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[For SAI] Rose Brushes

By ASlovesLisa
This pack includes 2 bitmap files

Just some days for St. Valentine's day ♥ a second rose brush pack for you, I hope you like it :)
And some brushes from the last year
[For SAI] Lovely Hearts by ASlovesLisa [For SAI] Rose brushes by ASlovesLisa 

Download the .zip file
Extract the .bmp file
Put the .bmp file on the "blotmap" folder
Use start-sai.exe, sai.exe it's not the same

If you download (and you like them) them please add to :+fav:
You're not allowed to upload my brushes to another brush pack.
Please give me credit: "ASlovesLisa" it's perfect (:
Don't hesitate to ask me something, but check this , probably your problem it's on the tutorial.

Check out my other brushes in my gallery!

If you like my brushes I really appreciate a +watch, I usually create new brushes and I always share them :)

Palette | ??? by me
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Thx So Much! There're awsome!
ANIMALGIRL1869's avatar
I am so lost. ok I put them in the blotmap shows them there.. however when I open SAI it doesn't show in the brushes. I don't have any thing that says "start-sai.exe"

You have to go to a file called ''brushform'' with Wordpad and after you have to copy the first thing that appears, which would be 1,blotmap\Stucco 2.bmp (for me) And change the ''Stucco 2'' to the name of said brush, you can do this with both textures.

Edit: Then save the edited file, and i think it should work.

ANIMALGIRL1869's avatar

I will attempt that. thank you!

AnimeQu33n's avatar
May i ask, how exactly you get these files..?
Mimi3x's avatar
Uhmm is there any way to convert the black background into white? ; v ; 
ASlovesLisa's avatar
Open the image, select Channels, next to Layers.
Clic the first button, the one that looks like circle.
You'll get a selection of the image, create a solid colour layer and change the colour (you can invert the selection too)
Delete the background (first layer), it will end up transparent, save as a pattern and I use it (:
Mimi3x's avatar
ahhh okayy! Thank you! :>
ASlovesLisa's avatar
you're welcome ((:
AmethystSadachbia's avatar
Is there any way to convert these to Photoshop brushes (.abr)? Thanks :)
ASlovesLisa's avatar
No, only patterns (:
Aya-Desu's avatar
Everytime i put my pen down and try and put the roses it puts a big brush line in the middle or it goes messed up :C Do u know how to fix this? xF
Oxhymoron's avatar
Did you solve it? x_x
ASlovesLisa's avatar
Set the bar next to the name of the brush to 100 (:
HimeShouka's avatar
Thank you very much ! I used your pattern here :…
GoldAnaf's avatar
Ummmm.....I download them but i cant use them. I putted them in the blotmap folder but still i cant see them. Can you help me?
ASlovesLisa's avatar
Check this tutorial ;)…
In the description you can download start-sai-exe :)
TheRoyalKey's avatar
Used this brush of yours here. Thank you. :D
ASlovesLisa's avatar
the link doesn't work, but I found it anyway (:
TheRoyalKey's avatar
oops. ;o
Fixed that. ^-^"
And no problemmo. :D
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