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Queen of the Dark Horizons

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Ardragon Caellamore deLavierre, a villain from my Forgotten Realms D&D campaign. You could say that she's the BBEG's "gun moll"--or in this case, "sword moll."

The campaign's drawing to a close, but I'm not so sure how quickly we'll be able to get to the final battle. It's going to be an epic finale if we get there.

The title was inspired by Rhapsody of Fire's song of the same name. I'm going to be playing that song in the final battle with Caella.


-Queen of the Dark Horizons by Rhapsody of Fire.

-0.7 mechanical pencil
-0.5 technical pen
-Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and Photoshop Elements. (Part of the work was done on my desktop and part on my laptop)
-Swirly brushes (leather detail) by Misguided Buddha. [link]
-Lightning brushes (veins on sword) c/o :iconredheadstock:
-Rock taken from a NASA photo of the moon. [link]
-Lightning taken from [link]

-Forgotten Realms and D&D belong to Wizards of the Coast.

You may have also noticed she looks like Rynn Zedeckheim from my older drawings. The resemblance is coincidental, though maybe subliminal. :P I only realized it while I was halfway through.
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I saw your comments about this lovely villain on Taho's gallery for my character Red. It would be awesome to see the two of them face off in a battle of good and evil. Great picture and awesome looking character.
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Thanks! I agree that it would be an awesome sight.
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tahoProfessional Digital Artist
Great colors, a bit too saturated in some places but your efforts are clearly visible in this. :)
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Yeah, I think it's my choice of color samples that makes the colors a bit too bright for what I'm attempting. Maybe I should stick to the default colors. (I tend to use FOCOL Tones)
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tahoProfessional Digital Artist
Hmm.. I never use any of the preset palettes.. You should just study color theory. [link]
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Thanks for the help!
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Yeah, I'm still having trouble with the skin. I think I'd have more control if I used a tablet, but alas, that's not something I'm considering investing it at the moment.

Thanks. :D
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Be carefull when using the dodge and burn tools Aslan, abusing of those end sup on very fake effects.

Besides that, it's one helluva' work you got there.
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