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Apologies for the small size, but literally no other art exists of Elefan. If anyone is interested, please post your rates below.…
My long awaited plush of Bushboosky from Crystal monsters has finally entered its beginning pattern phases! It's being made by PinkuArt who has made plenty of amazing stuff so far! Go check here out! To celebrate these early stages of my huge wood-pup, I wanna commission a gijinka of it. Credit to Houkou-NRL for this concept art as the original sprite was very poorly made and needed some interpretation. Commission: Bushboosky reference sheet by Houkou-NRL I personally think it'd look much better as a girl, but a guy is good too I guess. If anyone is interested, leave a price and references below. My only request is that the eyes are a nice amber color lol.
Looking for a simple sketch for bushboosky here laying down. Commission: Bushboosky reference sheet by Houkou-NRL  Doesn't need to be colored or overly detailed, just having trouble envisioning a laying-down pose that looks natural with its big feet. I have a couple poses in mind, but not entirely sure if they would work. This is for a huge plush I'm having done so it'd be a huge help. Thanks in advance to anyone interested.
I'm getting a plush commission of Bushboosky here done, but I'm having a bit of trouble deciding on the pose for it. Commission: Bushboosky reference sheet by Houkou-NRL  Specifically with the large feet. It'll be asleep, but rather large, so I wanted it to look natural. I don't need anything super detailed, or colored; just a rough sketch, or even outline would be fine. I don't really have any money after paying for the plush, so sorry to say this'll just be for anyone who feels like helping out. But people seem to like this guy so fingers crossed. Any takers?

I found this cool sketch of Toothless by Stalcry that I thought would be good for the head and front leg positioning, but not entirely sure how the angles on the front feet should be, and I don't think the back legs would look good in that position since they're a bit shorter compared to Toothless. Toothless - Nap Time Sketch by Stalcry


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I draw what I call "random-line sketches." In other words, I make a bunch of random lines close to each other and see how they fit together. They're not meant to be anything in particular, but seem to all have a similar theme of some sort of organization in that most of them have a mask-like face. I can't take requests as I have no way of telling what I'm even drawing until I'm done. And even after that, I still only know how they're supposed to look. In any case, it's my hope that I can find others who can draw my random beings in a higher quality; or even 3D models! I'd love to see these... things I create in different styles and perspectives. So if you're willing to, or just do so because you're bored, let me know and I'll be sure to... do whatever it is that's done to thank people around here! Advertise for your deviations i guess? Whatever I'm just happy to maybe see my whatever they are in a new light.
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Another update for anyone who happens to run by my page, I'm finally done my long awaited (by me) Level 7 RLS! It took months of... well procrastination and laziness... but it's a huge step from my last set and I look forward to seeing everyone's comments (or lack there of) and hopefully some just as awesome (at least) recreations.

Also, the two new flavored texts for abysmal maw and those arms (i need to think up a lot of new titles...) and all RLS with flavored texts will now have a * by their title to help distinguish them from the others. Parasitic liquefaction and depths of ones' mind are also on the list to get flavored text so look forward to that once my Level 7s are uploaded. This batch's uploads include a tick, a pillar (ooh exciting xD) a gremlin, a turtle, a flower, and a pod, plus a straggling eel from Level 6 that's been patiently waiting to come out from the cave of my photobucket! :D

As always, I'm welcome to any and all recreations and would love it if someone made one based on a creature's flavored text. I'd also like to encourage everyone to take a look at the recreations that have been done for me so far (located in my favorites appropriately labeled "Recreations") and check out the pages of some of the awesome deviants who worked on them.

If anyone needs to tell me something, please post a comment below, or send a pm to my youtube account novidsjustposts (still creative as ever) if you need me to actually reply. I don't really care for subscriptions, but you're all welcome to check out my massive collection of favorites and enjoy the 600+ videos everyone's put out. Sorry, but it's incredibly unorganized.

Thanks for reading my pointless journal entry and remember,
I'm always watching. always... <O>_<O>


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AFckingUserID Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2018
Head Banging Chica Emoticon SUPER COOL ART!!!!!!!!!!  
Senuge Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the fave on my pretty old Grim Reaper concept!^^
AsLinesComeTogether Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
I faved that quite a while ago, so I had to go check on which one you meant lol. But yea, I'm a sucker for a cool scythe. :)
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if ya ever get suuuper bored, feel free to check out my cartoon if ya like! or don't! no pressure! :3…

Elliyos Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014  Student General Artist
Thanks for the watch, dearie!
Also, yes, my super slow self is still going to scan everything for the Solar Boy Django manga. ^^;
AsLinesComeTogether Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
awesome. i might wait until you're done (whenever that is) since i like to do things in bulk. i got plenty of stuff to do in the meantime lol. i should still play boktai 3, but i'm a bit anal about not having a legit solar sensor... to use with my blacklight lmao.
Elliyos Featured By Owner May 4, 2014  Student General Artist
Hopefully this year? I've been saying that for awhile, and I feel bad with all the delays, but like, I'm the only one doing it? So I guess there is that. I need to just find a day where I have nothing better to do, I guess.
No kidding! I'm over in Oregon, and it rains year round((various amounts from sprinkling to showers)), with few sunny days in between. I mostly use a blacklight for that reason.
Granted, I have Boktai 3, and could play on my cartridge, but then I miss out on story, which I get with the translated ROM... DX
AsLinesComeTogether Featured By Owner May 9, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
well i looked high and low for the manga back when i first found out about it and found nothing through dozens of pages of google so you probably are the only one. and i woulda been fine with a cartridge, but i could never find the game script anywhere. =( and i used the blacklight mainly for forging. with it right up on the sensor and the sun spell, u can have full bars. i was trying to get the final weapons with perm night and day boosts, but idk if it was even possible. if it is, u need a perfect forge.
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Thanks for the fav!
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