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another ref done!
my sea-loving salt water taffy bby

Name: Taffitah
Species: Salt Water Taffy
Height: 5,7
Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: :bulletgreen: Single :bulletblue: 

Personality: Free spirited, a bit of a notorious prankster and an avid lover of all things water and the sea. Sort of in the middle ground of tomboyish, but still having a flair for fixing up her hair and wearing cute things occasional.  

Background: Taffitah grew up in the candy harbor, just a ways from the candy kingdom. (Think something like storm along from mmofj but sweeter lol) It's sugary waters bringing an endless supply of sweet fish and other assorted candies and gummies that swim. She currently lives with her parents, her father being a fisherman and her mother running everything much like a captain, though Taffitah wants to get her own place soon. 

-can tie any sailors knot when needed
-likes making candy seashell necklaces
-hopes to sail all over Ooo's seas
-Bike rides
-hair is stretchy and easily moldable
-likes sweaters cause the sea air can make things chilly
-wants her own house boat
-usually a morning person, when she hasn't had too much to drink

-has two pets  Male Octafox by Askthewerewolfprince  Pit bull shark female by Askthewerewolfprince

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Ohhh cool:D! Love her colors:)
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I love love love her colors and her clothes she is so stylish!!
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mmmmm taffi baby, shes looking more lovely then ever!!!
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; v;  no prob!Heart Heart 
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she's so cute omg!! i love her outfit too!!!
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she's a huge cutie! :heart:
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ahhhhhhh the salt water sea lass ; v ; 
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the best lass UvU 
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shes so gorgeous!!! Heart Eyes Emoji 
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no problem <333
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