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1st to comment: I will kiss you on the cheek.

2nd to comment: I will undress you with my teeth.

3rd to comment: I'll answer any kind of question.

4th to comment: I will say you're sexy.

5th to comment: You can get one thing of their choosing from me.

 6th comment: You get to strip me. 

7th to comment: Lap-dance.

8th to comment: I will hug you

9th To Comment: A Sexy Make Out In The Bathroom 

10th To Comment: You Can Kiss/Make-Out Whenever You Want, For A Week.

11th To Comment: Grope/'Touch' Me For A Week.

12th To Comment: Make Me Wear What Ever You Want For A Week.

13th To Comment: Any Time You Want You Can Force Me To Strip For Three Days.

14th To Comment: I'll Go On A Date With You

15th To Comment: I'll Eat A Popsicle...Suggestively. 

16th  To Comment: Free Turn. Do Whatever You Want.

17th To Comment: I Will Be Their Servant For A Week.

18th To Comment: Can Do What Ever They Want To Me.

19th To Comment: I Will French Kiss You.

20th To Comment- I'll Will Let You Touch Me Anywhere You Would Like 

21rst To Comment- I'll Let You Keep me for 1 week.

22nd To Comment: Can Treat Me Like A Pet For A Week.

23rd To Comment: I Will Be Their Bitch For A Week.

24th To Comment: Own-Me For A Night.

25th To Comment- I'll Let You Have Me

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*lays head on your chest and falls asleep, listening to your heartbeat* 
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no comments... :) hi sis 
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*tackles* yay male Rin XD
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