, bullies, counter-productive values, art thieves, conflict, pineapple on pizza, baked beans, being condescended
current fandom/s; invader zim, steven universe, gravity falls
favorite movies; every disney movie, paranorman, spirit, spirited away, harry potter
favorite TV shows; invader zim, gravity falls, futurama, supernatural, stranger things, bojack horseman, star vs the forces of evil, steven universe, my little pony
favorite bands / musical artists;mother mother, twenty one pilots, fall out boy, panic at the disco, pierce the veil, all time low, starset, bullet for my valentine, 30 seconds to mars
favorite books; harry potter, the hunger games, the kite runner
favorite games; pokemon, legend of zelda, mario, banjo kazooie/tooie, animal crossing


I don't do requests or point commissions, sorry!
Collabs and art trades are for friends only, but don't be afraid to ask!

My birthday badge


THE GREAT LORD EVREN WAS HERE !!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!! !!! ! ! !!!!! 03/12/17


Meet The Artist
I'm like 2 years late but HERE IT IS :'D
I've had a hair cut since I originally drew this, but I like this style a lot better because I see it more as my identity still.
COM- Chilling on the Couch
commission for a client via email!
I had so much fun drawing this. Characters are Flynn and Abigail :)

commissions are closed right now, but will be back late August! Tune in for special offers in the meantime ;)
COM- Gummy Pride
a commission for my good friend :iconace-kitten: of her character Gummy with an asexual pride flag!
COM- Michaela Pride
commission for a friend at tafe of her and her dog archie!


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