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The results to the summer AskMyPony contest have finally came in!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated and thank you to the judges. :D

The prizes:

:star:1st place: Full shaded pony by :iconxamri:

:star:2nd place: Base coloured pony by :iconmissmagikarp:

:star:3rd place: Sketch/black and white pony by :iconwolllollie:


Third Place goes to NecroWings !!

A Relaxing Summer's Day by NecroWings

Second Place goes to TertonDA !!


And finally....!

First Place goes to MyHysteria !!

Relaxing night by MyHysteria

Any complaints can be sent via note to the group.


Each winner will be contacted with a link back to this journal.
If you're a winner, please fill out the following form when telling what you want drawn for your prize:

Contest Title:
Reference of pony:

Thank you to everyone! Stay tuned for more contests~!!
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BROHOOF by azianwolfdoll :thumb209371923: :thumb202933901:

Hello, welcome to AskMyPony!
Here our group features art from My Little Pony ask accounts on Tumblr.
Now you may be thinking: What are pony ask accounts?
They're Tumblr accounts made with the purpose of answering questions other people have asked through their 'ask box'.
We accept not just ponies, but also other characters (non-pony) from the show.

  • No bullying, harassing, name calling, tormenting, etc. After all, friendship is magic!
  • Currently we have no submission limit. This is because all deviations have to pass a vote before they make it into the group, so we can't see anyone being able to spam it under our watch.
  • Deviations submitted here must be part of your blog content. Even if you have submitted something to your blog, there are some things that still don't qualify, such as ref sheets, papercrafts, etc. What we do accept are; intros, answers, headers, 'Ask (insert name here)' pictures, and '(insert # here) follower' celebration pictures.
  • If your deviation is declined, it probably doesn't meet the requirements of this group. However, if you think we may have misjudged it, you may send the group a note and we'll discuss it further.
  • If you'd like your ask blog to be included in the lists (see below), please comment on the list your blog qualifies for.
    We get so many people asking for questions on our front page that I forget who I've added and who I haven't!


Lists of Ponies with Tumblr
Mane Six:…
Pony Alter Egos and Misc:…
Minor or Background Ponies:…
Pony Recolours:…
OC Ponies:…


Group idea by imsolittle
Originally started by raincloudriot








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Hello, I have a tumblr and i have two sides one is the main one and its at present time of Keira, Discord and their two children, Ruse and Mirage and the second is a story blog of Keira and Discord how their
relationship happened how they were before as lover and its around during the tv shows.

Present/ask: keirastarlightdraconequus.tumb…

Past/Story Blog/Ask: ask-pastkeirastarlight-discord…

 Hope you understand
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01-05 :points: llama + favs


06-10 :points: llama + favs + watch


11-20 :points: llama + favs + watch + feature in donation widget


21-30 :points: llama + favs + watch + feature in donation widget + special journal about you (your icon)


31-40 :points: llama + favs + watch + feature in donation widget + special journal about you with previews of your works


41-50 :points: llama + favs + watch + feature in donation widget + special journal about you with previews of your works + feature at the top of the list!


51 :points: or more llama + favs + watch + feature in donation widget + special journal about your adopts or commissions + feature at the top of the list!


Also you can get a feature without donating (read how to do it in my Donation pool)

WonderSparkle Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2018  Student Digital Artist
So i have a tumblr blog and incase , if some one wants tp ask 
here is the link

feel free to ask me via notes or there.

can i join
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Hi, I made a new blog (Ask Night Shadow is dead sadly) so if you would like to check it out you can

It's about my version of a Twidash ship child

Her name is Rainlight Shine

Here's the Tumblr link:…
MrMustashe Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2017  Hobbyist
i dont know if this group is dead, sine the last journal is from 2012 and none of the comments i see have replies.
so imma just post this as a comment
i started an oc+pinkie pie+ derpy hooves askblog, if anyone sees this and  wants to ask questions and stuff feel free
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May I join?
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Ask box for myself and my OC's is OPEN
Feel free to ask whatever~
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hi, i do an askblog about maud pie having too much pounds under her dress :)  (nsfw warning)
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Come and ask me some questions!
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