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[OPEN] Nette

Nette: I'm busy trying to find....him... but if you oh so wish of it... you can try to question/stop/threaten me as you will.

[CLOSED] Plushtrap

Plushtrap: ...

[OPEN] Springtrap

I'm just here until my little man is better but I will amuse you by answering questions. Could be fun. ;)

[CLOSED] Golden

Golden: Nette has informed me to keep away from the askers...

[CLOSED] Fredlings

Frank: ...
Fry: Nette has informed me to keep away from the askers...
Frasco: Nette has informed me to keep away from the askers...

[CLOSED] Mangle (2/20)

Mangle: Nette has informed me to keep away from the askers...

[CLOSED] Freddy Fazbear (6/25)

Freddy: Nette has informed me to keep away from the askers...

[OPEN] Nero (4/10) (From xLex-xAnilax)

(( From: :iconmala--x: ))

Admin: :iconshadowandduncangirl:

Smol Plush by Ask-The-Bunnie-s

shh by xXDD-the-DorkXx

(Pagedoll by: Ask-The-Bunnie-s, xXDD-the-DorkXx )
((I HAVE NOT BEEN ON HERE AT ALL PUTTING UP NEW QUESTIONS AND I AM SORRY! I am really trying to focus on school work and stuff like that. So I guess you can say I'm on an unofficial hiatus? Lets go with that. Anyway onto the meme!))

Springtrap: Wait I'm doing this?
Plushtrap: We both are!
Springtrap: oh no--

1. Are you single? -

Springtrap: for the moment I'm single and ready to mingle~ ;)
Plushtrap: I'm taken by me honeybunny!!!

2. Date girls or boys? -

Springtrap: I will stick with girls for now thanks.
Plushtrap: I wouldn't mind dating both but...I side more toward boys

3. Done any drugs? -

Springtrap: classified
Plushtrap: ew no!

4. How old are you? -

Plushtrap: 12!
Springtrap: 23

5. Adidas or Nike? -

Springtrap: none?
Plushtrap: mary janes!
Springtrap: plush that's a type of shoe... these are brands
Plushtrap: oh--

6. Why did you and your ex break up? -

Springtrap: I...don't think I had an ex??
Plushtrap: Nero is my first boyfriend ever!

7. What’s the most traumatic thing that’s happened to you? -

Plushtrap: the...fredlings.....they.... //covers his eyes no.....NO....
Springtrap: having Vincent become a part of me...

8. Do you have any siblings? -

Plushtrap: unless you count mala then no
Springtrap: nah

9. How tall are you? -

Springtrap: 6'1"
Plushtrap: 3 feet exactly!

10. Do you smoke? -

Springtrap: nah I already have shitty lungs as it is
Plushtrap: ew nuuu!

11. Ever been to a festival? -

Plushtrap: yeah! Erina takes us to one every year!
Springtrap: yeah its pretty nice

12. What’s your favorite food? -

Springtrap: ummmm //shrugs

13. Favorite pair of shoes? -

Springtrap: my own damn feet
Plushtrap: my mary janes!!!

14. Would you ever be in a long distance relationship? -

Plushtrap: sure thing!!
Springtrap: eh maybe? idk if I could handle that

15. Would you ever have a threesome? -

Plushtrap: //shivers thank you...
Springtrap: sure why not~?

16. Have you had a threesome? -

Plushtrap: ... //curls up
Springtrap: nah but sounds fun

17. If someone paid you to delete your tumblr how much would you insist it be? -
Plushtrap: what's tumblr
Springtrap: I don't have one

18. What was your last lie? -

Plushtrap: I'm okay....
Springtrap: I'm gonna throw someone in a tub-- imtalkingtoyoumala

19. Best compliment you have ever received? -

Plushtrap: ...whenevernerocallsmecute...
Springtrap: that I am worth it.... heh...

20. What is your greatest strength or weakness? -

Plushtrap: St: being positive! Wk: being incredibly insecure...
Springtrap: St: not taking shit from anyone Wk: my anger...

21. What is your perfect pizza? -

Plushtrap: ALL
Springtrap: meat lovers tbh

22. What was your first thought when you woke up this morning? -

Springtrap: "Vincent fuck off"
Plushtrap: "I have to poop"

23. Do you get along with your family? If not why not? -

Plushtrap: //nods they are my best friends!
Springtrap: they are all I live for.. so yes I do

24. Ugly and live forever or attractive and die in a year? -

Springtrap: please let me die so ATTRACTIVE IT IS
Plushtrap: ummm? neither plz

25. What cheers you up? -

Springtrap: personally I love a good joke. and it sounds weird but cleaning the dishes does too
Plushtrap: oh well theres nero and nero and nero and nero and cuddlebun and nero and-- NERO

26. Weed or Alcohol? -

Springtrap: FUCKING BOTH THANK YOU. In all seriousness though definitely alcohol
Plushtrap: neither!

27. What turns you on? - 

Springtrap: girls who act innocent but are honestly freaks in bed tbh
Plushtrap: guys in vests //blushes alsoguyswholetmecallthemdaddy

28. How many relationships have you been in? -

Springtrap: none yet surprisingly

29. How many people have you slept with? -

Springtrap: classified
Plushtrap: I'm not answering this...

30. How many followers do you have? -

Springtrap and Plushtrap: 131

31. Who is your favorite rapper? -

Plushtrap: does Hollywood undead count?
Springtrap: Eminem

32. Who’s your favorite music artist? -

Plushtrap: Hollywood Undead!
Springtrap: 21 Pilots, Panic at the Disco!, Billy Joel yeah a lot heh

33. If you had to fuck a celebrity who would you fuck? -

Plushtrap: um... nero!
Springtrap: he aint a celebrity
Plushtrap: he is to me!
Springtrap: gdi well I will go with Angelina Jolie

34. If someone paid you 1 million would you fuck Lindsey Lohan’s dad? -

Springtrap: fuck yeah I would I need that money!
Plushtrap: no tank you

35. Kendall Jenner or Kylie Jenner? -

Springtrap: Spring Jenner thanks
Plushtrap: //shrugs

36. What’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you? -

Springtrap: try having a dead man inside you
Plushtrap: meeting mala tbh

37. What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you? -

Plushtrap: watch nero wiggle his butt! //laughs
Springtrap: have golden punch a doctor in the face //chuckles

38. Do you have a job? -

Plushtrap: imma be a queen!
Springtrap: yeah keeping this demon inside me from coming out and reeking havoc.

39. On a scale of 1 to 10 how much does tumblr rule your life? -

Springtrap: -2
Plushtrap: can I see Nero now?

40. If you could sell your soul what would you want in return? -

Springtrap: to have him out of me...
Plushtrap: to never be a nightmare..

41. Ever sent nudes? -

Springtrap: ;))))))
Plushtrap: nooooooo

42. Would you ever shave your head? -

Springtrap and Plushtrap: we don't have hair

43. Would you rather sniff coke or MDMA? -

Springtrap: can i drink a good coke like cocacola?
Plushtrap: same here!

44. Instagram or Facebook? -

Springtrap: neither
Plushtrap: Instagram!!!

45. Last person that texted you? -

Springtrap: Mala that little shit
Plushtrap: same here!

46. What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done? -

Springtrap: ...exist... lethimstayalive...
Plushtrap: ...hurtmommy...

47. Ever cheated on a partner? -

Springtrap: nope
Plushtrap: nope!

48. Ever had sex? -

Springtrap: classified
Plushtrap: //nods

49. Ever self harmed? -

Springtrap: .....yeah...
Plushtrap: //nods sadly

50. Dog/cats? -

Springtrap and Plushtrap: Dogs.

50. If you had to choose one way to die what would it be? -

Springtrap: anyway is fine just please do it
Plushtrap: peacefuly without pain

51. Do you have a crush? If so who? -

Springtrap: never really did tbh

52. Have you ever been pregnant? -

Plushtrap: i wish i could...
Springtrap: uh no

53. Are you a good liar? -

Springtrap: not really
plushtrap: nah

54. Favorite color? -

Springtrap: green
Plushtrap: white!

55. Favorite animal? -

Springtrap: dogs
Plushtrap: rabbits!

56. Favorite number? -

Springtrap: ....1983
Plushtrap: 2!

57. At what age did you lose your virginity? -

Springtrap: classified~
Plushtrap: ....10

58. Do you believe in God? -

Springtrap and Plushtrap: //shrugs

59. Pet peeves? -

Springtrap: people not being clear about things
Plushtrap: when people say whoops sarcastically

60. What makes you laugh? -

Springtrap: memes
Plushtrap: nero!

61. What scares you? -

Springtrap: water and failure
Plushtrap: blackouts and being alone..

62. Do you like waffles? -
Springtrap: alright enough this shit is old af

63. Something you want to do before you die? -

Springtrap: eh im set for death tbh
Plushtrap: get married and have kids! and raise those kids!

64. Favorite youtuber? -

Springtrap: Jacksepticeye
Plushtrap: dollastic

65. Your worst habit? -

Springtrap: ripping my animatronic shell off
Plushtrap: pulling my stiches

66. Do you enjoy this meme? -

Springtrap: eh it was chill
Plushtrap: can i see Nero now???

67. Favorite thing about yourself? -

Springtrap: my strong flirt game~
Plushtrap: my energy!

68. Least favorite thing about yourself? -

Springtrap: my whole existence
Plushtrap: my clinginess....

69. Is 69 a fun number? -

Springtrap: mm yes it is!
Plushtrap: its a fun position too! i know from experience!
Springtrap: wait wha--

70. Tag someone! -
Springtrap and Plushtrap: Alright Misty and Stormy you two are up!


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