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New character of mine! Here Chiquita, my first Toadette oc!

Chiquita is a young toadette who's a friend of Aso Koopa. Aso meet her when she goes to the Bowser castle with his friends Nick, Wory, Igor, Stevio and Marvin. They meet Chiquita, in trying to escape from goombas. Aso and pals fight the goombas and save her. Chiquita tell to them that she wanted to save also Mario and friends. She join the group, and during the fianl battle against Bowser, her and Wory use fireworks to unbalanced the flying army of Bowser. After Mario and co. released, Chiquita decides to stay with Aso's band.

Later, She will have a crush to The Sniper of the Red team (aka Mr. Mundy) and will have a good relationship between them.

I'll made a stamp of ChiquitaXRedSniper later..

Hope you'll like it! =)

Chiquita (c) Me

Toadette species (c) Nintendo
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Aww! She looks very cute!:aww: